My First Mock Draft Coming Tuesday

It's an annual rite of late winter and early spring: do a mock draft. We NFL lovers eat this stuff up. Can't get enough of it. And many of you have let me know it's time for the Head Cheese to weigh in.

Since we still have March Madness and Opening Day to get through, the draft seems like it's eons away. But with the league set to shut its doors at the end of next week, the draft will take on an even greater aura (if that's possible) since it's very possible nothing else will happen until September at the earliest.

I've decided to do four mock drafts, each one named after a Packer Super Bowl Championship. THC Mock Draft I will appear on Tuesday. THC Mock Draft II will appear on March 18th, because I'm filling in for Paul Allen 9-noon on the Fan that day and it will give me a chance to shamelessly plug this site. THC Mock Draft XXXI will appear on April 12th and my final Mock Draft, XLV, will appear on April 26th.

The final mock will include a wild stab at each of the Packers' picks, to see how closely I hit the positions they draft, if not the right players.

I'm no draft guru--I won't be diving into film over the next week--but I'll give it my best shot and give you all another in a long line of mock drafts to surf through.

Check back on Tuesday for The Head Cheese Mock Draft I.


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