Anyone Love the First Round?

Favre to Rodgers to Love.

How many teams can say they had Hall of Fame quarterback play for 30 straight years? Wait, that’s my lede for a post in 2028.

OK, let’s get serious now. This was an earth-shattering move by Brian Gutekunst. Instead of making the safe move and picking the best guy on his board at 30, he gave up a mid-round pick to move up four spots to make a pick that will define his tenure as GM. Guy’s got balls, you gotta give him that.

Will he have a job in five years? It will likely come down to how this pick turns out. When the news broke that the Pack had traded up, I thought my prediction was going to be spot on: that they moved ahead of the Ravens to grab linebacker Patrick Queen, a guy who could inject the middle of Mike Pettine’s defense with the speed and intensity that it lacks. For my money, that was the one pick that could have made the team markedly better instantly.

How foolish of me. The AJ Hawk experience has forever tarnished that position–it’s just not one that this front office values. Instead, to hear Gutey tell it, the way the board fell there was only one player that made sense to them: Love.

What has many of us scratching our heads is, okay, you love Love. Couldn’t you just wait and figure he’ll be there at 30? Who else was going to come up and get him? The Colts? The Jags maybe? The trade shows you just how badly they wanted him, which has us all wondering whether Aaron Rodgers got any sleep Thursday night. And how he will handle and process what happened.

Leading up to the draft, he said all the right things when asked how he’d feel if the Packers drafted a quarterback early. But he knows what this team accomplished in 2019, and where it needs to improve to stay in the playoff mix. And the front office chose to wait to address the team’s needs to select his potential successor. Can’t imagine he and Danica played much cribbage together on Thursday night. I imagine he put a pretty good amount of hurt on one of his bottles of scotch.

With a soon-to-be 37 year old quarterback, Packer fans know the window is starting to close–and so we all expected them to find a guy who can step on the field and make the team better. Gutekunst addressed that shortly after making the pick:

“I know a lot of people will look at this as not a move for the immediate, and I understand that, but the balance of the immediate and the long term is something that I have to consider, and that’s why we did it.”

And of course, that’s how organizations are supposed to look at the draft: it’s not about 2020; it’s about 2020-2028. It’s about giving the team the best chance to win year in and year out.

Ron Wolf always espoused that you can never have enough quarterbacks. And this organization has gotten away from this principle in recent years. This didn’t feel like the time to return to that philosophy, but maybe we’ll look back at this pick the way we look back at the Rodgers pick. As a turning point that kept this team from ever bottoming out.

There will be plenty of time to consider what Matt LaFleur can do with Love. He was considered a top 20 prospect by most evaluators and some ranked him third among QBs in this class, behind Burrow and Tua–comparisons to Patrick Mahomes have been made.

We all wonder about how Rodgers will handle the situation. Maybe this will replace the 2005 chip on his shoulder and bring out MVP caliber play in 2020 (if there’s a season).  Maybe he’ll sulk, pout and never shave his beard. Maybe Vikings fans will spend all their time dreaming about buying a #12 Vikings jersey in 2023.

I found it interesting that Mel Kiper listed the Pack among his seven “winners” in round one (the Vikings didn’t make the list–though they added two solid starters on Thursday night).

Taking a quarterback in round one places a big, bold target on your back, if you’re the general manager. Gutey didn’t need to do it, but he did. Right now, there are countless Packer fans who want to don their orange and take a shot at him. They may be the same folks who wanted to do the same to Ted Thompson 15 years ago.

Like you, I’m disappointed the team didn’t add a potential starter and I’m concerned they’ve alienated the best player they’ve had since Reggie White. Let’s see how the rest of the draft plays out before we make any grand judgments.

Love is the first skill position player the Pack has drafted in the first round since Rodgers–that’s an unbelievable stat. They’ve had success finding great receivers in the second round (Nelson, Jennings, Cobb). There are still a nice group of them left on the board, but how many will still be there at 62? And can the Pack afford to move up to get one, after trading away their fourth round pick?

If they can land any of these guys on Friday, it will remove a bit of the sting from Thursday night: Denzel Mims, Michael Pittman, Laviska Shenault, Tee Higgins, KJ Hamler, Bryan Edwards, Van Jefferson, Chase Claypool, Lynn Bowden, Antonio Gibson or tight end Cole Kmet.

This is the part where I remind everybody to r-e-l-a-x. But give me a few minutes: let me convince myself, first.



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19 Responses to Anyone Love the First Round?

  1. Bob says:

    I found it interesting that Mel Kiper listed the Pack among his seven “winners” in round one (the Vikings didn’t make the list–though they added two solid starters on Thursday night).

    Are you really that insecure to grasp for something like that to make yourself feel better?

  2. Angry packer fan says:

    Mel kipper bet his career on Jimmy clausen and touted Brady Quinn. The pack blew it. We are headed back to the 1970-80s.

  3. Jesus says:

    Come on. The chip on the shoulder troupe is so old and played. Rodg is old and in decline.

  4. Purple troll says:

    Boo who Bob,just because he mentioned the Vikings in his post,lash out idiot,we’re going nowhere with slew foot Cousins and dumbbell Zimmer, Love hasn’t played a down in the NFL but he has more talent than slug Cousins!! Mix up another pitcher of purple kool aid,we have glaring holes also!!

  5. larry says:

    IDIOTS. simple as that., You guys can say I am overreacting , but I am not. They had Queen sitting there. Just what they needed to cover the middle with speed. One thing I didn’t understand in the THC post today, he said just like he predicted. He didn’t say anything about moving up and taking Queen he said Reagor wr. did I miss something here Dave.? Anyway, back to the Idiots. Now you give up a 4th round pick too. All the good wr’s will be gone tonight by 62. unless they give up a 3rd and 6th rd to move up again. The Vikings got a lot better and we went backwards, If you ate going to do this, Take Hurts, , at least he can play if 12 got Hurt this year. (pardon the pun.) He is a proven winner, Love has done nothing, They listened to the BS that he could be the next Mahommes. I told my buddy,He will be in minny in 3 years like 4 did. The Kfan boys and skor guys are too and hoping it happens. Taking the HOF QB from Packers , Since they cant find One., there Laughing at it. I would too if I were them. I sure hope I am wrong, But I think I have a pretty good track record on this site. Then I say that I like Jefferson better then THC liked Ruggs, Funny, Vikings take Him, I said 5 years ago for us to take Diggs in 6th rd. Vikings took him at 5. now I have Speilman reading my post too. lol. They trade back and still get there cb Gladney, now today they will give up, I/m guessing a 4th 5th and 6th rd, pick for Williams OT from Washington. Not bad right? They will have to pay him 15 ml a year though, so they better be ready for that., OK that is my rant. Let see what happens today. At least it beats being Bored, and sitting around right? ENJOY the season if we have one.

  6. Lynn Dickey Fan says:

    If anyone should be able to handle this move it is Rodgers. After all he was on the other end of it. Favre never lost his job, he retired. (like three times) If you are drinking because you are upset, I worry about you. I expect he will handle this fine once the rest of the draft picks are in. I expect they will probably double dip at wide receiver. We always seam to have a log jam of mediocre talent there. Yes, Inside linebacker is a real need. We’ve been told they don’t value the position. 2nd and 3rd round is where you get guys with size right? When it comes to the draft, I’ve never been right before, why should it start now? I can live with the move, especially if we get a 1st round pick/talent for him in a trade if need be.


    Well: Gutey surprised us last year when he took Rashon Gary and we still don’t know if he can be a major influence. When he traded up to get over Seattle I…like most of you here was the move for Patrick Queen. When the head robot..aka Roger Goodell announced JLove…I like most was angry. I even said on Dave’s Saturday KFAN show that the one player I would not take at no.1 was Love. But… I have somewhat refocused. Forget about the Rodgers/Favre comparisons…Rodgers was projected as a top 3 and fell to the 20′s. Love was maybe top 20. So…that having been said this still could be a shrewd move by Gutey. Love has great physical traits. He played under 3 different offensive coordinators. He did not have an LSU or Alabama, or Oregon or Oklahoma supporting cast to play with. We will never have another chance most likely in years to get a top QB. Even if Rodgers is lukewarm to mentoring him he will learn by osmosis. We have the multi year rookie deal. Yes..Rodgers wants to play into his 40″s but who knows? I think this draft will look much better if we can hit on our Round 2 and 3 selections. They are a must.
    Round 2 should be a receiver….Higgins, Pittman, Kmet Mims, and Shenault will be gone by our pick 62. That leaves a choice of Edwards,PJ Hamler, or Gibson. I am not for any of those at 2. Hopefully one of the top 5 fall. Still hope we can get the LB Gather I mocked. Gutey….you need to hit multiple home runs in the rest of the draft. GO PACK GO !!

  8. sven veader says:

    You got your Kristen Ponder!

  9. Rick says:

    Really thought they moved up to take Queen. Disappointing. But I gotta believe GB wants AR’s huge salary off the books in a couple years.

  10. Greg says:

    Well, I know one thing. Brett Favre is laughing his — off!

  11. NFL ref says:

    Green Bay can make this kind of move. You all know we take care of them. We’ll hand them 4 games like we did last year. Don’t worry Packer fans.

  12. Voice says:

    It’s been said many times before – the best time to draft a QB is when you don’t need one. In 2005, the Vikings needed a WR (Troy Williamson) and a DT (Erasamus James), and…funny…didn’t need a QB, so they passed on Rodgers. TWICE! Mark my words – this will work out just fine in the long run, one way or the other.

  13. Greg says:

    If he busts, it will work out just fine? Interesting take, Voice! You were livid last night, and still are now!

  14. Purple troll says:

    Ha Greg the idiot is back,he was right on everything last year 😂😂😂😂,Vikes and Cousins and Zimmer are the greatest,look at the rings,stay on the wagon Greg,love the moronic comments!!

  15. Greg says:

    A running back? What’s next, a kicker? LOL……..the future is coming in green bay much faster than you think!

  16. Packerlifer says:

    We’ll have to await the judgment of history on this move. Clearly it does nothing for the present in getting the Packers to another Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. Unless ARod gets hurt and Love turns out to be phenom who can come in and save the season the way Hundley couldn’t in 2017. Love didn’t have a good season in 2019, which seems to be the one getting all the citatiions. He was excellent in 2018, though, with 32 td passes, only 6 INTs, a 64% completion percntage and 3,567 yds. in 13 starts. Taking a look at his full draft report we may see why Gutey and LaFleur developed interest in him This summation says it well, “His size, mobility and arm talent combined with his 2018 flashes could be a winning hand that leads a team into the future or a siren’s song of erratic play and unfulfilled potential.” There are significant differences between this move and the pick of Rodgers in 2005 but back then many of the same sentiments were expressed about whether the move would pan out later rather than now and few knew how great Rodgers would be. Love could be another Rodgers or Mahomes or a DeShone Kizer or anywhere in between. The Packers have a project on their hands.

  17. Greg says:

    Dammitt! I’ve figured out what you are doing here. Since the NFL loves you, just ask cheating ref, you have been notified already that there will be no season next year. You are indeed drafting like there will be no season next year. LOL

  18. sven veader says:

    unreal draft bye da Pack…WR in the last round?

  19. eric says:

    was this draft a last minute gasp to “Tank for Trevor”?

    kidding.. i think. Gute and LaFleur want us to believe that they are building a run attack to help take a load off of the QB (SF won with very little contribution from their QB). i am not buying into it yet.

    also, on the defensive side, they don’t have Blake and, apparently are cavalier about re-signing Tramon.. no offense to Kamal Martin, but, it is very hard to believe the D will be more talented this year.

    hard times for Packer Nation.. in an already hard time. what exacerbates the hard reflection on this draft even more is that the Vikings appear to have had a very good draft.

    haven’t felt this down on the Pack since the 2014 NFC Championship game.

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