Bring On Your Packers Questions

I'd like to run a modified chat over the next few days. Fire away your questions in the comment section or via the "contact" button and I will post them in blog format and continue to update it through the week.

Here's one I've gotten a lot via email while filling in on KFAN this week: Why do you think the loss of Cullen Jenkins is bigger than the loss of Darren Colledge? I have a hunch the Pack will find a very capable replacement for Colledge. There's a spirited competition among Lang, Newhouse, McDonald and Sherrod, with the rookie getting the first chance early in camp. One of those guys will step up and grab that job.

Meanwhile, I don't think the Packers have anyone on their roster with the skill set Jenkins has. He was very productive in the 3-4 when he was on the field, causing opponents to pay attention to him, while freeing up Clay Matthews to wreak havoc from the other side. I think the Pack will be fine on early downs with Green manning the spot, but in passing situations, Neal, Wilson or Wynn needs to take a big step forward. Neal would be the favorite, but he isn't expected to be 100% until sometime in October and you can bet the training staff will bring him in slowly.

Side note, it was kind of cool to have a Twitter exchange with Neal on Tuesday. When he tweeted that he had just watched a few hours of tape on Cullen Jenkins, remarking on what a beast he is, I tweeted back: "Great. Now please BE him for 16+ games this season." He tweeted back: "I'm me." Love that...maybe I got under his skin a bit, but you know he realizes he as a great opportunity in 2011. With BJ Raji coming into his own as a Pro Bowl talent, that will only help his development.


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