Aaron Rodgers Claims to Be "Immunized" Against COVID but Actually Unvaccinated

I have questions. Lots of questions.

I'm hoping this post becomes outdated very quickly and we have clarity about Aaron Rodgers' actions this season as an unvaccinated player. It appears he flat out lied when asked about his vaccination status in August, saying he was "immunized" against COVID, which, by definition means you've been vaccinated, but may have been, in his mind, a clever way to leave things murky.

If Rodgers is indeed unvaccinated, we have to assume the Packers knew this. Gotta believe players have to show their vaccination cards and can't just tell the team they got the shot. But what if Rodgers pulled the wool over their eyes. What if he's been breaking league mandated protocols all season. Unvaccinated players must get tested daily and wear masks inside the facility. They can't congregate in groups of more than three. We have to hope he's been playing by the rules. Because if he hasn't, he's in line for a sizable suspension.

Putting his teammates and organization in this situation is unforgivable if he lied and hasn't played by the rules. You can argue the same holds true with his decision to not get the vaccine.

We saw a lot of pictures of his John Wick Halloween costume and he assuredly was with lots of people over the weekend. He comes off as an intelligent guy. His actions since being purposefully deceptive when asked about his vaccination status suggests just the opposite.

The news broke in the last hour as I write this. We're all waiting for clarity and truth on this story. But the reality is he has put his health and the health of those close to him in peril.

From a football perspective, it's too soon to say whether he's put the Packers' season in peril too. But at the very least it's a very bad look for the face of the franchise, the league's MVP and potentially his legacy.


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