Pack Needs To Say No To Tebowmania

ESPN's Chris Mortensen was the first one to float it out there. Pro Football Talk picked it up. Tim Tebow to the Packers? Say it ain't so, Ted. Or maybe more accurately, 'say it ain't so, Mike.'

Here's Mortensen's theory: McCarthy was effusive in his praise for Tebow when he was entering the NFL draft. "I'd love the opportunity to develop him," McCarthy said then. He went on to use words like "winner," "competitor" and "passion."

There is no doubting McCarthy's' skill had developing quarterbacks. It's his calling card, maybe second only to excellent play-calling. Any guy with an ego would love to be the guy to turn the guy who can't throw--into a legitimate NFL quarterback.

Since the Pack lost their backup over the weekend, Mortensen is connecting the dots and thinks there's a chance Thompson and McCarthy would consider bringing in Tebow to compete for the backup job with Graham Harrell. He probably wouldn't cost more than a fifth rounder. There doesn't feel like there will be a feeding frenzy here, despite his insane popularity.

I've heard ex-NFL quarterbacks say when they watch Tebow on tape that they sometimes wonder if he's throwing with the wrong hand. Think about that. I'm not sure anyone will be able to correct his major flaws in technique. And the Packers are not at a place where they should spend time trying to mold him into Michaelangelo's David. I'd be much more comfortable seeing the team pick up an accomplished veteran to back up Rodgers (though there's not much left to choose from).

Bringing in Tebow would be welcoming a sideshow that would always be there. This is a team that's favored to win the Super Bowl. The last thing it needs is Tebowmania. Look, I like the guy. You can't argue the fact that he has a magnetic personality and his faith has struck a chord with millions of fellow believers. But I've heard enough former NFL greats say he can't be a winning quarterback in this league. I believe them.

Maybe they're wrong. Maybe in a few years his mechanics will improve. Maybe he will become a legit QB in this league. The Packers shouldn't be involved in any of that. They are about to embark on a season of redemption. The defense needs some retooling, but the offense is in strong shape. Add a center and they should be good. They will find another QB, most likely in the draft.

You want one more reason he doesn't belong with the Pack? He can't wear #15 in Titletown. Seems like a sign to me. Ted and Mike, don't pick up the phone. Please.


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