U-G-L-Y. We Don't Got No Alibi...

After a game like that you always hear that teams crinkle it up and throw it in the wastebasket and move on. So in the same spirit, we'll keep this one short and sweet.

It was ugly from the start. On all levels. We'll start with the offensive line.

The Giants' front four owned them. The vaunted D-line had been hearing about it for three weeks. What was wrong? Why weren't they sacking the quarterback? They stewed about it over the bye and came out tonight with a ton of urgency and energy and manhandled the Packers' O-line all night.

That allowed the Giants to play their safeties back and keep the Pack from beating them deep. Rodgers couldn't find open receivers and the running game didn't provide any assistance.

Defensively it was an absolute mess. Clay Matthews cannot come back soon enough. The run defense was atrocious from the start, putting Eli Manning into favorable second and third down situations. And Manning rarely felt a whiff of pressure. The Packers' pass rush had nothing close to the success it had last week in Motown.

The tackling was bad and the penalties were very uncharacteristic of this year's team. It felt a lot like the opener against the 49ers. The Packers were completely outplayed and were never in it. The way I see it, every team seems to have a game like this, and after a nice five game winning streak, the Packers had one.

Of the contenders, only the Falcons have yet to play a complete clunker. They've played down to their competition a few times, but have managed to win. The 49ers, Giants, Texans, Patriots, Broncos and Ravens have all had games like this. We'll tip our caps to the Giants, who hadn't won in three weeks and played like a team that needed to make a statement, like the Packers did in Houston in Week 6.

The Packers return home to begin a key three game divisional stretch, beginning with games against the Vikings and Lions at Lambeau. If the Packers take care of business the next two weeks, they'll likely play a game to win the division in Chicago in week 15 (the Bears host the Seahawks and visit the Vikes before the showdown).

Here's hoping we see some re-enforcements beginning next week. Hopefully Matthews and Greg Jennings will return to the field next week, with Sam Shields and Charles Woodson potentially back for the Bears, if not a week earlier.

This was a stinker and hopefully a wake-up call. If we expect the Pack to contend in the playoffs against teams like the Giants and 49ers, they'll need to learn from these losses and figure out a way to beat them. Simple as that.


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