A Special Season Ends Far Too Soon

We were treated to a magical 13-month run, with a march to a Super Bowl title backed up by a 15-1 season. But what we witnessed at Lambeau Field on Sunday night will leave a bad taste in all of our mouths for months.

Where do we start? Three fumbles. Zero pass rush. Lousy tackling. A rusty offense led by a rusty quarterback. An embarrassing two play stretch by the defense to end the first half that gave the G-men a ten point lead and a world of momentum heading into the locker room. I mean, seriously, they hand the ball to Ahmad Bradshaw to basically run out the clock and he gains a ton of yards and gets out of bounds--allowing Manning to try a Hail Mary, one that was answered by Nicks, giving the Giants a ten-point lead at the half.

If not for some very questionable calls against the Giants, this one would have been even more of a laugher. There is blame to go around, but first you have to credit the Giants for taking the Pack out of their game from the very start. Hakeem Nicks showed once again that he is an elite receiver and the Giants' secondary made life miserable for the Packers' offense all day.

But the goat horns are reserved for Dom Capers and his defense, which was utterly unable to get any kind of pressure on Eli Manning all day and could not get off the field on third down. The corners were brutal and Charlie Peprah may not be on this roster next season after this performance.

The offense was no better. Eight dropped balls, three fumbles. In Rodgers' seven starts at Lambeau this season, he and the offense averaged 39 points per game. On this day, they never found a rhythm. Manning and his receivers were much better on this day.

There will be plenty of time to reflect on this season and what Ted Thompson needs to do to make this team better. For now, we are left with might have been. The road to Indy was supposed to go through Lambeau. Instead, Eli and his merry band of receivers put a dagger in the Packers' season. And we're left to wonder what could have been, just like the 28 other teams that are looking ahead to 2012.


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