Marshawn Lynch Traded…..To Seahawks

In this era of fantasy football, we all wanted to see Marshawn Lynch traded to the Packers–myself included. Sure he was a first round bust in Buffalo, but everyone busts in Buffalo these days. We figured, give him a dynamic passing game, led by a QB he played with at Cal, and maybe he’ll be reborn–reviving the Packers’ running game right along with it.

On the other hand, he may just not be that good. Exhibit A: Laurence Maroney, who washed out in New England and is off to an ugly start in Denver. Throw in Lynch’s off-field indiscretions and it was probably a coin flip whether he would have been the missing piece to the Packers’ offense.

Still, fans will be frustrated that once again Thompson, in their eyes, shied away from making a splash, instead sticking with his own guys to prove his eye for talent. There are other running backs out there, some more expensive some cheaper than Lynch’s asking price of a 4th rounder and a conditional pick the following year. The Panthers say they won’t move Jonathan Stewart, but why does an 0-4 team need two dynamic runners, if there’s too little talent around them? Cleveland’s Jerome Harrison has fallen out of favor as Peyton Hillis has become the flavor of the week. Heck, the Seahawks cut Julius Jones–maybe he’s worth a look.

Most likely, Thompson has no plans to add another back. He figures Dimitri Nance is ready to get some action and rookie James Starks may get his shot after the bye. Greg Bedard, in his final days at the Journal Sentinel (unfortunately, for us Packer fans), documents recent Super Bowl champs and their less than mighty running games. In today’s NFL, you don’t need Adrian Peterson to win a Super Bowl. The question is, can you really win one with John Kuhn?

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4 Responses to Marshawn Lynch Traded…..To Seahawks

  1. Wade aka "gbp13gbp13" says:

    We wont give up a 4th in 2011 and a conditional 6th that could grow to ino a 5th 2012 for Lynch? TT, what are you thinking???? Wolfe would have pulled this trade in a spilt second… Remember the trade for Jackson 2nd round for a guy to “share time” at TE…

    Time to look outside the box once Ted…

  2. 1265 Lombardi Guy says:

    Didn’t the Packers get a 3rd for Brett Favre? Why would Ted give up two picks for someone of Lynch’s talent. I wouldn’t have made the move either. He’s not worth that much – even to a team that could use a better option at RB.

  3. ROB BAUER says:

    So Ted won’t trade, we knew that, and Mike is being all cerebral about tendencies and personnel. The question is, ” How do you develop rythum with repetition and aren’t tendencies and repetition two very simular words? My fear hear is that Mike is over thinking some of this play calling. Run something until they adjust, not until you think they’re going too, and get so good at it you can still do it.

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