He's Baaaaack.

I had talked myself into being happy whatever the outcome of the Aaron Rodgers saga. Trade him for a king’s ransom and rebuild in a wide open NFC North, or bring him back for multiple years and resume the business of being a Super Bowl favorite.

When the news broke that Rodgers and the Pack had come to terms on a deal that will likely means he will retire a Packer, I realized there was more than half of me that was happy that it worked out this way. After all, when you have a generational talent and two-time reigning MVP, your team is more relevant, your autumn is guaranteed to be captivating and your fandom is elevated with the hope that maybe this will be the year.

Sure, I was aggravated by how he dealt with the league’s COVID protocols, and I’ve been irritated by how he’s held the team hostage (more so last year than this), and his performance in the second half of the team’s last two playoff losses has been underwhelming and disappointing.

But an Aaron Rodgers-led team will always have a chance to win a ring. An Aaron Rodgers team will make every week appointment viewing, with games in prime time and the late window and a good chance we’ll see something we’ve never seen him do before.

We won’t know until the parameters of his new deal are released how long the two sides will be tied together, but best guess it will be at least two seasons, with cap relief built in this year and next to assure Gutey and company can field a competitive team around him.

Which brings us to Davante Adams, who was slapped with a franchise tag on Tuesday, the first Packer to get one since 2010. You can bet Rodgers wanted assurances that Adams would be in Green Bay for the long haul as well, and those who cover the team believe the two sides will eventually find common ground. Maybe it’s a shorter three year deal, tied to Rodgers’ future, that would allow him to cash in one more time down the road. I’ll be very surprised if a deal isn’t done—but it might leak into training camp.

Finally, what does this mean for Jordan Love? There is absolutely a scenario where he’s back in Green Bay in 2022 as the backup and maybe a strong preseason or a cameo in the regular season boosts his trade value after next season. I think it’s more likely a team that loses out in free agency and isn’t enamored with this year’s rookie class rolls the dice and ships the Pack a third rounder, or maybe even a second. I think Green Bay should snap that up in a heartbeat and give Love a chance to start over in his third season.

Now we’ll find out which free agents are coming back. Does Rodgers’ return mean it’s more likely the Pack retains Randall Cobb, Marcedes Lewis and Mason Crosby? Za’Darius Smith and Kevin King are headed for release, but what about Billy Turner and MVS? Can the team find a way to bring back De’Vondre Campbell and/or Rasul Douglas?

The first domino has fallen in what will be a very interesting couple of months ahead as the Pack now begins the process of retooling for 2022. With Rodgers and Adams in place, things just got a whole lot more interesting.






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They swung and missed on this one. They could of stockpiled picks for Rodgers and Adam's. It would of been and easier rebuild with the right draft choices. Give Love a year, if no improvement at all, move on. Carson Wentz probably could of been had as well. So now what, keep all Rodgers best friends around so he remains happy. Guess we are seeing an ego continually grow as the years go by. I'm not going to lie, it is fun watching what he can do on the field, but in the end he is a stats qb.Bob KMar 8th, 2022 8:00 pm
Little did we know last season when Rodgers yelled to the crowd at Soldier Field, "I still own you," that he was referring not to the Bears but to the Green Bay Packers. Take that, Brady, with your 7 Super Bowl rings: We've got the highest paid player in NFL history with just 1 and that a decade ago! Can any one remind me how that 2 man offense, ARod & Davante, worked in the playoff last January? They should make that song "Henry the 8th" the new Packers fight song. The one that goes on and on and goes " next verse same as the first." https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/packers-offseason-aaron-rodgers-contract/giyv8upswirf3f4yc0wyxzjzPackerliferMar 9th, 2022 11:21 am
After a few losses, can't you wait to hear ARodge complain about the talent the team has around him. His ego had to be able to say he's the highest paid player ever. The team really won't matter to him now. Three contracts, Brady took less so a team could be built around him. Shows why Brady is the GOAT. But we can say our highest paid player in NFL history has the same number of Super Bowl wins as Stafford.Reverse RodgersMar 9th, 2022 3:14 pm
I feel like as I’m getting older Rodgers was my best chance at seeing another super bowl win and I knew he was coming back anyway,we’ll never know about Love and the draft picks you would’ve got for Rodgers is a guessing game,Lots of high draft picks never live up to the hype so enjoy the next couple years.Bud Grant Mar 10th, 2022 9:48 am
I agree Bud, but I really was tired of him. Plus he didn't play well again in playoffs. I know special teams blew it, BUT if your the MVP and want 50 mil a year. You have to score more then 1 td. Another thing driving me nuts is all the media saying get rid of Love. As much as I said from beginning he nay not ever be good, We need somebody to back up Rodgers and cheap since were still over cap. Makes no sense to trade him . You will get nothing either. Let's see if new guys with the vikings are like Spielman and chase EX packer players. In last post I said they may go after MVS and now don't be surprised if they go after de. L. smith. with Pettine there now too. Sure would not surprise me. This may be first time in 30 years they take a wr. in 1st rd. I want Wilson from O.S.. But they have to take one for sure in 2nd if not. Then you may get Skyy Moore or Watson from NDS. but will have to move up in 2nd rd. to get either one. It's getting close. OSSG and THC I'm sure are getting ready also. Go PackerslarryMar 16th, 2022 12:46 pm
You are so correct Larry,the way things unfolded the first round pick for love never should have happened,it shouldn’t have happened at all,could have used that pick for a wideout or stud linebacker,Gutey made a mistake with that pick!Meet me in Chetek for a beer someday,Bring the Big E with.Bud Grant Mar 17th, 2022 11:33 am

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