Pack Withstands Air Attack to Hold Off Lions

What a strange afternoon at Lambeau, where the Pack rolled early, thanks to three first half TD passes by Aaron Rodgers and a pick six by Charles Woodson. But a key fumble by Jordy Nelson on a kickoff return and a couple of Rodgers picks gave the Lions life and turned the game into a nail biter–the last thing you ever expect when Detroit comes to town.

Credit Shaun Hill for playing very well, using screens and check downs to move the Lions down the field and hitting Calvin Johnson for a couple of scores. The Pack used Jarrett Bush as at the nickel back and inserted Derrick Martin at safety when Burnett went down with an injury. The Pack was unable to get to Hill in the second half, after dropping him three times early in the game.

Ultimately, with the Pack clinging two a two point lead and the ball in the final two minutes, they turned to John Kuhn and the ground game and the converted fullback and the line delivered, picking up yards in bunches and allowing the Pack to run out the clock and escape with a two point win.

With the Pack sitting at 3-1 at the first quarter pole, there is much work to be done. In McNabb, Henne and Favre the next three weeks, the Packers secondary will continue to be tested (well at least in the first two of those games) and we need to see major improvement defensively or the Pack’s home record will see some blemishes.

The Packers improved on special teams and penalties–as you’d expect in a home game. But you come out of this game feeling less than confident about where this team is at. They have not put 60 solid minutes together yet and they are 3-1. ¬†We need to check on the severity of the injuries to Burnett and Barnett because a date with Donovan McNabb beckons–a guy who has owned the Packers–and the Pack will need healthy bodies to get a win on the road next Sunday.

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34 Responses to Pack Withstands Air Attack to Hold Off Lions

  1. Packerchu says:

    I’m yelping about that Calvin Johnson TD near halftime. Excuse me, Packers D, what the hell were most of you doing?

  2. gbp13gbp13 says:

    1st a win is a win…
    I have to disagree with you Davey about the special teams. I dont believe 2 lost fumbles, bad punt is called for improvement. Plus the 2nd fumble could have costed us the game… As for the return game we didnt do much either…. i was glad to see less penalties but then again hard not to get less then 18.. next weeks game is going to really tell a lot about this team and the coaching staff… and TT WE NEED A PROVEN RB… Make that trade

  3. Jason says:

    Jason Hanson joined the Lions in 1992. The Lions haven’t beaten the Packers in Wisconsin since that time. Pretty obvious what the problem is. HANSON MUST GO!!!

  4. theheadcheese says:

    First, you’re right GBP, special teams is still not where it needs to be, but at least we didn’t allow Logan to spring anything.
    Rob, your Chillar comment is right on the mark. He was missed and is a primary reason Pettigrew was open all day. Going to really need him against Chris Cooley this week.

  5. matt whyte says:

    U all forgot to mention the most important play of the game. When johnson got manhandled about 3 or 5 seconds before the ball reache his vicinity

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  15. ROB BAUER says:

    I think what was apparent here is how much the Packers really did miss Chillar. Hawk is not great in coverage and really seams to let the play come to him versus attacking it. Secondly, The experiment should be over. If you are not going to get a better running back, its time give Kuhn the ball as the primary and let Jackson be a change of pace. Jackson is not getting it done with his fancy backfield moves. I would like to see them run the ball like that in the 1st quarter too, and bury that Jackson draw play deep in the play book.

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