Offense Rules the Day for Pack on Day 2 of Draft

Before the draft started, you would have made good money wagering that Ted Thompson would take all offensive players in the first three rounds.

But after grabbing a potential left tackle of the future on Thursday, Thompson added an electric WR in Randall Cobb at the bottom of the second, and versatile RB Alex Green out of Hawaii in the third. With two fourth round picks, expect defense to rule the day on Saturday, though Thompson may find himself intrigued by a guard or center in the later rounds.

I love these two picks. I picked Cobb in my mock draft so it feels good to nail one. I expect it to be the only one I hit. Cobb was a high school QB, so the Pack could elect to add some exotic elements to the offense down the road. He was remarkably productive at Kentucky and fits the mold the Pack is looking for at WR. Can play all over the place and is fantastic after the catch. He's tough and elusive and figures to step in immediately as a returner. I think it's safe to say Tramon Williams' days as punt returner are over. James Jones' likely departure via free agency seems a certainty now.

In Alex Green, the Pack gets a guy without a lot of D1 mileage. He played at Butte Community College before Hawaii, the same place that Aaron Rodgers played to start his college career. His 8.2 yards per carry is eye-popping, but Hawaii's pass-heavy spread offense gave him some gaping holes to run through. Mike Mayock called him the best receiving running back in the draft. He'll step into the third down back role that Brandon Jackson has occupied the past few years.

So take last year's Super Bowl winning offense and inject Jermichael Finley, Cobb and Green--throw in a first round left tackle--and you can bet Aaron Rodgers is grinning from ear to ear.

On Saturday I expect the Pack to take some chances--maybe they package their two fourth round picks to move up and grab a linebacker or corner. Defense should rule the day with the Pack's final six picks.

Both the Bears and Lions were aggressive in round two trading up to fill holes on the roster. Stephen Paea figures to replace Tommie Harris on the Bears' D-line and the Lions added terrific skill position players of their own in WR Titus Young from Boise State and RB Mikel Leshoure, to complement last year's #1 pick, Jahvid Best. As I tweeted earlier, through two days of the draft, the Lions have left the Vikings in their rear view mirror. As for the Vikes, they grab the best tight end in the draft, but will have gone through two days in the draft without addressing their aging defense.


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