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Is Your Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

There are two paths you can choose to take following the Pack’s 34-27 win over the Lions. You can take the path that celebrates the first half offensive awakening and stout defense that had the Pack up by 28 points. … Continue reading

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Will Packers’ Offense Continue to Look Offensive?

I hope you’ve all enjoyed “What’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers Week.” By now we’ve all read story after story, reminding us that Rodgers has not looked anything like a former MVP for the better part of a season now. The … Continue reading

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McCarthy and Rodgers Shoulder the Blame for This One

This one is on McCarthy and Rodgers. Yes, Sam Bradford’s play was exemplary and Stefan Diggs showed again that he’s a star in the making, but the Pack’s defense overall was not the issue on this night. Statistically, the teams … Continue reading

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Pack Will Feel At Home in the Purple Palace

We’ve all been waiting for this since the schedule was released in April. When the Packers help christen the Purple Palace on Sunday night, it will be the dawn of a new era for Vikings football. ¬†Everything will feel new … Continue reading

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Three ‘Rs’ Carry Pack to Opening Win: Rodgers, Randall and Run D

The Packers’ season opener looked and felt like a week 1 game on many levels. There were inexcusable communications errors that caused delay penalties and blew up a key late third down play near the goal line. But as we’ve … Continue reading

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The First of 12 Wins in 2016 Comes on Sunday

As we get set to embark on the 2016 season, let’s take stock on where things stand. The Packers are a popular Super Bowl pick, the favorite in Vegas right now. And for now they’re projected to be favored in … Continue reading

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First Thoughts on the First 53

As the Pack was trimming down to its initial 53 man roster of the season, the Josh Sitton news blocked out everything else. Twitter gave us a hint that change was in the air, with reports that the Pack was … Continue reading

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