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Taking a Stab at the Title Games

For those of you who are somewhat new to this blog (stumbling upon it in the last year), you might have been asking yourself, ‘what’s up with the head cheese?’ Here’s the thing, every year after the Pack’s last game, … Continue reading

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Cold Hard Facts: The Better Team Won

Let’s face it. The better team won at Lambeau. As usual in games like these, it’s easy to point to one play (the Micah Hyde potential pick), but the 49ers were the superior team on this day and during this … Continue reading

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A Pick From My Brrrain, Not My Heart (Maybe).

They’ve got eight Pro Bowlers. We’ve got none. They’ve beaten us three times in the last 15 months and the games haven’t really been close (though week one was an improvement). When he faces the Packers, young Colin Kapernick plays … Continue reading

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