Packers Beef Up Pass Rush With Trojans’ Perry

After going offense with his first three picks last year, Ted Thompson is likely to flip and address defense early and often in this draft. He pounced on Southern Cal’s Nick Perry with the 28th pick, a bit of a surprise since Perry professed his desire to play end in a 4-3 defense in the NFL when asked at the NFL Combine.

With the Packers he will be asked to stand up and play outside linebacker to complement fellow Trojan Clay Matthews. I’m guessing he won’t hesitate to embrace his new position. Dom Capers can’t wait to get his hands on him. Moments after the draft he reminded everyone that Perry ran a 4.5 at 270 pounds. Think about that for a second. What do you think it feels like to get hit by a guy that big and that fast. We’re hoping opposing QBs find out, beginning this season.

Capers maintains that having explosive ability to come off the edge is the #1 priority in a 3-4 outside linebacker. He also knows that you need two of them on the field to really make that 3-4 hum.

Perry will struggle in coverage and is not too good against the run, but what he provides is a nice bookend for Matthews and a chance to develop into an all around player. He played against very good competition in the Pac 12 and had his way with Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin, likely an early second round pick.

It would be a surprise if he’s not the opening day starter, opposite Matthews. So what will Thompson do on Friday? I expect a defensive lineman (Nebraska’s Jared Crick?) and maybe a safety (‘Bama’s DeQuan Menzie?). Will he package a few picks to try to pick twice in the second round? Will a running back catch his eye?

What would you like to see the Packers do in the second and third rounds?

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  1. Rob from Plymouth says:

    Hi Dave! Thank you for posting your thoughts on Nick Perry so soon after the Packers picked him in the draft. I am excited about how Perry can help out the defense. I read that he picked up some weight to become a defensive lineman, maybe he drops down to a LB size without losing too much strength. I’m sure Clay Matthews, Kevin Greene & Dom Capers will help turn him into an excellent OLB. For the 2nd & 3rd rounds I would like to see the Packers draft a safety or cornerback or defensive lineman. An offensive lineman would be good too. I wonder if the Pack could move Woodson to safety or sign Jim Leonhard? That way they could draft a good CB for competition. I’m excited to see who else the Packers pick for the rest of the draft. As always, go Pack!

  2. SchenySchen says:

    I am not a big Perry guy. I would have rather they traded back (if possible) and picked up Vinny Curry in the 40′s and gotten another 2nd or 3rd rounder. With the board as it stands, I hope they try to move up in the 2nd and get either Worthy or Reyes for the D-line. If that takes losing their 3rd/4th picks, I am ok with that. There are no safeties worth moving up for at this point so it looks like that will be filled by a 4th round comp pick. — I do believe that the pass rush improvement will help the secondary, as will the OTA’s and the maturation of Davon House/Sam Shields. MD Jennings may even give Peprah a run for his money. Still wish we had Curry though, instead of Perry. GoPack!

  3. SchenySchen says:

    BTW, if they pick Jared Crick with the #2, I will be forced to lose faith in TT. That guy is a do-nothing stiff. He is not worth that pick. Badgers ate that guy up. He is a slow-footed hustle player, nothing more (4th round at best). GoPack!


    Here is a scouting report on Nick Perry. I like the guy did not think he would be available:
    USC Trojans defensive end Nick Perry has the potential to play either a 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB at the next level due to his quickness off the edge and above-average athleticism.
    Perry hasn’t quite lived up to his own high standards. A sub-par sophomore season hurt his draft stock, but he might have been playing through injury. After a really nice junior campaign, he should be regarded as one of the better defensive end prospects in this draft class due to a strong season in which he has 9.5 sacks and 55 total tackles.

    On the edge he explodes off the line, shows good snap count awareness, and can find the edge to apply pressure on quarterbacks. He has a nice array of pass-rushing moves and has quick enough feet to change directions inside with a nice swim move. Perry really improved his motor this season and there are many who feel he could transition seamlessly to a 3-4 OLB role. That might take more time, but it is certainly possible
    Here is a comment from Kevin Greene:
    outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene said Thursday, April 26, that LB Nick Perry will immediately be thrust into the competition for a starting job at right outside linebacker, a position which the team saw a committee last season. “I think you always hope that through competition that that guy will surface,” Greene said. “Nick will come right in and we’ll throw him right into the competition of things and give him a chance to go out and show us what he can do”
    As I said in previous post I like LAMichael James as a great pass receiving fast…..4.3 40 time back and Ronnell Lewis at LB. Still would be nice to trade up and get Jerel Worthy.

  5. Al says:

    I’m okay with them taking Perry. Anything to help out Matthews, on the other side. I hope they can trade back up into the second to get Jerel Worthy or Devon Still. I’d love for them to get a safety but not sure there’s any left to take. Might have to wait for next year, on that one. Another running back, might not be a bad idea either.

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