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Pack Continues to Fly Like an Eagle at Lambeau

Posted November 17th, 2014 @ 03:11am

It's not supposed to be this easy. You're not supposed to outscore your opponent 128-9 in the first half of your last four home games. Yes, 128-9. You're not supposed to win the turnover battle 4-0. You' not supposed to have a near perfect quarterback and the hottest WR duo in the NFL. But that's where we are.

The Packers served notice to the rest of the NFC that you better get them on the road come playoff time, because the Lambeau mystique is back in full force. Some NFL talking heads weren't ready to take the Pack seriously since they'd only beaten one team with a winning record (Miami). But the 53 point explosion against one of the NFC's elite will change all that.

You like offense? The Pack put up 30 in the first half scoring in every way possible. Rodgers found Nelson and Cobb early and often. Looking for a big special teams play? Micah Hyde took a punt return to the house. Want to see the defense get into the act? Julius Peppers notched his second pick six of the season and Casey Hayward scooped up a Mark Sanchez fumble and took another one to the house.

We've never seen a Packer team on a roll like this. Never in their 90+ seasons have they served up back to back 50 burgers. You can almost hear Mark Trestman saying, 'See? We're not the only team that turns into a quivering bowl of jello when we step between the lines at Lambeau.'

It begins with Rodgers who is playing at a level even Brett Favre never approached. That's 29 touchdown passes at Lambeau with out a pick and 288 overall without giving one away. And he's converting on third downs with ease. On the second drive of the game he did it three times, on third and nine, 18 and ten yards, punctuated by a touchdown to Davante Adams.

The only negative was some shaky special teams play, with a blocked punt, a blocked extra point and a muffed extra point. But when you build a 30-6 lead at the half you can overlook a few miscues.

Defensively, the Packers dominated the previously high flying Eagles. As expected, Sanchez was picked twice and they hassled him into a fumble and sacked him three times. They made a statement early, letting LeSean McCoy know that he would not find the open lanes and generous running room he found at Lambeau a year ago. With the running game grounded, Sanchez found himself in unfriendly down and distance situations all day--that allowed the pass rush to tee off, forcing him into quick passes and keeping him off balance.

The next order of business for the Pack is to establish the same kind of dominance on the road. We saw it in Chicago in the first game after "Relax," which started this 6-1 roll the team is on. A similar performance in Minnesota would set up the Pack to have a chance to control their own destiny, with two more home games to follow.

The Lions' loss in Arizona lifts the Pack into a tie for the North lead--and Detroit has a tough test in New England in Week 12. Things are beginning to fall the Packers' way but we all know much can change from week to week. But Rodgers may have moved to the top of the MVP conversation, the defense is improving and taking the ball away in bunches. If they can stay healthy, they're looking like the kind of team that could take its fans on a Super ride come playoff time.


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Comments (9):

Well, you called it. Sanchez turned it over and the defense scores twice. I missed the game, but at least there were a lot of highlights! Can you tell me, how did Clay look? Did they test us on the outside?

on November 16th, 2014 at 09:55pm

As long as we're "fessing up" here....I'll confess as well - Julius Peppers is the real deal. His play early was unimpressive to me, but he's getting better and better. I'll be at the Pack-Vikes game as part of the "Salute to Service" halftime presentations. My friend, Stan, is being honored for his WW II efforts at Normandy Beach and other sites. Stan's a Vikings' fan, but he's a hero. I'll be rooting for Stan and THE PACK!!

on November 17th, 2014 at 01:04pm

A great win and a most satisfying result, to be sure. But maybe we should wait to see how the Packers do against New England in two weeks before we get too high. The only "problem" with these blow-out wins is that they may be coming too early. Remember how high flyin' the Pack was in 2011 when 15-1 and a home playoff game didn't get Green Bay another Super Bowl. But for now "enjoy the season."

on November 17th, 2014 at 05:43am

Maybe...because I am "OLD" South Side Guy but is there anything better than these Packer Blue and Gold Acme Packer uniforms?The best uniforms of any team, any sport of all time. As to the game...lets not overlook the performance of the offensive line...with Sitton and Lang back Rodgers was not sacked and had time...and when he has time the scores will mount. Coming to love that little swing pass to Lacy which he is starting to use productively. Claymaker seems energized on defense and the rest of the "D" feeds off of his passion. Peppers to date this season has been our most consistent best player on the field. ( Yes..".Voice" Free agency does work). We still have 3 first place teams to play at home and still need to see this passion and execution on the road. GO PACK GO !!

on November 17th, 2014 at 09:42am

At the beginning of the season, I stated for the record that I was against the FA signing of Julius Peppers. I fully admit I was a member of that club. Well...cancel my subscription. If this doesn't prove that TT knows what he's doing, nothing will. He's truly been a difference maker. And as far as the throwback uniforms, I have to admit it's a little difficult to follow who's where with the way they're designed, but hey...Curly would have been proud of his Acme Packers yesterday.

on November 17th, 2014 at 09:51am

"VOICE"....I give you a lot of credit for admitting your mistake on the Peppers signing. Most guys would have ignored that they made the statement. Keep giving your opinions as they add to the good flavor of this blog. GO PACK GO !!

on November 17th, 2014 at 11:36am

that is why he is THC, I didn't think they would ever score that much, 3 scores on defensive and special teams. Dave hit it. I just worry were peaking to early. that is the best I have ever seen a Packer team play in a 4 game set at home.I will be 57 in Dec. throw out N.O. 12 pulled his hammy and wasn't the same. I am with u on uniforms OSSG, I have said it since Driver wore them, they look great and we always seem to play well too when we have them on. Let's where them in the playoffs. Lynndickeyfan ,Clay looked great again, he can run there and offenses can't scheme for him as much now either as when he is coming off the ends. keep it up this weekend. 38-17 Pack this against the Vikings. JUST GIDDY RIGHT NOW, seems to easy as THC said. scary!!!!!

on November 17th, 2014 at 12:10pm

ok, it should be wear not where, I told u I'm giddy. Fun listening to wine line on kfan today, now there blaming the clock,

on November 17th, 2014 at 12:12pm

.I will be 57 in Dec. throw out N.O. 12 pulled his hammy and wasn't the same. How convenient Larry, throw out the bad games and just about all teams look good. 12 did pull up lame but how did that affect the putrid D in that game?

on November 18th, 2014 at 07:06pm

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