Seattle's 12th Man Wears Stripes

The final drive began with a pick by Jerrion McMillain that was wiped out by a bogus roughing the passer penalty on Erik Walden. I was willing to let that go in light of a phantom interference penalty on the Pack's previous touchdown drive. OK, we're even. Then on first and 38, Sam Shields is flagged to give new life to a series that was on life support. Terrible call.

But the final play of the game was an absolute affront to NFL football. Golden Tate pushes off Sam Shields and then tries to get his hands on an interception by MD Jennings. Inexplicably it's ruled a touchdown. How does a zebra standing right over the play award that ball to the receiver? How do you watch the replay and not change your mind?

How does this play not end the referee lockout?

In the end, it's the most heartbreaking way to lose a game imaginable. After a disastrous first half where Rodgers was sacked eight times, the team made all the needed adjustments at halftime. The Packers completely dominated the second half. They came out running with Cedric Benson and Rodgers found his rhythm.

The defense was terrific all night long. Marshawn Lynch was bottled up--he got his yards but didn't break anything big. Rookie Russell Wilson made one play on the touchdown pass. The rest of the night he was overmatched by the Packers defense. Big picture, the defense is coming along nicely. Rookies McMillain, Perry and Heyward all made big plays.

The Pack did enough to win. In fact they did win. The referees just decided to make the wrong call at the worst possible time. Their third horrible call of the drive. Three strikes and the Pack was out. Can't write anymore. Too disgusted.

Update: Upon further review, the first two bad calls I mentioned happened in the second to last drive. Clearly I wasn't thinking straight as I pounded the keyboard. Doesn't change a thing. An embarrassing night for the NFL.


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