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Packers to Saints: “Bye You”

We’ll look at this week like the old March saying: The Pack went into the week as sacrificial lambs (to end the referee lockout) and they can end the week as angry lions, using that game as a launching point … Continue reading

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Seattle’s 12th Man Wears Stripes

The final drive began with a pick by Jerrion McMillain that was wiped out by a bogus roughing the passer penalty on Erik Walden. I was willing to let that go in light of a phantom interference penalty on the … Continue reading

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We May Need to Wait Another Week to See the “Packer Offense”

21 points. That’s the target. Score 21 points Monday night and you win. Under Peter Carroll the Seahawks are 1-15 when their opponents score 21 or more. Ok, 21 points. Sounds simple enough. But after watching the Seahawks’ first two … Continue reading

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What an Email from Flynn to Rodgers Might Look Like has acquired an email sent from Matt Flynn to Aaron Rodgers on Monday (OK, it may or may not actually be from Matt Flynn). Here it is: Dear Aaron, Hey, man, what’s up? Nice beat down on the Bears … Continue reading

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Rumors of Defense’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerrated

Clay Matthews and the defense were the difference in the Pack’s dominant, back from the dead performance against the Bears. Seven sacks. Four Picks. ┬áBut it was Mike McCarthy’s gutsy gamble that turned the game around. I still can’t get … Continue reading

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This One Becomes A Bear Necessity

Strange thing, this Thursday night game in week 2. On one hand, it allows you to forget about San Francisco and move right on to the next opponent and turn things around. On the other hand, if you slip up … Continue reading

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Episode 1: The Train Wreck

Can’t really imagine how the opener could have gone any worse for the Packers, who were lackluster on offense and absolutely brutal on defense in a 30-22 home loss to the 49ers. Let’s start with the defense, which looked suspiciously … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Business in Opener Begins with Taking Care of Football

The Pack’s opener features two teams that won 28 games last season–one off the all-time record. It’s why this game is the crown jewel on the opening Sunday afternoon of NFL football. We’ll find out real quickly if last season’s … Continue reading

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Fearless Forecast For 2012 Season

With the Packers opener just days away, it’s time to weigh in on who will reach the post-season and who will win the Lombardi Trophy at the Superdome in early February. Consistently over the past decade or so, like clockwork, … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Packers First 2012 53-Man roster

Ted Thompson got down to his initial 53 man roster on Friday night. For now the Packers have kept ten rookies (six drafted and four undrafted) and 27 defensive players vs. 23 offensive players. Expect both of those numbers to … Continue reading

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