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Pack’s Schedule: Tough Start, Bye Week Issues, Cold Weather Games and One Big Chip.

We already knew the ‘who’ and ‘where’ when it comes to the 2020 Packers schedule. With Thursday night’s official schedule release, we now know the all-important ‘when.’ Except we really don’t. Will the Packers open the season at the Vikings … Continue reading

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Let’s Break Down The Pack’s Confounding 2020 Draft.

Gutey’s third draft class. Where do we begin? Well, the obvious spot to start is with his first selection, the one that will now determine whether he is still the general manager in four or five years. I wrote about … Continue reading

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Anyone Love the First Round?

Favre to Rodgers to Love. How many teams can say they had Hall of Fame quarterback play for 30 straight years? Wait, that’s my lede for a post in 2028. OK, let’s get serious now. This was an earth-shattering move … Continue reading

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Is This The Year Pack Draft a Receiver On Day One?

Here it is, my annual exercise in futility. You know and I know the Packers won’t make all of their picks as the draft order stands right now. Gutey will move up and down. My home run dream scenario is … Continue reading

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At Least There’s Still Football…

Man, I go dark on this site for a month or two and look what happens to the world. As we all strive to stay healthy, keep others healthy and hope that the spread of Covid 19 abates as quickly … Continue reading

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There Is No Defense For That Performance

We’ll always have that opening defensive series. Remember? Third and one and the Pack stuffed Tevin Coleman for no gain to force a punt. After that? To quote Perry Mason, the defense rests. What a horrific, embarrassing performance by the … Continue reading

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Will Mr. Rodgers Shine In His Old Neighborhood?

On one hand it kinda feels like we’re playing with house money. The Packers have reached the NFC title game a year ahead of schedule, with most believing it would take their rookie, first-time head coach and the offense a … Continue reading

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12 + 17 + 55 + 91 = A Trip to the Title Game.

There’s so much to unpack from the Pack’s heart-pounding 28-23 playoff win over the Seahawks, but the one thing that stuck with me as I considered what I’d just seen: Matt LaFleur passed his first playoff test with flying colors. … Continue reading

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Seattle Won’t Be Partying Like It’s 1999.

It’s kind if crazy when you think about it, but when the Packers take the field Sunday night against the Seahawks, they will be one of just five teams left fighting for the Vince Lombardi trophy. Whether they punch the … Continue reading

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A Holiday Break…

In case you haven’t heard, KFAN has decided not to air “Packer Preview” this Sunday, Week 17. I guess they just couldn’t handle an hour of discussion about the 2019 NFC North champs. To take full advantage of my weekend … Continue reading

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