What an Email from Flynn to Rodgers Might Look Like

TheHeadCheese.com has acquired an email sent from Matt Flynn to Aaron Rodgers on Monday (OK, it may or may not actually be from Matt Flynn). Here it is:

Dear Aaron,

Hey, man, what's up? Nice beat down on the Bears last week. Our defensive guys can't wait to have their turn with Cutler and that offensive line.

Listen, I know we're playing against each other on Monday night. It was supposed to be billed as me against you, the former Packer back-up who is now the leader of the Seahawks. Well, about that...

Here's the thing, when training camp started, Coach Pete announced the QB job was up for grabs between me, Tavaris Jackson and the kid. I had to laugh a little. I mean, c'mon. I got paid! Tavaris was never gonna make this team and the kid is a third round pick who has to reach up to open the refrigerator.

Granted, I didn't get the payday I expected, but I was told I'd be the starter this year as long as I didn't sh*t the bed in the preseason. Thought I threw okay. I know the offense backwards and forwards. I mean, I did throw six touchdowns in my one start last year. That's a record that I hold in Titletown. Not you, Bert or Bart. Me. But a funny thing happened in the preseason. The kid looked good against second string defenses. Coach always preaches that every job is a competition, so he gave the kid a preseason start. And it was all over. Kid was awesome.

How do I feel? Imagine after sitting three years waiting for Bert to retire only to see the team draft a kid on the third day of the draft and they give him the job? Yeah, me too. So here's the thing, I want you guys to plant him the way you planted Cutler. Make him uncomfortable, rattle him, make him look like a rookie.

Here's the problem. He seems unflappable. The fans adore him, his offense adores him. Heck, even some of the defensive guys are warming up to him (by the way, good luck against our defense. Our secondary may be the best in the league, so those guys better remember how to catch next Monday night).

I knew when I signed here we didn't have the greatest set of receivers. But the kid seems to fancy this tight end of ours McCoy, so tell the linebackers to watch out for him. Of course, the kid will hand the ball off to our beast about 30 times to see if they can do what Gore did to you guys on opening day. Lynch ran right through the Cowboys and is the kid's best friend because of how easy play action can become.

So I guess my advice is, if you keep Lynch in check, the kid will have to throw more, giving you guys a chance to confuse him. I'm sure Dom has some tricks up his sleeve, but when the kid is at home with the 12th man behind him, he's pretty tough.

Just tell the defense to make him look bad. Somehow. And tell them to keep their hands up at all times. The kid's short. Did I mention that?

Your frustrated pal,



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