Bye, Bye Nick.

Hey Nick, time to make like the little blue Twitter bird and fly away.

I was ready to give you a pass for the early week tweeting. You were upset to not be included in the team photo. I don't blame you. The team has pointed to the empty spot on the wall of champions in the meeting room for years. We want to be up there, you all said. But the team made the misguided decision to keep the IR guys from flying in a few days early for the team photo--for fear you'd be a distraction. With nothing to prepare for, maybe you guys would be more interested in planning your nocturnal activities in downtown Dallas.

You're frustrated and I get it. You've been a Packer for a long time. For a few years there, you were the leader of the defense. Now the Pack has reached the Super Bowl thanks in large part to an elite defense, and you're not a part of it. But using social media to complain is the 100% wrong way to go. Go to Charles Woodson and make your case. Ask him to ask the coaches to reconsider. Don't pull a Maurice Jones-Drew and whine to the world. You can't win that way. You opened up a door for the media to walk on through in an otherwise quiet week well ahead of the Super Bowl. You gave everyone something to talk about.

And eventually, after hearing about it for days, one of your teammates spoke up. Aaron Rodgers, no doubt speaking for virtually everyone in that locker room, made pointed comments, aimed at IR guys like you and Jermichael Finley, that if you want to feel like a part of the team, maybe you should have rehabbed in Green Bay and stayed a part of the team physically. "They're part of this team, first and foremost," Rodgers said. "But some guys choose to rehab in other places." It was a shot taken directly at you guys and that should have ended it.

But no, Nick. You had to tweet back. Couldn't help yourself. Here's what you tweeted: "Well looks like people have something to say about where some people choose to do their rehab...try rehabbing with 15 others then 53 more. doubt you get the full attention's easy to speak about others when you are not in their position. Talk about 'union' ha." Your friend, Mr. Finley responded via Twitter with "TRUE FACTS RIGHT THERE." Jermichael's young. He'll learn how to act like a pro.

You're a veteran. A frustrated, disappointed veteran who saw his replacement step on the field and instantly make more plays than you did. He played his way into a four year $19 million deal that may be more frustrating to you than your injury. But firing back at your team's QB via social media in the week leading up to the Super Bowl is a fireable offense, in my book.

You were a solid, if unspectacular Packer. With Hawk's uncertain status in 2011, it was nice to know we had you coming back to potentially play alongside Bishop and Chillar on the inside. Now, I say let's devote some of your salary to paying Hawk a new, fair number that both sides can live with and we'll let you find employment somewhere else.

Maybe you can find another team with a bunch of guys on Twitter. You can send each other messages all day long. Fly away, Nick. This team has a Lombardi Trophy to bring home.


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