Rodgers Is Nearly Perfect, So Packers Stay That Way

There is no “d” in unbeaten, but there are a couple of them in “defending” and if the Pack wants to defend its world title in Indy next February, the defense is going to have to markedly improve.

If not for the ridiculously high level that Aaron Rodgers is playing at, the Pack would be in the midst of an NFC scrum with a handful of other teams. But once again Rodgers delivered a virtuoso performance, with four TD passes, no picks and another near perfect passer rating.

The defense got off to another show start on the road, allowing a quick touchdown on the Chargers’ opening drive. But they stepped up big time with a pair of pick sixes, one on a great hit by Desmond Bishop, allowing Charlie Peprah to take one to the house, the other on a great read by Tramon Williams.

The offense took over late in the half and in the third quarter. When the Pack upped its lead to 21, 45-24 early in the fourth quarter, Wayne Larrivee delivered his “dagger.” But Rivers wasn’t done. Despite a depleted offense with just two weapons, Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, the Chargers made plays on the soft Packers defense. Jackson scored twice and ultimately Rivers had the ball with a chance to force overtime. His third pick of the day sealed the win, but the numbers don’t lie.

The defense surrendered 28 first downs and 460 yards against an offense they called the best they faced since the Saints on opening night. The truth is, it’s tough to win in San Diego. The Chargers came into the game winners of 17 of their past 21 at home. But what is most concerning about the state of the Packers defense is the lack of a pass rush. Rivers came into the game having been sacked 17 times. Green Bay got him twice, but too often he had far too long to wait for Jackson or Gates to get open.

After the game Rodgers mentioned that Rivers had to go to a silent count on their final drive to quell the noise by the tens of thousands of Packer fans. That’s the ultimate statement about Packer nation–that crowd played their part in making things difficult for the Bolts. Jermichael Finley called it Lambeau West.

So the Pack heads home for two games sporting an 8-0 record, becoming just the third Super Bowl champ to win their first eight games (joining the ’90 49ers and ’98 Broncos). Is there room for improvement? Absolutely–the defense has not come close to hitting its stride. But Rodgers and the offense are playing at a historically high level. Opponents know they’re going to need to put up 30 points to be in the game.

Christian Ponder, are you ready for some football?


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43 Responses to Rodgers Is Nearly Perfect, So Packers Stay That Way

  1. lynndickeyfan says:

    The Safety play was sooo up and down in this game. Peprah has two huge picks. It doesn’t seem to counter balance the three plus blown coverages by the Pack. Too often there was no safety help deep, and that goal line coverage was not playoff worthy. Raw deal or not, how many penalties did Woodson have? Still looking for the Defense , waiting for the Defense to match the skill precession and discipline of the Offense.

  2. Old South Side Guy says:

    Obviously Rodgers and company were brilliant but the defense is giving up too many big..big plays. The key is lack of a pass rush..Bj Ragi is getting double teamed and many times so is is obvious this is how teams are going to scheme against us. Pickett and others need to step up…when will Neal be ready? They are giving up too many conversions on third downs..too many long plays..but our turnover rati has saved the defense. Yes..we are 8-0 but can we always depend on Rodgers to bail us out as the weather gets colder? Go Pack Go!!

  3. Joan says:

    Rodgers is fantastic. However I am concerned that our defense will not hold, especially when it comes to playing the better teams like the 49ers in the playoffs. Has anyone on the defensive line stepped up tried to get sacks this year? Where is Pickette and Mathews?

  4. Al says:

    The safety play has been atrocious at times and game changing good at others. I don’t think it can continue to be that way. Tramon Williams was left wondering where his help over the top was too often yesterday. As long as Rodgers continues to play at a superhuman level, I guess it won’t matter but that’s asking a lot.

  5. keeley2 says:

    Ref: your KFAN segment with Bercich today. How unprofessional of Bercich to give you all of 1 minute to talk about the Packers victory over the Chargers. Leading up to your segment, he simply bashed Packer fans, expounded on his hatred of the Packers and Wisconsin people in general, and the Packers defense. What a classless guy. Thank god P.A. has more respect for you than that clown on the radio today. Hoping it wasn’t too uncomfortable.


    Agree completely with the comments from LDF and K2 ..your segment with Bercich on his part was totally unprofessional. He could have had Longwell on in a seperate segment. I hope Bercich was called on the carpet for this by KFAN management….but I have my doubts. Davy…I believe you bring sponsors to this segment so KFAN should have treated the segment as yours. Must have been somewhat uncomfortable for you….but you handled it with class…..something the classless Bercich would not understand…….GO PACK GO !!

  7. larry says:

    hey guys, i heard that segment as well, good job davey, i would have went off. for more then 2 months now when ever he is on he doesn’t just cut down packer fans he cuts down thew whole state of wisconsin, i emailed him 1 month ago and told him how unprofessional he was and the station should get rid of him. he thinks he is a pretty boy. as i told him then, i wonder how the intern gals feel,at the station. 3 of the best looking girls there are all from wisconsin.of course he had no reply. getting back to the pack, defense has to get better if everyone can stay healthy now and morgan can get that club off his hand. neal will help, but how much? i looked back at least year stats not much difference at this time but we do have more takeaways and we are giving up way to many 20 yard and more big plays. that’s communication. i sure hope we can beat the queens in a rout. 38-24 is my score. i hope it’s worse, u know p.a will talk on both sides of his mouth again, he will tell dave we are going undefeated and the next line is he thinks they can beat us if jared gets to 12. go world champs

  8. Bill, the voice of reason says:

    I didn’t hear the Bercich segment, but to be honest I wouldn’t expect anything else. He does basically the same thing during Viking games on the air – caters to the rubes. And as far as the defensive issues go, I’m not to worried about the long term. Coach Capers should have things tightened up by playoff time. And I think it’s safe to say that defense doesn’t win championships – quarterbacks do. At least that’s the way it is in today’s NFL. And aren’t all of us glad the Packers have the one they do?

  9. lynndickeyfan says:

    Just looked at the long term forecast for Green Bay. Looks like chance of rain and it could easily be under 40 degrees. The Vikings will certainly be out of their element for the first time this season. Everything in this match up favors the Pack, except that Jared Allen match up. That said, I’m going 28 to 12 Pack. I like what I see from Ponder, but this is a spot where I think his talent isn’t enough. Frankly, I think there coaching won’t get them there. 28 points almost sounds low, but I take it and the win.

  10. SchenySchen says:

    Yes, Pete Bercich is an unprofessional leech. During a Viqueen broadcast, not even against the Packers, he went off on how he “hates those guys, he’s so sick of hearing about those guys” meaning the Packers who were doing well. –The guy knows football, I’ll give him that but the whole “I hate Wisconsin, everything about Wisconsin including the people” is way over the top. He must feel that he needs to go overboard to balance out PA’s closet love for the Packers (as evidenced by his mancrush on Wayne Larravie). GoPack!

  11. XRumerTest says:

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  17. lynndickeyfann says:

    ref: Keeley2. I listened to the podcast, Bercich is what he is. Being contrite or just trite is his thing. He probably could have not had Dave on at all. That was just the only way he could handle dealing with a 8 and 0 team that otherwise can’t touch. I thought he was so over the top that you could hardly take him seriously. He’s very envious. At least Dave got to talk to Longwell. It still remains to be seen if Ryan will retire a Packer or Viking, but he is a good guy, very professional.

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