Gutey Has Georgia On His Mind.

You can’t come away from the first round of the NFL draft and be surprised that the Packers extended their streak to 21 years of not selecting a wide receiver on day one. Wideouts were flying off the board faster than Davante Adams fled to Vegas, and Gutey and his team did what they always do: stay true to their board and take the top guy left. And address the team's biggest need: adding talent to fix the run defense.

If there was any doubt before, there can be none now: the Packers identity is shifting to its defense. By adding a pair of Georgia defenders (making it three Bulldog defensive stars drafted in the first round in the lsat two drafts) the Packers infused talent into two spots that they have neglected early in recent years: inside linebacker and the defensive line.

Linebacker Quay Walker is the first ILB drafted by the Pack in round one since AJ Hawk. Saw a tweet from Zach Kruse from that Walker had a faster short shuttle and three cone time than Eric Stokes. And Walker is 6’4” and 240. Think freak athlete who can be deployed all over the front seven—a stout run defender and a guy who can cover tight ends and running backs in space. With Walker and Campbell, the Pack has a pair of uber athletic inside linebackers for the first time in forever.

I thought Green Bay might grab a safety at 28, with their uncertain depth there after 2022, but they pounced on Devonte Wyatt, the massive D lineman who will finally give Kenny Clark a legit wingman and reduce the double teams Clark constantly faces. I saw a scouting report that comped Wyatt to Clark. Have to think this will allow the Pack to move on from Dean Lowry and accrue some cap savings. Wyatt is an older prospect than the team usually targets, but guys his size are hard to find and with free agent Jarran Reed, the Pack has restocked the defensive front.

The biggest takeaway from Thursday night is that the Packers below average run defense in 2021 has been addressed and should be much more formidable in 2022. They’ll still add a safety and edge rusher before the weekend is out.

But Friday will be about adding to the offense. Will Gutey package a third or fourth rounder with a second to move up to grab a receiver he likes like Pickens, Watson, Moore, Metchie or Pierce? Or will he jump up to grab a tight end like Trey McBride? I’ll be surprised if they sit back and wait until they’re on the clock.

On second thought, if he makes a move it has to be for Pickens, right? Gutey still seems to have Georgia on his mind.


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Hello!!!! I still need someone to throw to.... I could still have a temper tantrum and leave...Divergent Less ManApr 29th, 2022 6:57 am
The Pack's run defense ranked #11 last season--not bad at all. These were two wasted picks. Your team has absolutely no WR's worth anything.CaneApr 29th, 2022 8:13 am
Gutey was being Gutey. Disregarding the pundits (who the hell is Mel Kuiper?) and the armchair experts who don't run any football team he selected guys who can play good football for the team. He has crossed up "the experts" in the first round of 5 drafts now: Jaire Alexander in 2018, Rashan Gary 2019, Jordan Love 2020 and Eric Stokes last year. They all had us going, "Hmmmm?" at the time but 3 of those 4 have turned out more than okay and the jury is still out on the 4th. As for the angst about receivers: recall Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams as we go through days 2-3. That's when all of those became Packers, not in the first round. PackerliferApr 29th, 2022 11:31 am
Glad to have you back Cane. But if you check. they were 18th against the run, and 31st against yards per carry given up. On the draft. I was glad to see Gutey read my post. I said take Bulldogs who were champions. I even said take Wyatt but thought he was too old. 24. but they did it. I wanted Dean lb from Georgia but they liked Walker better with his arm length and versatility. I'm very happy with this as Long as they get Watson. or Moore, They will need to give up 53 and 92 to move up too late 30's or early 40's. that is where there going to go. 36 thru 50. I want Watson. Moore, then Tolbert. Pickens then pierce. Long shot is Thornton from Baylor. They need 2 OL linemen a nd 3 wr's yet. Also did you notice Jameson Williams went 12th to lions. just where I said Vikings could take him. Patting myself on the back again. I think I hit pretty close this year so far. I know Davey won't. LOL. Keep it up Packers. larryApr 29th, 2022 1:30 pm

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