So Much To UnPack After First Loss of Season

After starting the season with a pair of division wins and a dominant defensive performance in a win over the Broncos, the Packers looked like the Un-Packers Thursday night, where everything outside of the passing game looked terrible.

The Pack was ineffective in the red zone, couldn’t run the ball, couldn’t stop the run, didn’t create turnovers and gave Carson Wentz and the Eagles a couple of short fields in the first half as special teams imploded.

Despite all of those shortcomings, the Pack was right there at the end, with a chance to send the game to overtime. The play that ended Green Bay’s hopes is probably still keeping Aaron Rodgers up at night. Had he waited a split second longer, he would have found a wide open Darrius Shepherd. Instead he tried to force it into MVS and threw it a bit high, where a deflection turned into a pick. To make matters worse, CB Craig James was mugging MVS, wrapping up his arms well before the ball arrived.

I have no idea whether the league reviewed that play. All turnovers are supposed to be automatically reviewed, so I don’t know how they missed that. We do know that the new rule allowing challenges on potential pass interference calls is officially a disaster. It was brought in as a one year test and it is clear that it’s a disaster. The league should cut bait on this and let the officials alone be responsible for pass interference calls.

Bad calls aside, the Pack took a giant step backward with this performance. Mike Pettine waited too long to insert BJ Goodson into the game, after watching the Eagles running game gash his defense for three quarters. This team misses Raven Greene and showed that when the defensive line is unable to cause havoc up front, disaster ensues. With the Eagles offensive line containing Kenny Clark, and the Northwestern twins unable to make anything happen, the next level of defense had no answers. It’s back to the drawing board, with Zeke up next. Maybe Montravius Adams will return, after missing the last two games to provide some assistance.

On the other side of the ball, things got off to an ominous start, when Jamaal Williams was taken off on a stretcher after the first play of the game. That left Matt Lafleur with just Aaron Jones to run the ball and the rookie head coach clearly was careful not to overuse him. Careful to a fault in my opinion. He called 54 pass plays and 14 running plays and that is not a formula for winning football. Fortunately, Rodgers was up to the challenge.

For the first time this season we saw the passing game operate at high efficiency. The Eagles assisted–they had given up nearly 400 yards to Case Keenum in the opener. Both Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford had productive games against them. And they were shorthanded, with CB Ronald Darby out and #3 corner Sidney Jones injured early in the game. Regardless, Rodgers looked much more comfortable. His one minute scoring drive to end the half looked just like the old days and his fourth quarter drives put the Pack in a position to win.

But the Pack continued to self destruct on this night, shooting themselves in the foot in the red zone (four passes from the one? Granted, one was an RPO, but you need to assert your manhood there and put the ball in Jones’ hands), turning the ball over and then compounding issues on kickoffs by electing to kick away from the returner after giving up a big return and kicking it out of bounds to give Wentz a short field.

The Packers had a chance to make a statement to end the first quarter of the season, by reeling off four wins and heading to Dallas with a ton of momentum. Instead, the come out of this one battered, unlikely to have Davante Adams, Bryan Bulaga and Jamaal Williams available and a defense that will face a Cowboys team that has been as explosive as anyone in the league that doesn’t play in Kansas City.

Before the season we all would’ve been thrilled if we knew the Pack would be 3-1 through four games, but this loss leaves a bad taste in our mouths. The offense is banged up, the defense has some serious adjustments to make and special teams needs to button things up. And here come the Cowboys.

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18 Responses to So Much To UnPack After First Loss of Season

  1. Packerlifer says:

    It’s not as if they lost to the Miami Dolphins here. And in spite of all the deserved criticisms they could have won that game or at least forced overtime. The defense allowed only 2 long, sustained scoring drives. It was 3 short field possessions given them by the kick-off unit and an offensive turnover and the lack of turnovers that were different in this game than the other three. In spite of having only 2 backs most of the game and forced into a one=dimensional mode & losing their best receiver during the critical late stage of the game the offense showed a pulse after we’ve been wondering where it was. Aaron Rodgers showed he “still has it.” This is the first season of a new coaching regime, the second under a new GM. The Packers are a work in progress in 2019. A 3-1 record, first place and 2-0 in the division would be accepted by most. You build on your mistakes as well as your successes.

  2. Greg says:

    Hey St. Paul……Davey is complaining about the refs. LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

  3. Elroy from Elroy says:

    Keep mouthing off Greg,purple pussies got there ass kicked by the second stringers but I’m sure you’ll blame the officiating because you’re a whiner just like the rest of the purple pussy fan base,Cousins and the offensive line suck big time!!!Zimmer is an idiot,keep on whining!!!

  4. Greg says:

    The Vikings suck, but will still finish ahead of the Pack. You do realize this right. After next week, we will both be 3-2 and we still get to spank you in TCF. Your’e supposed to be the legendary franchise.

  5. St Paul guy says:

    We’ll put Elroy,Greg drinks to much purple kool aid and can’t admit we suck!!! Time to blow that team up!!! Like Greg says,call the NFL,jobs are at stake,we don’t all whine like he does.

  6. St Paul guy says:

    They are a legendary franchise Greg,What have we won moron!

  7. Purple troll says:

    Better leave it alone Greg,they are right,Don’t get all excited because you think we might beat some cupcakes,Cousins and offensive line are terrible!!

  8. Millelacs Mike says:

    Only the idiot Vikings organization would give 84 million to an unproven nobody!!

  9. St.Paul guy says:

    On second thought and, after careful review of the film. – I can see now that Greg is right. – Green Bay would not have won a single game this year without help from the Refs .

  10. Packerlifer says:

    So who is 4th in the North this morning? Profootballtalk headline says it well: DEPLETED BEARS DOMINATE VIKINGS.

  11. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Where is Cane???? Probably hiding in the Viking Trophy Room…it has a lot of empty space.

  12. lynndickeyfan says:

    Quite frankly, I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief. We feel we can still beat the Bears at home. I fully expect to split with the Vikings and Lions. Vikings losing away really helps us keep the division championship attainable. We all know that this next one is hard and that the odds are not going to be in our favor. We beat what people think were two quality teams in The Vikings and The Bears. I don’t know what people think of Denver. Being that they were early season games, we get less credit for it. Losing at home, even on a short week is a bad look. It was probably as much the way we lost as anything. We went from “we just have a few things that we can improve.” to ” We have glaring whole that we might not be able to fill.” Hopefully, this too is an overreaction. I’m sure we would all like to believe that M. Adams would solve our run defense woes, I certainly have those Cinderella thoughts. What we are about to find out is if this coaching staff can adjust, if they can fundamentally adjust after finding out the difference between what they thought they were and what competition shows them to be. Can they improve and even morph into a better team mid season? If they can’t, then they are just riding the coat tails of the players and their existing talent.

  13. Greg says:

    Elroy, why would I blame the refs? We didn’t play the Bears in Lambeau. At least, I don’t think it was.

  14. Elroy from Elroy says:

    Because you’re a whining mudduck Greg,that’s why moron!! You’re really reaching now,Keep whining!!

  15. Greg says:

    Elroy, I am a whiner like your hero, Sinykin. His blog whining about pass interference on the last play might be the best one yet. Why can’t I whine like hero, Sinykin? Wait, I’m asking for an answer on this website? LMAO

  16. Purple troll says:

    Why don’t you give it up Greg,you’re making the state of Minnesota look stupid like the Vikings organization!

  17. Greg says:

    Is this the wrong site to laugh about the Milwaukee Brewer choke job?

  18. Purple troll says:

    Oh yeah dumb ass Greg,like the twins are going to beat the Yankees,they won the worst division in baseball,I wish you would shut up,boy you make Minnesota look stupid!!! GO AWAY

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