Being "Sinykal"

The main reason Brett Favre would return to the NFL? Snapchat.

Never has Mason Crosby's uniform number seemed more appropriate.

Packers' new running game chant: "Green, Starks and Saine and pray for a small gain."

If an unnamed Packer who told a reporter 'refs are out to get us' truly believes that, then the message from coaches and veterans is not being heard. 

Clay Matthews says the Giants didn't beat the Packers; that they beat themselves. Can we just tell all pro athletes to never ever use that cliche again...please?


Brett Favre says he's surprised Aaron Rodgers didn't win a Super Bowl sooner. And we're surprised he didn't win one more than Trent Dilfer.

The Vikings are opening training camp on Sunday. they're hoping to start a trend of showing up on Sundays. Something they didn't do in 2010.

Brett has filed retirement papers with the NFL. I'm guessing he texted them.

When the Pack beats the Vikings at Lambeau next year, can we start a "Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier" chant w/ a Howard Cosell accent?

As much as I love January games at Lambeau, I think this year's offense might just be more comfortable in the warm, dry Georgia Dome if there's a rematch.

So, will Brett be driving Brad Childress to the airport?

Roy Williams says the Cowboys can win 9 straight. Right, and Brett and Deanna are planning a special date night.

James Jones is complaining about a lack of opportunities in the offense. Late game fumbles and drops will cause that, James.

First, the Pack shuts out the Jets, then Brett gets knocked out, the Purple lose and cut Moss. We haven't seen a roll like this since Gilbert Brown squeezed into his #93 jersey.

Think of all the folks who shelled out big bucks for new Randy Moss jerseys. Wait, can't type...laughing too hard.

Lots of whining by the Vikes after the game. Makes sense: whines go so well with cheese.

Brett says his elbow may cause him to sit a game or two. There's a much better chance the commish causes him to sit a game or two.

Looks like Finley & Barnett are done for the year. On the bright side, winter's not that far off.

Brett has his elbow wrapped, reportedly dealing with tendonitis. Or is it text-onitis?

Why can't I get "Another One Bites the Dust" out of my head this morning? Barnett is third Packer lost for season after 4 games.

The Dolphins come to Green Bay a week from Sunday. I'm setting the total number of special teams gaffes by both teams at 17 1/2.

If Shaun Hill can run for 53 yards against the Pack, the single game rushing record might be in sight for Donovan McNabb this Sunday.

Who else is happy that the Pack is done with Monday night games this year? In its last two appearances (vs. Bears, Ravens) they've shown the football world their discipline and attention to detail, to the tune of 29 penalties.

The Vikings have landed the big WR they covet: Vincent Ja--I mean, Hank Baskett. The dude's greatest accomplishment is being married to playmate Kendra Wilkinson.

A.J. Hawk says he's open to a trade. And we're open to him making the occasional tackle for a loss and not looking like the slowest guy on the field.

So Cullen Jenkins breaks his hand in multiple places, gets a cast and plays the rest of the game. Bryant McKinnie dislocates a finger and needs a cart to get to the x-ray room. Who would you want on your team?

Why is everyone so down on Brett's performance  in the opener? Looked like he was in NFC Championship overtime form to me.

The Vikings will go from Tim Tebow in one game to Drew Brees in the next. That's kind of like going from Velveeta to Wisconsin cheddar.

I see the Vikings signed Javon Walker. What, were Antonio Freeman and Robert Brooks unavailable?


What will the record be over the next five: @Arizona, @ Chiefs, Seattle, @Minnesota, LA Rams?

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