Kings of the North: How Sweep It Is!

Imagine if I told you the Packers would turn the ball over three times in the first half and Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t throw a touchdown pass all night. And then imagine that the Pack would win the game by two touchdowns. Gotta love the NFL. And you gotta love sweeping the Vikings and claiming the NFC North title in prime time at US Bank Stadium.

In what will go down as the most satisfying Packers win in Minneapolis in recent memory, we can continue to dream about earning the top seed in the NFC playoffs for the rest of this suddenly even more joyful holiday week.

But what an excruciating start to the night. When Aaron Jones put the ball on the ground on the game’s third play and Eric Kendricks returned the fumble to inside the ten yard line, it looked like the tone was being set for another disappointing night at US Bank. But when the Packers’ D forced a three and out and the Vikes had to settle for a field goal, the crisis appeared to be averted.

It was a strange first half, in that the Packers failed to reach the end zone and take a big early lead, and instead handed the ball to the Vikings three times gifting them ten first half points. But holding them to just ten gave us hope that it was still anyone’s game and if Green Bay could protect the ball in the second half they’d have a chance to spring the upset. The Philly Special play call on third down following the third turnover was a gift from the gods and when they followed it up on fourth down on a low percentage deep shot on fourth down, it felt like the Vikings just didn’t have the juice to step on the Pack’s throats.

Yes, the Purple’s offense was inept. The gameplan seemed to be ‘business as usual’ no matter which running back is back there. As the Pack continues to stuff Mike Boone and put Kirk Cousins in long third down situations, that left the incomparable Za’Darius Smith free to wreak carnage on the offensive line. Minnesota had no answer for the Pack’s best player in 2019. His dominance on this night, along with the rest of the front seven, was the difference in this game. Minnesota had no answers: their ineptitude on offense was historic. Just seven first downs, 139 yards of total offense, 2.6 yards per play, eight of 13 drives went three and out and their longest drive went for 31 yards. Man, that was fun to watch.

On the other side of the ball, it was more of the same. The passing game continues to sputter along, getting very little production from anyone not named Davante Adams. Yes, Allen Lazard caught five balls and converted three third downs, but there wasn’t much happening with anyone else. Fortunately, Matt LaFleur didn’t abandon the run game, allowing Jones to take over in the second half as he recorded a career night in rushing yards and showed once again what a dynamic back he is–a threat to take it to the house whenever he gets his hands on it. His 19 TDs lead the NFL and with Jamaal Williams banging up his shoulder, the Pack will need him to continue to carry the load the rest of the way.

After the game, LaFleur announced that the team would get Christmas off, which had them celebrating even more than when they put on their North champions shirts and hats and they’ve definitely earned the day off to spend with their families. They will need to quickly refocus and turn their attention to the Lions on Thursday. Yeah, they’re a three win outfit, but they’re still playing hard and still smarting from the Monday night loss in Lambeau that derailed their season. They’d like nothing more than shocking the Pack and dropping them to the three seed and another date with the Vikings on wildcard weekend.

But a win on Sunday guarantees a bye for the Pack and a chance at the top seed, if the Seahawks can beat the 49ers on Sunday night. With that much on the line, it’s hard to believe Green Bay won’t be ready to take care of business. A loss would mean the road the Packers would take would start with the Vikings at home and then a likely trip to New Orleans. Yikes. A win guarantees a game at Lambeau in the divisional round.

After two disappointing years where first Rodgers was lost for the season and then the bottom fell out of the Mike McCarthy era, 2019 has become that rare unexpected rise to the top. By next Sunday night, we’ll know what the road to the top will look like.

For now, we all get to enjoy this festive holiday week, and we won’t have to listen to our Viking fan friends or family members chirping at us. That may be the greatest gift of all.


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18 Responses to Kings of the North: How Sweep It Is!

  1. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Tim says:

    I have to admit I have doubted this team all year and have felt they were not a top team in the nfc. I was completely wrong. Bottom line is we have a number of all star players on both sides of the ball and they can take over games like last night. A win against the lions and a first round bye would be huge!

  3. Mike says:

    You’re Christmas gift has been the refs and the packers catching teams with their star players injured. Get ready for a post season beat down. This team is not as good as it’s record.

  4. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Merry Christmas Mike!

  5. larry says:

    TURNOVERS, who is the Idiot that keeps saying on this site that you need to be plus 2 to win? That would be me boys and girls. It sure helps when you can stop the run and and play great d. I knew asap after the game, the song would be, IF we had Cooks we would have won. Unbelievable. I’m listening to the radio today and they want to play us again, my Lord. Viking fans have such envy towards Packer and fans,. Nice game, now enjoy it, don’t take Lions lightly and get the bye. And see what team plays best on any given day in playoffs. Enjoy the season. Merry Christmas everyone, Go Packers

  6. shot says:

    The ViQueens were who we thought they were! They keep whining about injuries on KFAN. C’mon. Packers dominated the Vikings Offensive offensive line. Pete Bercich keeps acting like the Queens were close. C’mon Pete, even Paul Allen acknowledged the beat down. Packers ran the ball down the Vikings throats! Time to beat Detroit and go undefeated in the Division.

  7. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Merry Christmas Larry! I wasn’t going to mention the turnover call. You are still a very smart man. Merry Christmas Shot!

  8. larry says:

    Thanks LDF, I will say , I heard a stat, if you are plus 2 in turnovers, the record is 90-8 going into that game. Also, my man 12 was not good. He missed at least 6 passes, and 2 in red zone. putting it on wrong shoulder. 17 should have caught the TD , but 12 made it a real tough catch. He has to play a lot better then that if were going further in playoffs. Sure wished we would gave signed Cook when we had him, He looks great with Brees. Dumbest thing TT didn’t do before he left. I have to get back to the radio now. lol.

  9. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Larry ,I hear you on that throw to Adam’s. My thought though was that a front shoulder throw may have carried him back out of the endzone. If that had happened we might not of gotten any points. Still, Rodgers was not sharp. We do set his bar really high, as we should for hall of Famer making his money.

  10. Voice says:

    And the silence you hear is………………….Cane. ;-)

  11. Elroy from Elroy says:

    WaWa Mike,typical queens fan,can’t admit your own teams thorough ass beating,we gave you two fumbles and an Int, oline got there ass kicked and Cousins sucks,get ready for the usual choke in the playoffs no matter what the packers do!! WaWa

  12. Bud Grant says:

    Where are you Greg,what are you going to whine about this time, I warned you about overrated Cousins and offensive line sucking and the overrated defense was gashed, I got used to it,Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night stupid fan base!!!

  13. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Merry Christmas all from Jolly OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY.. Greg and Cane are back to the Viking Trophy room where vthey can stare at Bud Grants pictures and empty shelves. Another key to last nights victory is only giving up 2 plays greater than 20 yards….half of our season average. Gutey did a great job of getting the Smith’s and Amos for the defense….next year 2 receivers on the list for the offense. We will now enjoy this season and lots of space for the true Packer fans on this site as the losers cant whine about missed calls. Dont take the Lions for granted…go for that 1 or 2 seed. GO PACK GO !!

  14. WendyfromWaseca says:

    Ahh mike our team isn’t as good as we think it is,packers clearly pointed that out idiot!! What’s with Minnesota fans,they can’t even mention their own teams faults and weaknesses,Good God we sucked!!

  15. Packerlifer says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet and just in time for Christmas.This one adds to the 2004 Division clincher on Christmas Eve in the Metrodump and the 1972 winner just days before Christmas at the old Met. The Pack is now 8 games up in the rivalry all-time; a lead they should hold for a good long time if not forever. Apparently before the game they were running video of the dirty Anthony Barr hit on Aaron Rodgers two years ago there in the stadium. Don’t they know Rodgers doesn’t forget. The Wilfs and the state should ask for their money back from their architects for the new stadium. Invest so much in rigging it every way they can for the home team and they lost this one and last year’s season ending playoff play-in to Chicago there! Ziggy must still be out there driving aimlessly on the Twin Cities’ freeways. The Queens will now get to go to New Orleans where another team with vengeance on its mind will make them a one and done. While the door has slammed shut on the Pooples it has swung wide open for the Pack. They should get at least a two seed and a first round bye but home field all the way in January is suddenly there for them.

  16. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Merry Christmas Voice and Packerlifer! Have wonderful day. I personally hope the Vikings would beat the Saints. That would make for epic drama. I hold no I’ll will towards them, theirs trolls, is another story.

  17. Lynndickeyfan says:

    Merry Christmas Voice and Packerlifer! Have wonderful day. I personally hope the Vikings would beat the Saints. That would make for epic drama. I hold no I’ll will towards them, theirs trolls, is another story.

  18. Lanes Rover says:

    Merry Christmas to all on this site who have been alive for the super bowl wins,including Davey,I hear you lyndickeyfan,we’re grown ups about it,purple trolls aren’t!!

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