Packers Defense Makes a Statement in Rout of Vikes

I got this one wrong. Part of me thought the defense would stand tall and make a statement after hearing about how lousy they are and how many passing yards they’ve given up. But a louder voice inside me warned that playing a division rival twice within a month, especially with them rested and in a “can’t lose” situation was a recipe for a close game.

Should have listened to the quiet voice. For the first time this season, Dom Capers dialed up a gameplan that worked flawlessly. Only a Randall Cobb muffed punt kept this one from being a shutout. The pass rush was fierce and unpredictable and Ponder had no chance from the start.

9-0. 15 straight. These are heady times. We continue to witness the greatest season ever for a quarterback. Rodgers’ near perfect night makes him 9-9 with a passer rating of at least 110. That’s the record for a season and he’s done it in every game this season. 23-30 for 250, yawn, four touchdowns and no picks. Scratch. Throw completions to ten different receivers. Snore.

Cobb set the tone, returning a punt for a TD the first time the team touched the ball; he also caught three passes for 36 yards. But the muffed punt is a concern. I’m worried how he’ll fare in foul weather–something he’s not familiar with.

We wanted to see the Pack corral Adrian Peterson, after allowing 7.3 yards per carry and 175 yards a few weeks ago. 14 carries, 51 yards: 3.6 yards per carry. Check. We wanted to see improved third down play by the defense. The Vikings were 5-14 on third downs. Check. We wanted to see a pass rush. Three sacks, six quarterback hits and countless pressures. Check.

This team remains hungry, motivated and up to every challenge. The Vikings? They need to re-tool their defense. It’s a shadow of its former self. Winfield, Williams and Henderson have had good to great runs, but the unit needs a serious infusion of youth. Drafting a defensive player before Saturday might be a good place to start.

As for the Pack, the Buccaneers are the next victims, I mean opponents. The Bucs have crashed and burned the last three weeks and Josh Freeman is one of a handful of younger QBs who have seemingly regressed this season (along with Sanchez, Rivers, Vick, Ryan). He’s beaten the Pack before, so the defense will be ready for him as the team shoots for sweet 16 on Sunday at Lambeau.

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  6. SchenySchen says:

    Sam Shields in the lineup is a big boost to the pass defense, not only because he is better than Jarret Bush but because he free’s Woodson up to be the playmaker he can at the line of scrimmage. Defense needs to keep making strides like last night and we’ll need Neal to provide a little push late season to give Wynn/Wilson a breather. GoPack!

  7. lynndickeyfan says:

    Well, that made for a fun night. My only concern is that Rodger’s looks some what joyless. I know there wasn’t a good belt moment, but I would like to see a smile. He looked like the older brother who is tired of schooling his sibling, but really has no choice but to do it.

  8. Joan says:

    Wow what a game! Glad the defense stepped up! It was nice to see Clay Maker get a few sacks! Keep it up defense! Aaron still is incredible!

  9. Pitmonkey says:

    Rodgers was all smiles! You kidding me?

    I too was worried about this one but the Pack put it all together. I was a bit concerned about the 1st half pressure on Rodgers but as they’ve done so many times the guys got it together after the half and got things done. Lots of callers have been griping about the refs on KFAN.

  10. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    The stat that stands out as I have continouusly streamed…is third down efficiency on offense and defense. For the first time this year both the offense and defense dominated this stat. Counting 4th downs the Pack was 12-15 on offense… amazing performance…..the defense held the Vikes to only 5-16 conversions counting 4th downs. Even more amazing. One overlooked series of plays is Mason Crosby’s continuing booming kickoffs putting the offense on their own 20 and giving the defense great field opening position. Also ….he is now 16-16 on FG’s. Like the way MM continues to use Starks…seems to save him for second half…..he will get more carries as the weather turns colder. GO PACK GO !! PS: Congrats to you Davy for being so classy with PA on KFAN today…..not sure would be the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

  11. Bill, the voice of reason says:

    Just when you thought the D didn’t have it anymore…they proved to a national audience, and more importantly to themselves, that indeed they still have it. I’ll admit I expeced something much closer, but I’ll take a beatdown of the Vikes anytime. But what’s more remarkable is the consistency of Rodgers. He goes out and does it week in, week out, something his predecesor (can’t think of the guy’s name offhand…) couldn’t do. Yes, these are heady times indeed. Let’s enjoy this ride, because the real fun is just getting underway.

  12. Paul Dier says:

    Most complete victory of the season. I was hoping for this, because you know, I know we got revenge for Favre’s 2009 defection with our 13th World Championship. This just rubbed a little more salt in the wound. i

  13. SchenySchen says:

    Bill, I think that QB’s name you were forgetting was “Brint” or something like that.GoPack!

  14. SchenySchen says:

    Missed today’s review of the border battle but I will say that on Friday, I lost a tremendous amount of respect for PA. I have always admired the fact that PA has been a genuine guy, loyal and while he has many bad takes, knew and recognized the truly important things in life. Hearing him “celebrate” that Pete Bercich’ son punched a kid that said he like the Packers was so innappropriate. Not only did he revel in it once on-air, he brought it up again to celebrate it with Charch. — We have far too many idiots making sports so important that its ok to beat people into a coma or stab someone or “name your violence” against someone with another teams jersey on. PA should definitely know better than to celebrate a child punching another child because of a sports affiliation. He will most likely write this off as me taking him out of context or that he was just kidding but jokes about kids hurting other kids are not funny. There really is no justification in reveling in it. I hope he listens to that segment again and hears how wrong it is. — I know what everyone on this blog thinks of Pete Bercich so no need to even go down the road of a father who’s proud of his son for punching another kid who likes a different team. PA on the other hand I thought knew better. Disappointed……………………… GoPack!

  15. Badger Bob of Vadnais Heights says:

    Remember when #4 did a full court press with TT for a trade with Oakland in 2006?

    Rumor had it at the time that it was A-Rod for Randy Moss, but Al Davis wanted more…

    If this rumor was true…this will go down as the greatest Packer trade that was never made.

  16. larry says:

    hey guys and gals, glad to have u on board badger bob, i hear u all the time with common. i hear u schenyschen, i heard that too and p.a had to make sure everyone heard it and thought it was so great his buddy’s kid hit a packer, i would have loved to see what his kid looks like now. davey, good call on p.a this morning, telling him u were there for 2009 season and stuck it out like all good packer fans do, now the queens are in the tank and he and bercich can’t stand it that were the champs and there so jealous of packerfans. then to top it off when bercich comes on to day he comes right out and tells p.a that the intern gal doesn’t wear underwear. boy, did they have fun with that. there pigs. then p.a asked her if she is 21 and they both laugh. i hope she goes to the management and they fire him, she shouldn’t have to, they heard it. i am going to the 1500 am station. fun and judd are alot better. i’ll just listen when davey is on kfan. they did what i said they needed to do play more man to man and rush 7 or 8. looked great. they asked aaron on espn if he would want to play any meaning less games at the end of the season if they had it clinched and were undefeated, 12 says, there is no meaningless game and does his smile, god were lucky to have him. go champs

  17. Al says:

    Finally, the D stepped up! About time. Granted, it was against a diseased Vikes team with a rookie QB. But it’s a great start. Not much to gripe about on offense but could do without all the sacks and hits on Arodg.

  18. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    I know this is really early…..but readers of this blog know I am kind of a draft keek. Saw this on Peter Schrager’s mid-season draft board…..the Pack drafting last in the first round based on mid-season standings:
    32. Green Bay Packers: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama: Jenkins was a standout at Florida, before being dismissed and ending up at North Alabama this season. He’s an elite talent whose draft stock is only going to get hotter as more scouts and media watch the game tape. The Packers are loaded everywhere. I can see them loading up at DB.
    GO PACK GO !!

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