Upgrade at RB Essential if Packers Have Super Bowl Dreams

I get it, it was just the first week in this Ryan Grant-less season. But I came away from the Bills game with this gnawing feeling that the Pack won't get where they want to unless they find an upgrade at running back.

Against the Bills' mediocre run defense, Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn averaged three yards per carry. I'll give this group a couple more weeks to get comfortable and show us what they've got, but I'd feel a whole lot better if Ted Thompson could find a trade partner that would provide a quicker, shiftier back with a bit of home run potential. They're out there--and as teams fall out of playoff contention, there will be a few available come trading deadline, at a reasonable draft price. We also may get a chance to see sixth round pick James Starks in the second half of the season, but something tells me he's a guy who can't stay healthy.

I was a bit surprised that Philbin and McCarthy used Kuhn as liberally as they did. It felt like Jackson didn't stay in long enough to get any kind of rhythm going. I hope they change tactics a bit against the Bears and gives him a series or two to get a feel for the game--and use Kuhn on third downs only.

As I've said before, the identity of this offense is and always will be the passing game. But with three late season games at Lambeau, and hopefully a home playoff game or two, the offense will need to move the ball on the ground, or at least to keep opposing defenses honest. A little more depth at the RB position would provide some insurance that the Pack's offense doesn't find itself grounded in December and January.


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