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Offense Rules the Day for Pack on Day 2 of Draft

Before the draft started, you would have made good money wagering that Ted Thompson would take all offensive players in the first three rounds. But after grabbing a potential left tackle of the future on Thursday, Thompson added an electric … Continue reading

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Here’s My Second Round Wish List

With the offensive line fortified, the Pack will look elsewhere at #64. As stated before, Thompson is likely to go with the highest rated guy on his board, regardless of position. But I have to believe he’d love to find … Continue reading

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Protecting the Franchise QB Was Top Priority

Maybe you’re like me. As the back half of the first round began to unfold and Mark Ingram started to drop, I began to fantasize about plugging a dynamic running back into the Pack’s offense–forgetting about his troublesome knee and … Continue reading

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Taking a Stab at the Packers’ Nine Picks; Mock Draft XLV

OK, it’s obviously ridiculous to try to forecast what Ted Thompson will do with his nine picks this weekend. But I’m thinking there are worse ways to spend ten minutes of your life. I’m hoping to hit at least six … Continue reading

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The Head Cheese Mock Draft XXXI

This is my third of four mock drafts, each named after a Packer Super Bowl title. I’ve changed my mind a lot since the last mock, and am still unsure about #1. But for now, we’ll go with the current … Continue reading

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A Close Look at the 2011 Schedule

Our excitement of the unveiling of the 2011 schedule is tempered by the reality that there is no guarantee the season will start on September 8th, when the Pack is slated to kickoff the season at Lambeau against the Saints. … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Draft and 2011 Schedule

Two weeks and change until the only player-related activity in this locked-out offseason. The draft is creeping closer and most of us are thinking about what the Pack will do at #32. I think the Packers will have 6-7 guys … Continue reading

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