D Is For Doughnut.

I’ve decided to put as much effort into writing this blog as the Packers put in to playing on Sunda

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11 Responses to D Is For Doughnut.

  1. Judy says:

    You forgot the Y in Sunday

  2. Mike McCarthy says:

    Miss Me Yet ? ….. MUUHAHAHAHAHA !!!

  3. Greg says:

    I will give you this Sinykin……..that was funny!

  4. Steven Buschman says:

    Hilarious and accurate… what else can I say?

  5. Packerlifer says:

    They played Joe Philbin right out of even a courtesy interview for the hc job. But it does improve their draft positioning. And it will make it easier for the new regime to decide who needs to be purged from the roster. But at least it wasn’t a stinker that took them right out of the playoffs the way a certain game to the west did.


    Ziggy can keep the heat off in the Viking Trophy Room for another year. Lots of open shelf space in that room. It also keeps them off this site. Even though he said he will not leave Northwestern Pack is still trying to convince Coach Fitz to interview. That tells me there is very sound interest in him. He is secure at NW making $3.7 million a year on a 10 year contract, they are building a new $270 million football complex, and he is a Chicago born and bred guy. But MM was making $8-9 million a year so they can afford a coach. Whoever we get..Please, Please not one of the retreads. GO PACK GO !!

  7. lynndickeyfan says:


  8. larry says:

    My Hope for Fitzgerald is done. I am surprised . some teams are trying to get Zac Taylor for head coach already. I wanted him for O.C. not sure he is ready for HC yet. Like I said, here comes the retreads. I just hope its. some body new, maybe Carmichael from saints or dan Campbell from saints. some body new please?

  9. Uperpackfan says:

    Aren’t the Vikings playing today,oh that’s right they choked again!!

  10. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Yeah…Matt LaFlour….thank you for not taking a retread. GO PACK GO !!

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