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Buckle Up For My 7-Round Packers Mock Draft

Posted April 25th, 2021 @ 07:04pm

Draft week is such a tease. We spend way too much time trying to decipher what the Packers braintrust is planning to do. We waste time on mock draft simulators plugging in guys that fill roster needs and then Gutey and company go QB-RB-TE with their first three picks and we spend the weekend thinking about how much better we could have spent those hours geeking out on the draft.

If there was any doubt the Pack looks at the draft from a long-term perspective, we got the ultimate reminder in 2020, a draft class that's still a couple of years away from showing its worth--let's face it will be judged by what kind of player Jordan Love becomes. Nothing else will really matter.

So here we go again, with the Packers roster virtually intact from 2020, and very few, if any, day one starting spots available. There are obvious positions of need: a right tackle, a starting outside cornerback to replace Kevin King as soon as he's ready, a true slot receiver, and additional help on all three levels of the defense.

What we know is that it's unlikely the Packers will pick at 29. Gutey has ultimately moved up in the first round in all three of his drafts (he also moved down in his first one, before moving back up). And if the Packers identify a guy they want who they doubt will last, they won't hesitate to package their two #4s, or a #3 and a #4 to move up to the early 20s to get him.

For this exercise, I will make the Pack's pick at 29, but the guy I'm giving them may not last that long. Last year, I was drooling over WT Brandon Aiyuk and LB Patrick Queen, both of whom made immediate impacts with their teams. If we stick with those two same positions, I would love to see the Pack get Ole Miss WR Elijah Moore, or linebackers Zaven Collins, Tulsa or Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah from Notre Dame.

I think any of those guys would be great fits and fill needs on the 2021 roster. But they positions that the Packers front office just doesn't value highly enough in the first round. So I think they pass and turn their attention to CB and OT. Oklahoma State's Teven Jenkins could step right in to the right tackle spot and provide some needed stability to an offensive line that may have to wait for David Bakhtiari to heal completely. But ultimately, they know they need a long-term need opposite Jaire Alexander and they can't pass up

1 (29): Caleb Farley, CB Virginia Tech -- Recent back surgery has him sliding in the first round, but the converted receiver was considered a top-ten talent earlier in the draft process. He opted out in 2020 but showed enough in 2019 that he has the ball skills and overall ability to be a Pro Bowl caliber at corner. At 6'2", he's a nice complement to the vertically challenged Alexander. The Packers might prefer Northwestern's Greg Newsome, who doesn't come with injury concerns, but I think they swing for the fences. They may even part with a couple picks to move up to get him.

2 (62): Amari Rogers, WR Clemson -- There's been some steam that the Pack loves Western Michigan's D'Wayne Eskridge and fellow alum Greg Jennings had a pretty nice career with the Pack. But the Rodgers to Rogers connection proves too enticing to pass up. If Rondale Moore is still on the board, he gets a hard look. But at 5'7" and history of injuries, the Packers turn to Rogers, who can step right into the slot and at 5'10" 210 pounds, he's got the thickness to break tackles. He's drawn comparisons to Deebo Samuel and would also take over punt return duties.

3 (92): Daviyon Nixon DT Iowa -- Here's a position the Pack could address sooner, or they may look to sign a veteran off the street after the draft (Sheldon Richardson, anyone?). The Pack has always love to draft Hawkeye defenders and Nixon has a chance to develop into a nice upgrade over the likes of Lowry and Lancaster. He's extremely athletic for his size--go watch his 71 yard interception return against Penn State. He projects as a strong run stopper and would look very nice lining up next to Kenny Clark.

4 (135): Tyree Gillespie, S Missouri -- Has a chance to step into the role of third safety, a la Raven Greene and Will Redmond. The Packers like youngsters Henry Black and Vernon Scott, but Gillespie has a higher ceiling than those guys and will be an impact player on special teams. Needs to work on his ability in coverage, but he's a run stopper and could have a shot at the dime linebacker role.

4 (142): Monty Rice, ILB Georgia -- The departure of Christian Kirksey in free agency opens up a spot to compete with intriguing second year guys Krys Barnes and Kamal Martin. Rice is a Tasmanian Devil type who's ultra aggressive and has a chance to be a perfect fit in the middle of Joe Berry's defense down the road. Ay 6'1" 235, he's a bit undersized, but he has the speed to go sideline to sideline and was the QB of the Bulldogs' defense. He was also a strong special teams player in college.

5 (173): Drake Jackson, C Kentucky -- He joins the parade of day three offensive lineman drafted by the Pack in recent years. Don't expect him to step in and replace Corey Linsley in 2021, but he'll provide some healthy competition and could push Lucas Patrick or Jake Hansen as the longterm answer at center. Unless of course, the Pack decides to move Elgton Jenkins to that spot. Jackson's best traits will serve him well in the Pack's zone scheme.

5 (178): Trevon Grimes, WR Florida -- The Pack double dips at wide receiver, since none of the guys on this year's roster are signed beyond 2021. We expect Davante Adams to sign a mega-deal, but beyond that the Pack may elect to go with youth, rather than stick with both MVS and Allen Lazard. Grimes is nearly 6'4" and has great ball skills and is tough to bring down, but won't win any racing competitions. He's also an effective blocker and could become a reliable third down target down the road a bit.

6 (214): Javian Hawkins, RB Louisville -- The departure of Jamaal Williams via free agency opens up a spot in the backfield and the Pack can't pass up the guy nicknamed "Playstation" thanks to his elusiveness. At 5'8" 183, he projects as a third down back and has proven to be a nice receiving threat as well.

6 (220): Max Duffy, P Kentucky -- If the Packers make ten picks, they can afford to draft a punter and the Australian style booting Duffy was the best in the nation in 2019 and won the Ray Guy Award. He's great at hitting the corners (just one touchback in '20) and is very experienced. He'll turn 28 when the season starts, but who cares? He would be an instant upgrade over the inconsistent JK Scott.

7 (256): Lawrence Woods, CB Truman St. -- The Pack throws a dart with its final pick at a position where you can never throw too many darts. Woods is a former wrestler who projects as a strong gunner on special teams. He hasn't faced competition that's even close to what he'll see in the NFL, but is athletic, a solid tackler and returned five kickoffs for touchdowns.

So the way my draft fell, the Packers didn't land a tackle, which could end up being their biggest need. Maybe they find one on the street (Mitchell Schwartz?) or maybe they grab one on Thursday or Friday night. But they way things fell for me, they didn't find one when it was their turn to pick. OK, take your shots at my draft and let me know what you think the Pack will do with their first pick--or what you hope they'll do.


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Okay here we go: One of my favorite waste of time fun things on this site. For the first time I am not going alone but bringing in a helper who is an expert at the physical analytics for this draft. He has experience and has been thru some of the physical combine type tests these NFL prospects go thru. Introducing my 12 year old dog Ozzie, aka, Old South Side Dog, a border spaniel. Ozzie has competed in agility trial competitions for 10 years and even won a third place in the Nationals about 6 years ago. He can run a 3.84 40, jump a 16" hurdle, and run thru weave poles faster than a human thru a cone drill. So...he is my expert on the physicals. So here we go with our draft. Round 1-- I could not disagree with the Head Cheese more on his first choice. With Farley coming off back surgery no way do you touch this guy and certainly not trading up. I take a cornerback...Greg Newsome from Northwestern..close to a day 1 starter opposite Alexander. I like his length and Ozzie likes his physicals. now set at CB for next 8-10 years. Round 2- Creed Humprey...Center.. Oklahoma.. 6-5, 320. Too high for a center? No way...another potential Day 1 starter for the next 10 years. Also..leave Jenkins at guard...not at center. Round 3-- Here is where I agree with THC... Amari Rodgers Clemson. We have been looking for a true slot receiver since Cobb. Give big boy Rodgers this great target. Round 4---Pete Warner...LB...Ohio State. a true cover LB who may have been overlooked among all those Ohio State 5 stars but this guy can play. Round 4---With the second pick in Round 4...I take Bobby Brown 111 D lineman 6-4 325 from Texas A+M. We need a true fat guy next to Clark and this guy has been a stuffer in his college career. Round 5 Talanoa Hufanga...Safety from USC. 6-1 215. Can play the role of an up safety like Raven Greene but more physical and athletic. Ozzie liked his measurables. Round 5---With the second pick in Round 5 ...I take Ben Cleveland an OL from Georgia...6-6 335. Give me a guy who can hold up in the tough SEC. Round 6-- This is all Ozzie's pick. Strictly based on his physicals...Chris Evans...RB out of Michigan. This is a former big time recruit who was out one year and used a little last year with Covid concerns. Runs a 4.4, great athlete, a 1000 yard runner as a freshman. He will make team. Round 6--With the second pick in the round here is my biggest sleeper of this draft. Patrick Johnson, Edge rusher....6-3 270, from Tulane. This guy has played 34 games in his career and has 21 sacks. Why he is not more known is a mystery. Round 7... Riley kicker. Memphis. Mason Crosby needs some competion. This guy broke all of Stephen Gostkowski's records at Memphis. Kicked 6 fg's in the 2019 Cotton Bowl. Extremly accurate...23-25 on fg"s last year. There you have it: Ozzie and I put a big emphasis on going with prospects from big time programs from tough conferences. With a Covid year we feel that is our best indicators. I also for this draft used all 10 picks the Packers have. The real Gutey will certainly trade some. We did nothing in free agency so Gutey is looking at the draft to fill out his roster. OSSG and OSSD say...GO PACK GO !!!

on April 25th, 2021 at 03:42pm

Phat Pack should shock the world and trade up for.....another QB. Just to reaalllly spice up things in the QB room. Sharrons head would explode and it would be glorious.

on April 26th, 2021 at 02:26pm

So far fetched. You are looking at Kellen Mond in 1st, punter in 2nd and another rb in 3rd. The pack is back, way back!

on April 26th, 2021 at 04:13pm

Come on guys and gals, It's time to make predictions. at least give us your 1st pick, Voice, LDF, Packerlifer, Bud Grant, and all others who write on here. First off, let me get this off my chest. The crazy media that loves to talk about Rodgers, Its very good click bait too. money for them. They all keep saying he is mad and going to leave and has all the power. No he doesn't. He is under contract for 3 years. He could sit out, But what we have seen and heard of him, he would never do that to tarnish is career. He has said 8 times he wants to retire a Packer like Bart Starr did. Love is the guy that what will determine everything. He never got to play last year. We don't know if he can play. If he can, 12 will be gone in 2 years and we can get 2 nice picks. If he cant, we will extend Rodgers till end of his career. Pretty simple. No one ever mentions that. THC said some on this last post I saw. I said from the start, I don't think he can play. I hope I'm wrong. I wanted Queen or Jefferson. Now I have read that they really moved up to get Aiyuk. My buddy Carl's guy last year. But the Vikings traded with S.F. and they moved in front of us, and took him, so they were in a box, so took Love. I cant confirm that for sure, but makes you wonder. OK, on the draft. This is deepest draft I have seen in 7 years. The picks 20 thru 60 to me are very close. In 1st round I think if a Good tackle is there they will take him. 69 wont be back till end of oct.. They wont take a lb and wr, we know that by now. So they will take Jenkins, O.K.ST. if there or Dickerson, center from Ala.6-6 326, had some injuries, But best center on the board. Great agility and football smarts. pick 62, I do love THC pick Rodgers here and he may be there. I think they take cb, Campbell from Georgia. 6-2 188, the size they like for corners. Great speed and ball skills, had great pro day and moving up like Alexander did. pick 92. Nose tackle Shelvin from LSU. 6-3 362, run stopper and help out Clark on early downs. pick 135. I do hope they take OSSG guy here Lb Werner from O.S. very good on pass coverage and tackling machine like Martinez, but we left him go to Giants, and was 3rd in league in tackles last year. pick 142. Patrick Jones , edge rusher, Pitt. 6-5 264, they will need to replace Preston Smith next year. pick 173, Charles Snowden, MLB. Virginia, 6-6 232, good special teams guy and future middle lb. pick 178. They finally pick a wr. Ihmir- Smith Marsette. Iowa, 6-2 185. will replace MVS if he keeps dropping balls. Great speed and can return punts and kick offs. we need somebody, if not Rodgers from 2nd rd. pick 214.. Wildgoose, cb from Wisconsin, 5-11 200. You all know I have to draft one badger, and love his name. need some depth and another special teams guy. pick 220. Thompson safety. San Diego St. can guard the slot and good tackler. pick 256. Watkins wr. UAB. 6-2 210 very quick and returner, Keep in mind fans, the Packers don't have one wr signed for next year. I think they will draft 2 or 3 this year because of that. On wr, what we should be worried about is Adams not signing next year if 12 leaves next year and he doesn't want to stay. Would not surprise me at all. There best buds on the team, and 12 is gone, he could be too. No one has mentioned that either with the talking heads that do it for a living. lets see how they do. Now, if I would draft, I would move back to 2nd rd and get another 3rd and 5th rd pick. Maybe Washington , Atlanta, or Denver moves up to get a qb, but with Denver, and Patton there now, Vikings old gm assistant. He may pick up Bridgewater since he was there when they drafted him. We have 10 picks and when I'm done, we should only draft 8 guys after this trade, get your picks in 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th rds. get rid of the 6th and 7th rounds, you can always pick up some free agents. So then I take Davis lb. out of Kentucky, on pick around 38 or so. Been saying it for 6 years now lb with speed. note pitt. and tb. who took the lb's we wanted 2 years ago, bush and white. 6-4 244, best lb in draft. We will see. at pick 50 or so from giving up 6th and 7th rd picks. take Molden, cb from Wash. 5-10 211, great ball skills and slot corner we need badly. and returns punts also. Then another pick in 2nd rd, 62 take Dyaim brown. wr. from N.C. 6-190. love him, I wanted A.J. brown 2 years ago and he went to Tennessee. He reminds me so much of him. Then at 80 take Jabril Cox. OLB. LSU, can cover te's and rb's very good speed and ball skills too. for lb. We should have 2 picks in 3rd round after moving up and getting rid of some picks. pick 92 take Togiai, DT from O.S. great strength and run stopper. then I would take at around 115 or so Paulsen Adebo. cb from Stanford. 6-1 190, very smart football and been moving up the board. At 135 take Hudson OT from Cincy, need some back up for 69 and hope that he gets back fast. at 142 I do like Marsette wr from Iowa here. at 178 and last pick of draft take wr, Jaelon darden North Texas 5-9 170, fast and quick like Cobb was. just love this guy for sweeps and slot corner plus returner too. There you have it, lets see down the road who had the better draft. Looking back if they would have listened to THC, OSSG and myself they would have won 2 more super bowls by now. lol. Last thing for you Viking rubes on here. We all know Spielman comes on here to get my ideas and steals my picks. Look back. I said Diggs, in the 6th rd, he took him in the 5th, loved Kendricks from ucla, took him. and last year said Jefferson is the guy I loved. how did I do??? Enjoy the season. GO Packers

on April 28th, 2021 at 02:24pm

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on August 12th, 2021 at 03:55am

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