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Rodgers, Schmodgers. Who Needs Rodgers? Wait, We Do.

Posted December 9th, 2013 @ 03:12am

A thing of beauty it wasn't. But with the Pack making just enough plays to eke out a win over the Falcons, we can continue to dream about an NFC North division title, at least for one more week.

It was a strange viewing day for me. I was at Eden Prairie High School for most of the game, watching my ten year old son's hoops tournament (they took home third place, for those who were wondering). You've gotta love 21st century technology. I handed off my scorekeeping duties and kept one eye on the game and one eye on my Droid Maxx, where the Sunday Ticket app allowed me to watch the game from my seat in the bleachers.

I wasn't able to give the game my complete attention of course, but I saw Matt Flynn play a much more solid game, completing 75% of his passes and engineering a number of long drives on a very cold day--it definitely took something out of the Falcons defense in the second half, when the Pack moved the ball fairly easily and completed its comeback.

I got home in time for the fourth quarter pass that Jarrett Bush intercepted to put an exclamation point on things. After a very shaky second quarter that had the Packers reeling and trailing by double digits, the defense came on strong in the second half. I'm still not crazy about the run defense--Steven Jackson shouldn't average give yards a carry against anyone these days.

But they made plays on this day when they had to. And then Mike Neal made the biggest one of the day, forcing the fumble that put the Pack in position for the go ahead score. It made up for the fluky pick six that ended a promising Packer drive before halftime and gave the Birds an 11 point lead at intermission.

It was nice to see Flynn get production out of the tight end position. Andrew Quarless had a career day and Brandon Bostick caught a couple. They combined for eight catches and nearly 100 yards--along with Quarless' TD pass that put the Pack ahead to stay.

It was 42 days between victories for the Packers and at 6-6-1 they're still on life support, when it comes to the playoffs. But the Lions did their part, blowing a two touchdown lead in the snow in Philly. They channeled the Packers run defense and allowed LeSean McCoy to run them off the field. The loss pulls the Pack to within a half game of the division lead. The Kitties need to lose one more time if the Pack is to steal the division by winning its next three.

Which brings us to Aaron Rodgers. Let's not kid ourselves. The Packers aren't winning in Dallas without him. Tony Romo is in a dogfight for the East division and can't afford to slip up at home. They'll be coming off a short week, after the Monday night game in Chicago--that benefits the Pack. But Rodgers needs to be out there.

The Packers passed their first playoff test on Sunday. If Rodgers returns to the stage where he orchestrated his greatest victory at the house that Jerry built, they'll have a good opportunity to pass their next one. One week at a time, and hopefully with #12 at the wheel.


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hey guys, did anyone notice Ross again for the lions sunday. my sweet lord, TT jumped the gun there. even though i think we all said get him out of there too, by fumbling too much. 2 back sunday and 3 total, we sure could use him again, missed that one badly.

on December 10th, 2013 at 12:44pm

As far as saying Flynn should go against Atlanta, to me it just seemed to be the logical choice, and nothing more than that. Now as far as having him go against Dallas, we all know who our first pick would be. But if #12 can't go, what choice do we have? It'll be an interesting tilt tonight - who do you pick against in this one? I suppose from a Packer standpoint, you have to go with Big D tonight, but I wouldn't mind if the Bears roughed them up a to speak.

on December 9th, 2013 at 03:40pm

I wouldn't characterize this one as a playoff test. The Packers won a home game over another struggling team, which they were supposed to do. And barely won it at that. If there is a playoff test it'll be next week at Dallas. At least December stays relevant for awhile longer.

on December 9th, 2013 at 05:40am

It was only a playoff test in that if they lost, all hope is lost. I'm sure that's all THC meant by that. Still this game was close. REALLY close. Bush may get the credit for the dagger with the interception, but that wasn't his play of the day. The series before that, with the falcons driving, Bush defended a pass to some future hall of fame tight end whose name escapes me. The Falcon had reasonable down and distance and got a match favorable to them. Gonzalez brings that in, well, It's first and ten with time running down inside the forty.

on December 9th, 2013 at 08:40am

There is that old saying....even older than me...'A Win is a Win" so we will take this one and hang on to our hopes. Yes we beat the hapless Falcons...but let's be realistic....barely !! The Lions choked one away and we are alive for another week. But we now go against Romo with or without Rodgers it will be tough. I have some real defensive concerns yet: As Larry and I have been saying all year our safety concerns are huge. Going up against Romo, Big Ben, and Cutler/MG if the games matter are a concern. Morgan Burnett missed a clear open takle on Jacksons 22 yard run in the Falcon TD drive and then was clearly beat on the 36 yd TD to Davis in which MD Jennings also missed an open clear tackle. If you noticed....after that play Jennings never played another he was replaced by the free agent Saun Richardson the rest of the game. Capers is clearly upset with his safyty's and you can bet Jennings may not be back next year. Also...what's with BJ Ragi ?? taclkles in the Lions game and one takle in the Falcons game. He has to be a main culprit why teams are running against us. He may regret turning down the 8 Million. Boys: Tough road ahead with # 12 or not. GO PACK GO !!

on December 9th, 2013 at 09:36am

Yes it was a close one, the Falcons are hapless, but they are not the team they were earlier this year (their main loss is J Jones and with him it would have been tougher to win) and a win is a win. The D played a good and strong (but not a superb second half) - we need to gear up-the next 3 weeks are BIG. GO PACK

on December 9th, 2013 at 10:22am

That is why they call him the VOICE. who needs Tolzein, when you have the mighty Flynn. still with u OSSG. God I wish we would have gotten Reid from LSU, he looks great with SF.we all make fun of bush, but super bowl and yesterday he came up big. I think it's time we appreciate him more, and special teams wizard too. I hope 12 plays but not sure of anything now. keeps it interesting at least. if they don't pressure Romo, he will throw for 400 and 4

on December 9th, 2013 at 10:48am

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