Where Did Our Love Go? Pack Have a Supreme Problem On Their Hands.

Well, things just got a whole lot more interesting in Titletown. Let me rephrase that. Things just got a whole lot more terrifying in Titletown. When the Schef-bomb hit on Thursday afternoon, it suddenly put months of draft speculation on the back burner. Way, way back on the back burner.

Trying to read the tea leaves here: Rodgers has been pissed off since the Jordan Love pick. We all know this. The acknowledgement by Brian Gutekunst on Thursday night that he probably shouldn’t have blindsided Rodgers with the pick–maybe give him a quick heads up–was a mistake on his part. That was a monumental screw up that forever stained the relationship between Rodgers and the organization.

This is a guy who holds grudges. All the great ones do–it fuels them. From not being recruited out of high school, to the draft day slide to the surprising selection of his eventual replacement. Rodgers is driven by these slights, and it helped spur him to his third MVP trophy in 2020.

So where do we go from here? The Packers are saying exactly what they have to say. That they have no plans to trade him. That much of Thursday’s reporting was faulty: that Gutey never told Rodgers he was considering trading him this offseason; that he was not fielding calls from other teams.

Every move the team has made in the offseason has been about running it back with the same team in 2021. They’re all-in, with the understanding that there will have to be some tough cap decisions next year, with guys like Davante Adams and Jaire Alexander needing to get paid. And they wouldn’t have let Tim Boyle go if they thought there was a chance Rodgers’ time in Green Bay was done.

It’s been reported that Murphy, Gutey and LaFleur have all flown out to California to meet with Rodgers this spring. That leads me to think that this feels like a Thibs-Jimmy Butler situation. Maybe Rodgers told the team after the playoffs that he was out, to move him and let the Love era begin. And maybe the Packers brass didn’t think he was serious. But maybe he’s made up his mind and figures he can make things exceedingly difficult this summer and force the Packers’ hand.

We know the Packers have the leverage here and that barring a trade, Rodgers has two options: play in Green Bay or retire. I think Rodgers will play for the Packers in 2021. I think he timed this news to make things as uncomfortable as possible and to make a point. But I will not be shocked if Rodgers has played his last game in green and gold. If he’s dug in, I think he could call the Pack’s bluff. I’m pretty certain that nothing will happen before the summer. What a mess.

As for the Pack’s first round pick: I’m not at all surprised they took a CB. Once again, the Packers made a pick that will likely have a bigger impact in 2022 than in 2021. Eric Stokes has a chance to beat out Kevin King, or more likely, as soon as King gets hurt. Either way, he’ll be slates to take over for King in ’22.

His speed is off the charts (he ran a 4.25 40 at his pro day) and should be a special teams ace. We all know that teams are making a living ignoring Jaire Alexander’s side of the field and targeting King. Stokes has performed very well against the elite WRs he faced in the SEC and he sounds like a great human being off the field as well.

That makes nine defensive backs picked in the first two rounds since 2014. Most have been misses. This one can’t afford to be. If either King or Josh Jackson had hit, the Pack could have turned their attention to tackle or, heaven forbid, wide receiver in the first round. Now, you would assume the Pack will target those two positions on Friday night. We know they tried to move up in the second for a wide receiver last year. That strategy might be in play again tonight.

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21 Responses to Where Did Our Love Go? Pack Have a Supreme Problem On Their Hands.

  1. steve says:

    As a fan its frustrating to watch the Packers continue to bomb out of the playoffs while the Pats dynasty continued no matter how many bit players came and went. I can only imagine how frustrated Rodgers could be, especially knowing he is every bit Brady’s equal, at the minimum. If management had performed half as good as Rodgers over the years, he’d have more rings and maybe not be so willing to walk away. Hopefully it gets resolved and he’s back, because it sure seems to me there is no ring in the immediate future without him.

  2. Vikings Troll says:

    He’s reportedly already told some teammates he isn’t going to play in GB anymore. I think the Packers think they’re calling his bluff but he’s really calling theirs. The Packers are going to wait until after June 1 so they can split their losses. They thought he wouldn’t really pull the trigger on retirement but he is both stubborn enough and already rich enough (with massive earning potential still ahead of him even without football) that he could and would walk away from the game and still be rich, still go into the HOF and still have a ring. I’m sure it would hurt for him to stop playing when he feels like he could still produce at a transcendent level, but at this point I think he would choose that over the Packers. He might even be able to sit out the last two years of his contract then come back in as a free agent. He’d still be younger than Brady was four years ago. I don’t think it will come to that because the Packers can’t let it come to that. They cannot afford to lose him without getting ANYTHING back for him, and Aaron knows that as well as they do. I think the pack will fold after the June date passes, they’ll give him his trade and the Jordan Love era will begin.

  3. larry says:

    Very good points Viking troll, BUT, even if he holds out for 2 years, the Packers are still under control of him. he has to be in camp by I think week 10 in each year to get credit for a years service time. Love the packers Picks so far. I see Spielman took my pick again, Jones de from Pitt. I wanted . every year. They need some D lineman today and 1 more wr. and 1 olb for sure.

  4. Voice says:

    Has anybody heard a definitive word from Rodgers about this in the last 3 days? ANYONE? Didn’t think so. This situation will be fixed by 2 people (maybe 3), and that it – Rodgers and Gutekunst (and possibly Murphy), and it’s going to end in one of 2 ways – Rodgers stays, or Rodgers retires. Until either of those scenarios play out, everything to this point is nothing but lip service.

  5. Kevin says:

    Viking Troll if he sits two years and comes back he still owes the Packers two years. He would not be a free agent

  6. larry says:

    Thanks Kevin, I take it you didn’t read my post. lol.

  7. larry says:

    On Rodgers. As I said before the draft, if 12 wants to tarnish his career and be petty and stubborn over something so silly. That his his choice. Gutey did say before the draft that he would be drafting a qb in the draft just like wolf used to always do and 12 even said he understands that for an organization. But, he didn’t see them moving up and doing it in 1st rd.. That was what pissed him off. me too. I told my friends and family if he does not want to not be here. Let him go. I would get what I can and trade him to Vegas, for Carr, and 2 number ones and a 3rd. I think the only way he stays is Gutey has to be fired. If u remember, he was not happy with the hiring. He wanted Eliot. time will tell.

  8. Roger Goodell says:

    No matter who the qb is, we have your backs. We pay the refs their salary as you all know. R-E-L-A-X

  9. Elroy from Elroy says:

    Dumbass Mudduck Roger (Greg) Goodell,the envy and jealousy of a superior organization is leaking out of his empty head!!

  10. Bud Grant says:

    It’s funny how these prima donnas Farve and Rodgers take no blame for the mistakes they make in big games,last year in NFC championship Rodgers interception before halftime,King got the blame but Rodgers shouldn’t have thrown it,Packers made them millionaires and then they dump on the state of Wisconsin,Without Ron Wolf nobody would have heard of Farve!! Just sick of the whining Bullshit!!

  11. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Okay….Here comes my two cents on the Rodgers situation. First …to my good friend the “Voice”. This isnt going to be resolved in two or three days. So get yourself a sippy straw and pour some of your Spotted Cow in a big glass and sit back until June 1. If Rodgers truly wants a Super Bowl the only place he will get it in the next 5 years is in Green Bay. I not…he’s out. If this is personal for him it is business for Green Bay. Business always wins. If we all are truly honest we know Rodgers as a QB is one of the all time best. As a person he is a selfish prima donna. He has trouble with his own personal family. But….we as fans put up with these prima donnas if they win….think Lebron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and others in other sports. I think Matty L was called behind a closed door and told by Murphy and Gutey to say how much he loves and needs Rodgers. They will work on PR to the fan base between now and June 1 and then trade him. We all can remember in year 1 under Matty L how Rodgers sulked. Year 2 he bought into the system and took off. I believe June 1 we trade him for 3 number 1′s, more draft choices and or players. Larry: It wont be to Oakland at least not with Carr in the package as he is up for a big contract. If we trade a guy I would look at who would come out of his retirement is Alex Smith for one year. I heard him on the Dan Patrick show a few weeks ago and when asked if he would consider playing again he said maybe for the right situation. One year for 10 million or less….okay.And a good mentor for Love. I think the trade is with Denver. You can build a nice team with 6 number ones, including our own for the next 3 years. From a player standpoint Rodgers is great but the fan base as a guy never identified with the beer drinking, deer hunting Brett Favre. Rodgers is Hollywood. On to our next generation of players. Thats the way it goes. GO PACK GO !!

  12. Greg says:

    Three number ones for an about to be 38 year old qb. I love the delusion of packer fans.

  13. Packerlifer says:

    Whatever happened to the “Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle” story of a few weeks ago? It’s the slow time of the year for sportswriters and broadcasters so tabloid journalism takes over. Unless and until we hear it from the proverbial “horse’s mouth” i.e. ARod holds a presser and says he wants out of Green Bay, it’s all just rumors and speculations. It will only get more and more ridiculous as the speculators seize on unidentified leakers to try for anew angle on the story almost daily. Now it’s claimed it was the Jake Kumerow cut that ticked off Rodgers! How long before we hear he has an Oedipal complex? If there is a fire here amid all the smoke it’s over a contract restructure or extension. Maybe, too, it has something to do with Rodgers’ engagement: perhaps he doesn’t want to be away from his wife (to be) half the year in Green Bay. As they always say: Football is a business. So tune out the noise, forget the speculations. No sense paying attention to it until September.

  14. The king says:

    Aaron is so selfish, he doesn’t have any communication with his family at all, because of his needs. This is all about his needs not football at all as all of you have made great points about however you have missed the biggest Aaron problem, new woman in his life who is pulling his strings. For the first time in his life he is being told what he must do and he is a scared boy. She wants nothing to do with WI and has told him that. This is a classic case of a woman telling a man what he must do to keep her happy so Aaron is doing the only thing he can do. It has nothing to do with football at all and if the pack was smart they would get a boat load for him and move on. I told my buddy Larry this would happen last year when everyone was pissed about drafting love. I’m not a love advocate but I am brutally sick of this selfish idiots. It’s a kids game we played on the playgrounds at recess as kids played by men. Grow up children!

  15. Voice says:

    OSSG, what gave you the idea I thought this was going to be over and done with in a few days? I never said that. And watch it with the snarky comments. Just sayin’.

  16. larry says:

    First thing, Davey, please get our black ink back. lol. OSSG, that would be great idea if you think Love can play in 2 years. I still don’t think he can. For the 5th time. I hope I’m wrong. I still wish we had Boyle. I think Carr is so underrated and is 30. he has 10 years left. He is paid thru 2022 at 20 ml a year.. so what if he gets new contract next year. maybe 30 ml a year for 4 more years. A lot less then 40 ml. we pay now and we know he can play. I don’t want Bridgewater or smith. This team is ready to win now. They have built this team to win. 26 wins last 2 years. Sure 12 has a lot to do with that, But not all. You put Carr in this offense and he will have 35 td’s. and 4000 yds. Plus you have to think of salary cap issues. We would need another player too just for the cap to balance. Maybe we can get a another dt from them to throw in for cap purposes plus 3 picks.. Last thing. On Bud grant post. DITTO.

  17. The king says:

    Here’s the perfect deal for Aaron trade him and Love to new england for mack Jones next year’s first and 2023 2nd round pick and a 4th and 5th round pick that would really get to todgers

  18. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Voice…R-E-L-A-X….I never said you said the Rodgers situation would be over in 2 or 3 days. I just said some clarity should be coming after June 1.
    Come on …Spotted Cow is not snarky….but maybe drinking thru a straw is. Love you ! Just askin…What ever happened to signing off as “The Voice of Reason ?? GO PACK GO !!!

  19. Packer Troll says:

    Davy – your website isn’t secure, you should get that fixed.

    I hope Erin stays in GB but he has been selfish since he entered the league. The fact that it got to this point shows that he is not concerned about the Packers organization and their fans. Not sure where this leaked from but I suspect Erin was the reason as this news doesn’t help GB.

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