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Chessmaster Ted Moves Bishop

Posted June 18th, 2013 @ 07:06pm

I could never run a football team. I know, you're stunned by this admission. But I couldn't do what Ted Thompson does. If I found myself with three highly paid inside linebackers, I'd find my way to keep a guy like Desmond Bishop. That's not how TT rolls.

Granted, he has some built-in advantages. For example, he talks regularly with the team's doctors, trainers and position coaches. I don't know how serious Bishop's hamstring injury is and what they odds of recurrence are. That may have factored into Thompson's decision to part ways with the hard-hitting inside linebacker.

When the team restuructured AJ Hawk's deal and then signed Brad Jones to a big contract, the writing was on the wall. Armed with a handful of young backups, Thompson decided to part ways with Bishop now and remove his hefty cap number.

As a Packer fan, it stings. We think of Bishop as the guy who bided his time behind Nick Barnett, waiting for an opportunity. When it came, he made Barnett expendable. Brad Jones played the part of Bishop this time around. At 100%, Bishop is a better player than both Hawk and Jones. The problem is, he's not 100%. Maybe he will be come August, maybe he won't be. Thompson figures that between Francois, Lattimore and Manning one guy will emerge as a capable backup--at a fraction of Bishop's pricetag.

Does it suck for Bishop? Of course, but that's the way in today's NFL. We fans can only thank Bishop for his years of service and hope he is able to get back to his old self, as long as it's not in a Purple uniform. Naturally, the Vikings were the first team to bring him in for a look. Paying Packer castoffs has become a rite of spring (and summer). His agent, Blake Baratz, is a Twin Cities guy who is not on the Packers' Christmas card list. You can bet he'd love to show the Pack the error of their ways within the division.

But as I write this, reports have surfaced that the Chiefs and Jaguars will bring him in as well. Maybe the Vikes will go the Childress route and handcuff him to the radiator in his hotel room and not let him escape till he signs.

That worked out well the last time.

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Comments (14):

Yes, I agree...there's not one of us here who could do what TT does. Call it cold blooded, call it calculated, call it whatever you want - but also add to whatever it is, it's sucessful. Nowadays, a team has to be willing to let someone go either by FA or being cut for the long term benefit of the team, whether we like it or not. This is why TT is a mastermind at what he does. Am I bummed that Bishop is gone? Sure, who wouldn't be? Was it the right thing to do? I'm going to say probably yes, for this reason - it may look like a bad move in the "short run" (defined as the 2013 season), but long term, this should shake out well. I'm also thinking that Thompson knows more than he's saying about the situation, which is a characteristic I like to have in a GM - play your cards close to the vest, as they say. Time will tell whether or not this was a good move, but I'm going to lean toward saying yes it was. More cap room has been cleared as a bonus, which in this day and age is a good thing (anyone thinking Raji here?). So this poses the question, does he put the purple on this year? It will be very telling of Mr. Spielman how he handles this. Should be an interesting week coming up.

on June 18th, 2013 at 03:16pm

Paul from Dirtville--I left Favre off because we got him from the Jets--not the Packers, you moron.

on June 19th, 2013 at 01:10pm

Chess master? Doh'k. The only thing he's ever done right is get lucky Rodgers dropped to him. The only thing a Wisconsin person has mastered is artery clogging.

on June 19th, 2013 at 01:34pm

This is cut is not surprising. It's no doubt a result of the contracts given to AR and the Roid-Taker. Pack are financially handcuffed here. I just find it hilarious that AJ Hawk is still on the Packers cuz he's so bad he doesn't deserve to even be on an NFL practice squad. Bishop's injury isn't that severe, Kyle Rudolph had the same injury in college and now he's easily the best Tight End in the North. Bishop will make a nice addition to the Vikings just like Sharper, Longwell, and Jennings.

on June 19th, 2013 at 07:18am

Thank you Dr. Cane for your in-depth medical evaluation which I'm sure is identical to Rudolf's since all hamstring/ligament injuries are exactly the same. Plus, everyone knows that all injuries heal identically. Have you been listening in on Packer management meetings to know the injury is OK and that it's really all about the money? I also noticed that you didn't mention Favre in the list of driftwood the vikes scrounge off the shore, was that because he kept your team from sniffing another chance at losing another SuperBowl? You better hope you get Bishop otherwise you'll be stuck with Henderson in the middle. Just think if they had let Hawk go and the vikes wanted to pick him up, I'm sure you'd be telling us how great a player he is too. Please tell me again how this is the year for the vikes and SB #5.

on June 19th, 2013 at 09:03am

Last time I looked the Queens have a $7 Mil cap ans still have the 3 first rounders to sign yet and maybe Bishop too (brilliant!), and the Packers only have their only first rounder to sign and still have $16 Mil of cap space. Dude! Who's the one that's handcuffed? Do your homework homeboy!

on June 19th, 2013 at 12:52pm

On the surface its hard to understand cutting Bishop. But....this is where you have to trust a very capable Gm in TT. If he physically cant do it trust TT in this area. But....I am concerned about our LB's.....keeping Hawk is a surprise to me. I know Tt was high on drafting Manning last year but he was injured last year....maybe he will suprise and emerge. Bishop....when healthy was by far our best cover backer. I see no one on the current roster to move in. Should make for an interesting position to watch in camp and preseason. GO PACK GO !!

on June 20th, 2013 at 09:17pm

Hey Screech from Loserville! One of the reasons Rodgers fell to the Pack was that the Queens passed on him. TWICE!!! Bunch of losers!!!

on June 20th, 2013 at 11:24am

Well said Voice. I would just add... a one year deal? What does that say? They wanted him, but they didn't even give themselves a second year to wiggle for contracts. That tells me even the Vikings think this is a gamble. I admit it could pay off. One thing is for certain, The Vikings sure do love them some Packers. ;)

on June 24th, 2013 at 09:44pm

Paul who spends his $ in Toiletville (WI)--Henderson is fine, he's moving back to WLB where he played the last 2 years and will remain the Nickel MLB. LOL @ James Jones. If he is so good, why is he not even under contract past this season? He blows. And the Vikings will be 5-2 after games next season (losses at Chicago and at NYG). Not bad.

on June 25th, 2013 at 01:18pm

Hey Screech. How are the queenies two number one picks (#7 & #18) from the 2005 draft working out for you? Enjoy your pathetic squad's new LB and their 54th consecutive paper championship.

on June 25th, 2013 at 02:20pm

Nothing like taking your best non-QB offensive player and your best defensive player in the same offseason. LOL. Here's how your first 7 games to start the season will go: At SF Loss Washington Loss At Cindy Loss Detroit Win At Baltimore Loss Cleveland Win At Minnesota Loss Can you say 2-5?

on June 25th, 2013 at 06:51am

Well Cane keep glad to see your team keeps digging up injured players from our scrapheap. Let's see how many games were played last year by both players? I'm sure Bishop is just what Henderson wanted to hear since he was expecting the ILB job. I'm also sure they'll give Henderson a good look at that position after bringing in a player who only plays the ILB position, right! Calling me a moron, please, I know you can do better than name calling, you're above that. Let's have some creative banter unless you just want to stick with calling people moron, stupid, poopoo head, or other playground names. Oh, and riddle me this, if I throw out my trash and you rummage through my garbage are you stealing something away from me? By the way, I can't believe you call a city in your state "dirtville," how disrespectful. Even I wouldn't do that and I grew up in WI. I only live in your state so I can make money to spend across the river in God's Country. I hear you making predictions on the Pack of 2-5 and appreciate the comedy. I can't wait to hear predictions on how your team will do with your new QB Cassel. Wow, that's like a whole new team, I'm sure training camp will allow them plenty of time to develop the chemistry and timing to run the table. By the way Jennings wasn't GBs "best non-QB offensive player," that would be J. Jones who I believe had the record last year for most TD catches, not just on the team, but in the NFL. So wouldn't you think he'd be the "best non-QB offensive player?"

on June 25th, 2013 at 08:56am

Why is the flow always Green Bay to Minnesota and never the other way around? Could it be that the Vikings suck so all they can do is dumpster dive for Packer discards? On a more serious note: If Bishop was as recovered and healthy as hoped and if the Packers didn't have worthy replacements Thompson would never have let him go. I'm not saying he can't play in the NFL anymore but is probably not the guy he was in 2010. Without Bishop and at least a half dozen other projected starters last season the Packers still had the 11th ranked defense in the league in both points and yards allowed. (The Vikes btw ranked only 16th.) The playoff in San Francisco was a debacle but that was only one bad, bad game. As for old Packers joining the Vikings; they can lift chunks out of Zygi Wilf's wallet, tease and let down their fans. Just how many Super Bowls has Minnesota gotten with Sharper, Longwell and Favre? My guess is they'll get just as many with Jennings and Bishop.

on June 26th, 2013 at 07:20pm

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