Let’s Face It: It’s Over.

Supposedly, there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think after number two, I went straight to number five.

Let’s face it Packer fans, it appears the Aaron Rodgers era in Titletown is over. It’s ending two or three years prematurely, but it’s ending. There is too much solid reporting from credible, long time football reporters to believe there is any chance for reconciliation between Rodgers and Brian Gutekunst.

When Bob McGinn reports that Rodgers secretly refers to Gutey as Jerry Krause (the longtime Bulls GM who famously lost Michael Jordan’s respect) to his buddies on the team, it’s difficult to see a partnership continuing.

Gutey’s mistake was a lack of communication and a failure to understand how best to deal with the fragile relationship a team will have with an all-time great. Yes, he should have kept Rodgers in the loop when he decided to draft Jordan Love, even if that choice was made as the draft was unfolding. He should have cared more about fringe roster decisions that might irritate Rodgers.

It’s not about coddling a superstar, it’s about understanding what makes him tick and working with him in a way that will ensure that as long as he is healthy and playing at a high level, it would be the organization, not the superstar, that would determine when it would be time to move on.

Rodgers is an unusual guy for an all-world athlete. He has many disparate interests; he is always on a quest to learn and try new things. His back story: forced to start at a junior college because no big schools came calling, the notorious plunge on draft day, have molded him into a man who feels self-made, who has had to fight for respect throughout his life and now feels he has earned the right to be, to paraphrase a song from Hamilton, in the room where it happens.  Like Brady is, like Jordan was.

And now he has dug in. It would be nice to hear it from his own lips, but reliable sources say he won’t return as long as Gutekunst is running the show. Sure, the Pack could call his bluff and dare him to retire. Let this drama play out through the summer. But I think they will slowly reach stage five, like I have. They’ll admit privately that they didn’t handle things as well as they should have and they will swallow hard and trade him to the AFC, likely Denver, Las Vegas or Miami.

None of us were ready for this. We all wanted a couple more swings at the Super Bowl. Instead, it’s time to reach stage five. And hope that Love will find a way.

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36 Responses to Let’s Face It: It’s Over.

  1. Dustin says:

    Enjoy reading your posts Dave. “he won’t return as long as Gutekunst is running the show” – this begs the question, how likely is it that Gutekunst won’t be running the show prior to next season?

  2. Cane says:

    Pretty funny you bring up Bob McGinn, THC. Legendary reporter for the organization, who coincidentally, the Packers famously yanked his press pass after he left the local paper for his own media outlet. Packers org just has no class and doesn’t know how to treat people who have earned respect through hard work and longevity. Plain and simple.

  3. Boss of all packer fans says:

    He gone. Let the new Robbie Bosco/David Whitehurst era begin! Gonna be a lot of already heavy set gals in sconny eating a metric ton of cheese curds daily for the next 6 months. Barooooooooooooooo!

  4. StepSisterCheeseWiz says:

    I hope all the Pack fans have their little rascal scooters charged up because they are going to be scooting out of Lamblow at a record speed when they finally see how god awful they will be with out Sharron’s presence and reff assistance. I can not wait.

  5. Roger Goodell says:

    Rodgers was looking for Mike Zimmer after the game ended in Lambeau last year. He was seeking him out. If any of you watched it, they talked for a long time. Rodgers knew he was playing against Zimmer for possibly the last time and he was giving Zimmer his kudos and vice versa. Go back and watch it.

    Also, wasn’t Aaron ok with being drafted by the Packers and management not telling Favre about it. What a tool!

  6. Pathetic says:

    My god, your franchise has had decades of hof qb’s on your team and the whining is insufferable.

  7. Dan says:

    This is just unreal to watch. Yet again with a iconic QB, Green Bay screws up dealing with a very high profile athlete personality. Gutekunst is way in over his head at this job because top team executives don’t get paid for dealing with the easy players, it’s the tougher personalities that you have to appease and that’s definitely a skill that needs to be mastered. It doesn’t mean they run the show but that they feel valued and take advantage of elite skills when the window to win is open.

    Star athletes cannot be treated as an equal to the rest of the roster but that’s what Gutekunst and every other part of the Packer executive leadership were brainwashed to believe. I would also add the lack of a central owner doesn’t help either. Packer fans should be irate that 30 years of HOF quarterbacking ends in shambles.

  8. Greg says:

    Jerry Krause…….WTF! Jordan was winning titles left and right. Aaron is choking titles left and right. What a ridiculous comparison. Good Grief!

  9. Packerlifer says:

    There’s an episode of the old “Seinfeld” comedy series whose tag line is, “It’s the timeless art of seduction.” That’s what we’ve got here with the Packers and ARodge:the timeless art of $eduction.” If Rodgers really, really wants out of Green Bay he can come out front and say so. Why doesn’t He? Because this is his agent trying to get him the best contract possible and there’s no reason to show your hand to the guys you’re playing poker with before you call. The Rodgers’ Era isn’t done just yet. The dance of the mercenaries will go on through the summer but R E L A X. It’s probable that Rodgers will quarterback the Pack again in 2021. He’s under contract to Green Bay. He may not like the situation he could be traded to. The only thing the Packers don’t want to do is allow this to go on to the point they are forced to make a deal in which they don’t receive commensurate value for their asset; like they did in the Favre situation. Here’s an idea for everyone to chew on: Trade Rodgers to Tampa Bay for Tom Brady and a first round draft pick. The Bucs would pull the rug out from under the G.O.A.T. in a minute for that one. Brady could play a year or two in Green Bay while Love develops. And the Packers could get their 5th Vince Lombardi Trophy as Brady gets his 8th Ring. Everybody happy!

  10. Logical Conclusion says:

    Trading Rodgers for Brady doesn’t help the Packers at all. I know Brady is the GOAT, but keep in mind his situation in Tampa is optimal, he got all the playmakers he wanted, with a loaded offense and defense in Florida. Putting Brady on the Packers roster doesn’t change the fact you would still need to surround him with talent, which is exactly what Rodgers has been asking for and not getting. Getting Brady doesn’t guarantee you a championship, he’s not better than Rodgers as a QB overall. He threw three picks in the NFC Championship game, defense bailed him out. I know it’s enticing to want Brady, but it’s the rest of the offense that needs work, not the QB position.

  11. OLD SOUTH SIDE GUY says:

    Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin. Site of the Great Aaron Rodgers Auction 2021.
    Partcipants: Mark (The Miser) Murphy, team president, Brian (Gutey) Gutekunst,team Gm, aka, The Head Auctioneer, Jordan Love, team QB, Bob McCann, journalist, Jake from State Farm, and Jerry Krause, former Chicago Bull executive. Love is involved because The Miser and Gutey said never again will a Packer QB not be involved in major team decisions. McCann is the only journalist involved but only after signing a non-disclosure agreement as to what he can write after the brass edits his writing. Jake from State Farm is allowed because after the auction is over, Gutey and Murphy have been promised to be in a State Farm commercial with him. Jerry Krause is being brought in as a consultant because of his experience dealing with Michael Jordan.
    Bidders: The group has decided that three teams have made the final cut to bid on ARods services. They are: 1- The Las Vegas Raiders, represented by Jon Gruden, aka, “The Smirk”. 2- The Denver Bronco’s, represented by John Elway, the self proclaimed greatest QB ever. 3- The Miami Dolphins, represented by minority owner Jennifer Lopez.
    The bidding starts with the Head Auctioneer getting the bidders involved on a Zoom Meeting on hid 400 inch HD screen. After explaining to Jennifer Lopez that this auction is about securing the services of QB Aaron Rodgers and not the movie rights to Mister Rodgers Neighborhood we are set to go.
    After fierce bidding a winner is determined. Bob McCann is told after the bidding that Gruden was strung along, only using his smirky grins to bid the price up. Jennifer Lopez was Jenifer Lopez and on a 400 inch screen. The final winner..John Elway’s Denver Bronco’s. Here is the reported haul for Green Bay. Four number one draft choices in the next four years, two number one draft choices, in 2033 and 2034, after which Jordan Loves 12 year contract expires. The right to all of Denvers 2 thru 5 draft choices in the year Rodgers throws at least one interception, and exclusive rights to Elways chalet in the Rocky Mountains. In return Denver gets Aaron Rodgers and Jake Kumerow. After consulting with Jerry Krause who wishes he would have done this with Michael Jordan, the Packers give Love a 12 year extension and a signed agreement that he will succeed Gutey in 2034 as team GM. Mark Murphy is satisfied no Denver players are coming in the transaction so he can keep going after cheap undrafted free agents. From the royalties from the State Farm commercial Gutey can buy a summer home on Lake Geneva. Bob McCann is restored with a beat writers pass but only to off season OTA’s. The saga is finally over and Aaron Rodgers has negotiated a deal with NBC to host “The Bachelor” for 20 episodes in the off season filmed in Green Bay. GO PACK GO !!

  12. Packerlifer says:

    I was being facetious about trading Rodgers for Brady. Still, think about it: the qb with the most Super Bowls ending his career with the franchise with the most NFL Championships. Forget about the soap opera drama being played out in the media. It’s been pretty well established that the reporting is mostly made up. This is just about the money: how much and for how long. The people yakking it up aren’t people in the room. Rodgers and his agent are looking to get the most they can. The Packers have to balance a salary cap and be mindful for 52 other players on their team.

  13. larry says:

    Well, it took 3 weeks after I told you on this site. no9w the media is finally saying what was thinking about Adams not signing if 12 leaves. Funny NO one thought of that. ESPN and FOX are all over it now finally. Net year aI realize now I cannot make my picks for Packers, Spielman took 2 guys this year I had for Packers. Marisette wr from Iowa and Jones DE from Pitt. It’s unbelievable. I wish Gutey would listen like he does . LOL> Pack at Saints. I hope its Love and Kick there ass. Prove me wrong Love. Show mwe You can Play. I really do feel 12 will be back though. Its power and Money. The way players get there respect in sports is how much money they make compared to others. he doesn’t need money, Its’ ego and Power and control is what he wants. GO Packers

  14. Packer Troll says:

    Packers found a replacement – Blake Bortles https://www.nfl.com/news/packers-signing-veteran-qb-blake-bortles

  15. Barf Starr says:

    Fear not Packer Backers…the return to the good ol’ days of green and yellow mediocrity are near. You remember…the days when all you needed to get 70,000 rabid Wisc rubes to come out to watch an awful football team was to sell beer. Happy days are here again Dave!!!

  16. Packer Troll says:

    I think Dave is still in the denial stage which is why he hasn’t upgraded the security on this website to be secure or posted a new blog article.

  17. Cheeze Head Spread says:

    Can we talk about the schedule? I would like to hear some insights to what Siny thinks the best matchups are this coming season.
    I know, but it’s hard to do without knowing who the QB is going to be. Well pick one of the many on the roster and give us a run down on the season.
    Let’s get away from the doom and gloom and focus on the only thing worth anything in Wisconsin… Da Pack!

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