Will It Be Another Sleepless Night in Seattle?

Nothing like heading to your personal House of Horrors when you really need to win a game on the road. And on a short week. And in prime time.

It’s a tough spot for a banged up Packer team that will be without Kevin King, Nick Perry, Kentrell Brice and Randall Cobb–none of them made the trip to Seattle. The Seahawks come into this one losers of two straight, at home to the Chargers and at the Rams and at 4-5, desperately needing a home win to stay in the wildcard picture.

The Seahawks aren’t as imposing as recent vintages, especially on defense. But they’ve played well enough defensively to stay in most games. They’ve feasted on turnovers most of the season and are plus eight, but haven’t taken the ball away from Philip Rivers or Jared Goff the past two weeks, and don’t figure to be able to rely on that against Rodgers either (provided there’s not another Fail Mary call).

The trick for the Pack will be dealing with Seattle’s suddenly prolific running game. They gouged the Rams for 273 on the ground last week, with Russell Wilson accounting for 93. The Pack’s run D has been mediocre and allowed Frank Gore to look like the ’08 version of Frank Gore. They’ll need to do a much better job especially with Chris Carson, their leading rusher back on the field after missing the last two games.

The Pack’s secondary will likely see Josh Jones, Raven Greene and Tony Brown get snaps. All three made some nice plays last week and will need to follow up if the Pack is to win its first road game of the season. While Seattle will ground and pound, they’ll take some deep shots to speedy Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin remains a tough guy to cover and is coning into his own after missing some games with an injury.

The good news is the Seahawks’ run defense is also sub-par, so they should have issues containing Aaron Jones as well; the dude is averaging eight yards per carry on first down–that’s nuts, and would really come in handy as a way to keep the crowd noise down and allow Rodgers to work out of friendly second and third down and distance and continue to thrive with play action, as he did against the Dolphins.

The Packers absolutely must win one of these two road games, but I just don’t see it happening in Seattle. Though they’ve played well against two really tough teams in their last two games away from home, they’ve turned the ball over or committed a couple of penalties that have sunk their hopes late.

It’s tough to win Thursday night road games and it’s always been tough to win at Century Link where the Pack is 1-4 and suffered a couple of losses where the hangover lasted a long time. Maybe Rodgers and company will turn in a virtuoso performance to follow up the win over the Dolphins.

I need to see it to believe it.

Seattle 27   Packers 26

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18 Responses to Will It Be Another Sleepless Night in Seattle?

  1. Grandma Death says:

    The missing players you mentioned won’t make a difference since they all suck, especially Perry who hasn’t gotten his shithooks on a QB in over a month. The packer dumpster fire of a season will continue as the Packers and their fans learn the hard lesson that life isn’t all rainbows and handjobs.

  2. Packerlifer says:

    The NFL needs to do away with Thursday night games, save for the Thanksgiving traditions in Detroit and Dallas. It’s not enough time for teams to prepare and players to recover from the previous game and it’s particularly so for the team that has to travel some 1900 miles to play in it. While a win tonight will be helpful a loss will not eliminate the Packers from the playoff picture. So let’s not declare anything decided either way by this result. The offense will have to be in good form, though, to hang with or overcome the Seahawks in a shoot-out type game. Not aggravating the injury situation may be the most important issue for the Pack for this one.

  3. Your Mom says:

    Go to bed early son, the Packers haven’t been relevant in 2 years, Ada and I worry about your unhealthy obsession with a mediocre team.

  4. Yore Mom says:

    Synner – What is rong with you?? First you throw yore son under the bus (Convert Jackson) and now yore about to jump off the Cheese Wagon?! What’s next…locking me up in a nursing home??!! We all know yore team sux but what else do you left to cling to in life?

  5. Cane says:

    Something in that Packer locker room stinks, and it ain’t just McCarthy’s sh-t stained whitey tighties………

  6. Disgruntled Entitled says:

    Packers need to win one of these road games? Are you still delusional? You think you could pick and choose which one you could lose and still have a chance?

    Look at the positive side, you are ever so slowly coming to terms that the team isn’t going to win and thus predicting a loss, while challenging them to prove you wrong.

    Yes, they would prove you wrong and show you how wrong you are. They would slowly take away the fun of the title town, which will resemble in few years a ghost town no one seems to respect or remember as they used to.

  7. lynndickeyfan says:

    This Packer team may not be as good as other years, but neither is this Seahawks’ team. Yes, it’s a hard place to play and a hard time to do it, but I have hope that they will.

  8. Jkitty and Shorty Rob's Boss says:

    It’s gonna be ooogly! No pass rush, no run defense, back-ups that couldn’t start for a 9 man High School team in Idaho. Captain Hook as your qb? Jimmy Graham is like 49 1/2. Much easier to try to trade arod to the Jags and start the rebuild. 48-0 Hawks.

  9. SoSorry says:

    R-E-L-A-X The misery will be officially over in 10 days when the Vikings end this mess. It’s time to start thinking draft. So many needs though.

  10. Cheating Ref says:

    Well, your squad is showing its true colors. If it’s not yellow, the color of one of my pity penalties on your opponents, it’s the strip down your crappy team’s back.

  11. Voice says:

    Sheesh…it’s a damn shame this site has turned into a cesspool for Vikings fans to take out their frustrations for their own inadequacies. Nonetheless, I still look forward to the annual Purple Collapse which is as predictable as sunrise. Yes, the Pack has their issues – that’s pretty obvious. But for the purple Kool-Aid crowd, it’s just a matter of time. Sunday night should be fun…”Bear Down, Chicago Bears!!!” :-)

  12. Packerlifer says:

    Your panties are too tight with some of you trolls. Take ‘em off and get the knots out. The Packers are only 6 total points from being 7-3. They’ve played arguably the toughest schedule in the league the past 4 weeks, against the best and in some of the most difficult venues to be the visiting team. In every one they had victory within their reach although exceeding their grasp. The only thing that concerns are the injuries adding up. If the Packers can get pretty much fully loaded in the next few weeks they can make another of their historic late season runs into the playoffs. They’ll have to do a 5-1 clip to be sure. Meanwhile the Bears, Lions and Vikqueens can knock each other off by splitting their seasons; winning at home but losing to the other on the road. Queens have to play at New England and Seattle. Bears have the Rams coming in. Find up to 4 losses each for the current NFC North leaders down the stretch. Now, imagine the aroma and taste of crow you trolls will be getting on New Year’s when it’s Packers 9-6-1, Bears 9-7, Vikqueens 8-7-1 Lions 6-10.

  13. Yore Mom says:

    Packer Lifer – We Viqueens fans are not worried about yore team suddenly not sucking. Entitled Town is now mediocre town.

  14. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Let me be the first on this site to say Josh McDaniels will be the Packer head coach next year. GO PACK GO !!

  15. RodgersisKing says:

    Man, the pack got screwed out of yet another game by the officials. I don’t know what Goodell has against our team but it shows like crazy. Good thing we have the best qb to ever play the game on our side, so we’re always in it, even if the refs are trying their best to throw the game. I think the pack still takes the north this year, with the bears and Queens stumbling to the end. This was a building year for Gutey anyway, and next year is when the real fireworks will start! Gopackgo!

  16. Moron Mudduck says:

    Oh my fellow moron mudducks cane and grandma death and your mom the choke is on,you worry about the packers too much instead of looking at our own overrated pussies,Time for Mike Dimmer to go and defilipo,what’s dimmer done in 5 years,run game sucks Oline sucks,defense is overrated,Cousins is no ARodgers,rebuild time,We were born in the ice and wind and snow,my ass we sure can’t play in it,we play in a pussy stadium!!still 13 nothing packers,oh well I’m used to this phrase,wait till next year

  17. Dumb bell mudduck says:

    Right on moron Mudduck,this is your sister dumb Bell Mudduck,quite the game plan Dimmer had for the bear game,he should put that eye patch back on so he doesn’t have to watch terrible football with both eyes,Cousins sucks,no wonder Washington didn’t want him

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