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Next Up for Driver: A Lambeau Leap into Packers Hall of Fame

He won’t go down as the best Packers wide receiver ever, but Donald Driver retires as the most prolific, productive and beloved receiver in Green Bay Packers history. For many, he’s a walking symbol of Green Bay Packers football. The … Continue reading

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Here Are Ted’s Offseason Homework Assignments

Dear Ted, As you may remember, I like to take ten days or so once a season ends to reflect, kick a few things and put my thoughts in order before we look at your off-season homework assignments. You have … Continue reading

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A Tip of the Kaep to Milwaukee’s Finest

Leave it to a Milwaukee kid to put an emphatic end to the Packers season. Not too many folks not named Harbaugh believed Colin Kapernick would be the most dynamic quarterback on the field Saturday night. But after an ugly … Continue reading

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A Title Game Appearance Will Depend On These Key Guys

We’ve all been going through this matchup in our heads all week. We’ve listened to what the talking heads think. We know that neither team really resembles the ones that matched up in week one. What really matters is where … Continue reading

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Sing With Me Now: Let’s Get Physical

When the 49ers came to Lambeau to open the season, one thing was abundantly clear. They were the more physical, aggressive team by a long shot. They punched the Packers in the mouth early and the Pack never really got … Continue reading

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Oh What A Mangled Webb We’ve Seen

Everything changed 90 minutes before kickoff when Christian Ponder was pronounced inactive and Joe Webb was inserted as the starter. I don’t know about all of you, but I got nervous. Were we going to see the RGIII pistol offense … Continue reading

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San Francisco Here We Come

It’s been an unprecedented week for those of us who live in the belly of the Border Battle. The Vikings fired the opening salvo early Sunday evening and after six days of rest, recuperation and preparation, the two teams are … Continue reading

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Midweek Musings on Border Battle III

New Year’s festivities are over (Happy New Year, everyone), most of us are back at work and we’re starting to get serious about Saturday night’s game at Lambeau. First order of business is to consider who has a chance to … Continue reading

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