What If Vince Gave the Pre-Game Pep Talk This Sunday Night...

I had dinner on Tuesday night at Lombardi's Steakhouse in Appleton, a guest of Josh and Amy Keeney. If you've been there you know you are immersed in Packers history, with photos, artifacts, books and other pieces of Lombardi's life all around you. It got me thinking, what would Vince say to these Packers, if Mike McCarthy gave him the floor in the center of the locker room, moments before kickoff this Christmas night?

Men, it's been a difficult week. That game last week didn't make any sense. I mean, what the hell was goin' on out there? You had linemen dropping like flies. Rodgers was getting drilled like there was a team of Nitschkes on the other side of the ball. Finley, didn't you used to have hands? Nelson, were you even out there? Oh yeah, they threw the flag on you a couple of times.

And the defense? Tell you what, I didn't see no Jim Browns or Gale Sayers on that team. They were playing with a bunch of backups. Orton? Battle? And they got 400 yards off of you? You gotta be kidding me.

I'm gonna give you guys a pass on that game. The film? It's in the garbage. That was not the Green Bay Packers that boarded a plane for Kansas City. I don't know who was wearing those uniforms. You guys are champions. You guys have turned back every opponent for 12 straight months. Let this game serve as a reminder that as champions every team has you in their crosshairs. If you are not 100% committed, 100% prepared for battle, the battle will be lost.

Men, on this night the three most important things in life come together: God, family and the Green Bay Packers. You've had a chance to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones today. And now you have a chance to give yourselves the best Christmas present you've ever got. You can achieve a goal you set back in August. You can earn the top seed in the NFC playoffs. NFC, AFC I don't know what that all means.

All I know is when you win this football game you will make sure the path to the Super Bowl runs through Lambeau Field. That's how it should be. And in the process, you will knock off our most hated rival, the Chicago Bears. Oh, I'll be able to get the last word with Halas for another year after this game.

Aaron, Clay and Charles, you're the modern day Bart, Ray and Herb. You are leaders of this talented team. You have been 100% committed from the moment you put on that uniform. It is time to put the team on your backs and crush the flickering playoff hopes of those smelly Bears.

Over the years I led hundreds of great players through that tunnel. I was proud of every one of them. They weren't just great players, they were great men and they were a great team. Just like you 53 men.

Now, all of you, get out there and play like the champions you are!


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