Midseason Head Cheese Packer Awards

With the Packers on their bye week, the Head Cheese hands out his midseason awards:

Bleu Cheese Award: I don’t like bleu cheese. Never have. And it stinks, just like injuries do. This season’s Bleu Cheese award goes to: Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Nick Barnett, Brad Jones and Morgan Burnett.

Parmesan Cheese Award: B. J Raji. This stuff makes everything taste better. Raji serves that purpose for the Pack’s rejuvenated defense. He occupies blockers and disrupts the offense in so many ways. Raji’s been asked to play a lot of snaps, with three other linemen missing games due to injury. His play has been fantastic–he’s taken a huge leap from his rookie year.

Cream Cheese Award: Tramon Williams. Nothing covers a bagel like cream cheese, and very few corners are covering top flight receivers as well as the soon-to-be exceedingly wealthy Williams. His play helped make the Al Harris decision an easy one. What a road from undrafted free agent to shut down corner.

Gouda Award: To Aaron Rodgers, who’s been Gouda but not great, so far this season. We finally saw the offense perform up to preseason expectations in the Dallas game, but unless we see a repeat performance against the Vikings, we’ll continue to be a little underwhelmed by the results so far.

Ricotta Cheese: It’s smooth and makes a great filling, which reminds me of two guys who were asked to jump in and replace starters. Desmond Bishop and Charlie Peprah have stepped in and played so smoothly that you don’t even think about Barnett and Burnett these days.

Mozzarella Cheese Award: It’s mild, you hardly notice its taste: kind of like the play of the offensive line this season. All five starters share this award, with special nods to Josh Sitton, playing at a Pro Bowl level and tackles Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulaga. As long as Clifton’s knee holds up, the Pack will be able to let the rookie man the right side. He’ll only give that spot back to Mark Tauscher if he or Clifton get hurt.

Wisconsin Cheddar Award: There’s nothing better. It’s as good as it gets. The creme de la creme. Clay Matthews is the clear winner of this coveted award. He’s the sack leader in the NFL and showed how disruptive a force he can be against the Cowboys, with a sack, an interception return for a TD and the signature play of the game: blowing up Marion Barber in the backfield on a third and short. His value was evident when he exited the Redskins game and then missed the Dolphins game. He is an ideal fit for Dom Capers’ system and he has shown it from Day one. Outside of Aaron Rodgers, Matthews’ health is the key if the Packers are going to make a deep post-season run.

Feel free to add any awards of your own in the comments section…

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10 Responses to Midseason Head Cheese Packer Awards

  1. Brian says:

    The Limburger award: Limburger is a stinky cheese, and you are glad when you are nowhere near it. There can only be one award winner for that this year, Brett Favre. Thank you for being a distraction for the hated Vikes.

  2. Shaun McDade says:

    Sharp Cheddar: Given to A.J. Hawk seems to get better with age, and if you have enough of it guaranteed to stop the runs.

  3. Packerchu says:

    Hey, Bleu is a yummy, yummy cheese! Could call it “The Cheez Whiz Award”.

  4. Triple G says:

    Wow…Tauscher put on injured reserve.

  5. 1265 Lombardi Guy says:

    We’ll played Head Cheese!

  6. packfanmike says:

    Swiss Cheese Award: Josh Sitton, He has opened up more holes than any lineman since
    Jerry Kramer

  7. gbp13gbp13 says:

    packfanmike beat me too the punch…. For this week only Im cheering for Da Bears….

  8. Old South Side Guy says:

    ” Goat Cheese Award” :
    To Ted Thompson for not going after Maryshan Lynch. I hope our combo of running backs and rugby player (Kuhn) make Ted give back this award !!

  9. Bergermeister says:

    Toe cheese – we all know what that is (stuff between your toes), but unfortunately there’s no one to give this negative award to. I can’t believe what TT has done, keeping calm while everyone else paniced and not making armchair GM type decisions.
    I keep wondering what if the 3 games we lost by a missed field goal we had made the FG?

  10. Wayne says:

    The Limburger award: Limburger is a stinky cheese, and you are glad when you are nowhere near it. There can only be one award winner for that this year, Brett Favre. Thank you for being a distraction for the hated Vikes.

    on November 11th, 2010 at 03:01pm

    And to think, some packer fans hate favre? I dont get it, he is destroying the Vikings season and Packer fans hate him? Ill be wearing my Green and Gold #4 jersey this weekend just for that reason alone as we win in the dome.

    When he retires, he will be remembered for 2 things. A great career as a packer, and destroying the Viking organization (especially if they move to LA in a few years).

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