Packers All Time Team


QB-Bart Starr: Sorry Brett, Starr brought home five NFL titles. Case closed.

RB-Jim Taylor: The engine that drove the team of the ‘60s.

B-Tony Canadeo, Johnny “Blood” McNally, Paul Hornung: Right, like I’m going to pick just one of these three.

WR-Don Hutson: Greatest WR in NFL history.

WR-James Lofton: Sterling Sharpe would have eclipsed him had his career not been cut short.

TE-Keith Jackson: A slight edge over Paul Coffman, because of what he meant to a title contending team that won a Super Bowl.

T-Forrest Gregg: I’d have much fonder memories if I could erase the memory of his stint as Packer coach.

G-Jerry Kramer: It’s a travesty that he’s not in the Hall of Fame (runner up: Gale Gillingham, an homage to longtime “Packer Preview” listener/emailer, “Gale Gillingham Guy”)

C-Jim Ringo: Hall of Fame Class of ‘81

DE-Willie Davis, Reggie White: I defy you to name a better pair of defensive end all-timers on any other team.

DT-Henry Jordan

LB-Ray Nitschke: My all-time favorite Packer. I refuse to include another linebacker on this list.

CB-Herb Adderly, Charles Woodson

S-Willie Wood, LeRoy Butler

K-Ryan Longwell: He once told me his dad wouldn’t speak to him for months when he left the Pack to kick in the friendly confines of the Metrodome

P-Craig Hentrich: The one that got away.

KR-Travis Williams: With apologies to Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard, Williams was my first Packer hero. I had a helmet with 23 stenciled on—I don’t think you could buy player jerseys back in the late ‘60s.


What will the record be over the next five: @Arizona, @ Chiefs, Seattle, @Minnesota, LA Rams?

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Power Rankings

The Baker's Dozen Why 13 and not 10? To celebrate the Pack’s 13 NFL titles, of course. 10/26/21

  1. Arizona (1)
  2. Buffalo (2)
  3. Tampa Bay (4)
  4. LA Rams (3)
  5. Packers (5)
  6. Dallas (6)
  7. Tennessee (13)
  8. Cincinnati (11)
  9. Baltimore (7)
  10. LA Chargers (8)
  11. Las Vegas (-)
  12. Cleveland (9)
  13. New Orleans (-)
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