Brett and Randy Finally Get Their Play Date

With the news that the Vikings have acquired Randy Moss for a third round pick and no intentions of signing him to an extension, it’s clearer than ever that Minnesota has pushed all of its chips to the middle of the table. They’re all in.

As for 2010, the Vikings are obviously a better team with Moss. If he is basically a rent-a-player for the remainder of the season, he will be motivated to prove he deserves one more payday. He’ll need to get in synch with Favre quickly if he wants to prove he deserves $9-10 million per year. Reportedly, Moss was “shocked” to be traded. Without a new deal, he would be a potential headache for a new team. Minnesota is the one place you don’t expect that to happen. He has a shot at his first ring here.

Moss provides a missing ingredient in the Vikings offense–the ability to stretch a defense. The Vikings offense has been dink and dunk through three weeks, in part due to the lack of Sidney Rice, in part due to Favre’s rustiness. Speaking of Rice, this trade speaks volumes about the severity of Rice’s hip injury. They clearly weren’t assuming Rice would be able to step onto the field and be the Pro Bowler he was last year–at least right away.

The trade makes things much more interesting in the NFC North. Packer fans are thinking, hmmm, the Vikings offense had a clearcut hole and they went out and plugged it. How come our team never does that? Let’s not forget, they surrendered a third rounder in this deal–a steep price for a guy who will only play 13 games for you. I don’t see any way they pay Moss big bucks, not with Rice still holding his hand out and Harvin not far behind.

Things just got a bit tougher for the Pack in their bid to unseat the purple atop the North. The trade doesn’t address the Vikings’ issues on the offensive line, where they are vulnerable at center and have gotten mediocre play at tackle. But their offense has a chance to look a bit more like last year’s edition. And that offense gave the Packers problems. Twice.

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14 Responses to Brett and Randy Finally Get Their Play Date

  1. Noopers' Dad says:

    Farve seems to get whatever he wants in Vikingsville. Now all he needs is Ted Thompson’s head on a platter, and he car re-retire.

  2. Ben says:

    Well, we better go 3-1 in the next four if we hope to win the North. Come on Revis, be that shut down corner we hear about! Go Jets!

  3. Jon says:

    You are right Mr Head Cheese. The Packers and Bears now have to look behind them and put pressure on themselves, cause you know we’ll be back in the fold. The only ingredient missing, was the Rice factor, and Moss adds that and more, and in a few weeks, you’ll have them both. If we get back to the Wild Card/Division hunt, look out in January

  4. Ceely says:

    I HAVE to believe the Packers are talking to teams about a running back! I’m thinking they are using these early season “easier” games to evaluate what they already have on the roster. Nance is a low risk inexpensive acquisition. But time is running out. Green Bay’s running game MUST improve SOON. The Vikes making a move like this makes it even more urgent. No I don’t think we should overpay a clunky flashy name veteran, but can’t we just this once make some kind of small splash somehow some way? It would be such a shot in the arm!

  5. Ceely says:

    We’ve managed to handle Moss in the past and we will now. The Vikings are becoming the Yankees of football. Worse than the Redskins were. Chilly can’t even coach all the talent he’s got. With Favre and now Moss, Childress will be reduced to standing on the sidelines with a headset and a clipboard. Maybe he can be in charge of the Gator Aide or the crucial passing out of towels.

  6. Ceely says:

    Here’s hopin’ James Starks is a superstar!

  7. Triple G says:

    Well it sounds like TT made an effort for Lynch and they didn’t take his offer…that’s all you can ask at least try to get him.

  8. theheadcheese says:

    DeAngelo Williams anyone? He’s a free agent at the end of the year on an 0-4 team. Give them a third and a player like Spitz. Immediately, if not sooner.

  9. duckman says:


  10. gbp13gbp13 says:

    Ted better get busy… rumor has it both Chillar (shoulder) and Barnett (wrist) might be out for the season. With Burnett and Grant already lost and MN making the trade for Moss, Ted needs to start calling and MAKING some trades……. to help this ball team…..

  11. SirFinley says:

    RB?!?! I more concerned about the injuries on D. If we are going to trade get defensive help!

  12. Justin from Mpls says:

    “Tramon Williams can handle Randy Moss”?! Are you kidding me?

    Who are Packers’ safeties? Barnett = Out for season. Chillar = hurt. The middle of the defense looks TERRIBLE for the Packers right now. How are we going to stop ANY passing game?

    With all of these injuries, TT might be saying, “This isn’t our year, I don’t want to mortgage the future to get a guy for one year when we have so many holes everywhere. Bring on 2011…oh wait, it’s a lockout…” =^[

    I’m starting to get very pessimistic…

  13. ROB BAUER says:

    It’s tempting to call Randy Moss old or to say he’s lost a step and say this looks like desperation to me. It’s so tempting that even though I might be wrong, I’m going to do it anyway. Tramon can handle Moss and Woodson can handle Shankohno? and my sister can handle who ever else they got. I say bring it on. The game plan is the same stop the run and make Favre try to beat us.

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