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Rodgers, Defense Send Bears Into Hibernation

Posted November 10th, 2014 @ 04:11am

In the five years I've been writing this blog I'm pretty sure I never started writing my game story in the third quarter of the game. But such was the laugher at Lambeau on this night, as the Pack came out of the bye on fire, dismantling the Bears and serving notice that despite the current standings, the three time defending division champs are not ready to step aside.

When Rodgers is as sharp as he was on Sunday night, there's not much that can stop him, especially the Chicago defense, which is long in the tooth in too many spots and toothless in too many others. When the corners weren't getting beat they were mugging the receivers. The pass rush couldn't get close to Rodgers.

His night ended early, but not before he etched his name into the record books once again with six touchdown passes in the first half. The first two went to actual tight ends, perish the thought. We even got a Brandon Bostick sighting in this one.

When the Bears finally scored in the third quarter, it broke a 66 straight point scoring barrage by the Pack over the two meetings this season. The Pack is so inside the Bears' heads right now, Velveeta is coming out all of their orifices.

Defensively, the show was just as brilliant. Dom Capers' unthinkable move of Clay Matthews to the inside paid off instantly, as the Claymaker made like a combination of Luke Kuechly and Troy Polamalu, a half step ahead of anyone else and was still lethal from the outside on passing downs. He led the team with nine solo tackles, two assisted ones and a sack. This move may be the one that energizes the entire defense in the back half of the season.

As usual, the Packers picked off Cutler a couple of times, the second one taken to the house by Casey Hayward to provide the double nickel score. The rout allowed the starters who played through injuries: Sitton, Lang and Burnett, to exit early and rest up for next week's challenge against the potent Eagles.

After surrendering 93 points in their last two games, the Bears are 3-6 and done for the season. It remains to be seen whether Mark Trestman survives this lost year. Two straight blowouts and an 0-3 home record doesn't provide much confidence in a long tenure at the helm in Chicago for the native of St. Louis Park.

The Packers couldn't possible have started the second half in a more spectacular fashion, tying the record for the most points they've ever scored at Lambeau. It looks like they came out of it unscathed and will be oozing with confidence when Mark Sanchez, LeSean McCoy and company come to town in week 11.

After a tough week personally, a laugher was precisely what the doctor ordered. I'd like to think my dad had a hand in this one from above. Nice work, Mel.

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Comments (5):

I had heard some talking heads float the idea of Clay going inside. They were afraid that he was too undisciplined for it to work. It will take more than one game, to know if it works though. I does feel like he should be the perfect yin to Hawk's yang. I noticed he just plain beat Hawk to more than a couple tackles. This move could leave us open to some long runs on the inside, but considering how bad we had been, it's certainly worth a long look. We just need to keep winning. The Bears are still the Bears, but the Lions, well they don't feel like the same old Lions.

on November 10th, 2014 at 01:33pm

Pleasantly shocked. I thought Da Bears would show up and be competitive for this one but the body language, the look in their eyes- both players and coaches- from the start in this one says that team has quit. While it's smart from a safety standpoint to get Rodgers out early in a blow-out; someday I'd like to see him join that record 7 td passes in a game group. Better still be the first to throw 8 in a game.

on November 10th, 2014 at 05:34am

Yes this was a laugher and so much fun. Most importantly, everyone came out healthy and will be ready for the Eagles' I love Lacy's emergence as a receiver as well as a great RB.

on November 10th, 2014 at 07:39am

Great move by Capers to move Claymaker inside replacing the immovable statue AJ ( which stands for Again Just run over me) Hawk and yet move him outside on passing downs. This will give future opponents more to think about. Nice to see the bookend guards Lang and Sitton back. Pack getting healthy at right time....lets keep it up. I dont know about you guys but I cringe when I see Rodgers doing too many rollouts with the hammy. Nice to go for record but glad MM got him out. Third game this year he saw limited second half action because of scores. With Eagles and New England coming to town and the Vikes in between lets not get to a ahead of ourselves but keep on improving. This Bear game was for you Mel !! GO PACK GO !!

on November 10th, 2014 at 09:54am

Clay Matthews move unthinkable? Most people should have agreed that he is better suited for middle linebacker, especially with the garbage this team usually sends out there, and the quality depth they have at OLB. How many times after he overran a play on the outside trying to get to the QB did you think he might be better suited for inside? Now he can make plays on both sides of the field instead of just one, and maybe won't run himself out of a play.

on November 10th, 2014 at 11:16am

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