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Presenting My Seven Round Packer Mock Draft

Posted April 27th, 2015 @ 07:04pm

And here it is: my annual exercise in futility where I try to get inside the mind of Ted Thompson and predict what happens over draft weekend. We know it is likely that he will orchestrate a trade or three, perhaps moving out of the first round and most assuredly not moving up.

It stands to reason he will focus on the defensive side of the ball, since the offense is locked and loaded for another high octane season. He won't ignore that side of the ball, of course, but I'll be surprised if he addresses offense before the weekend.

Round 1 (30): Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida St. Repeat after me: you don't draft for need in the first round. Yes, the Pack could possibly grab the top ILB or the fourth or fifth corner in this spot--positions of greater need, but the best value and the best player left on the board is Goldman. Raji and Guion are back, but are signed for 2015 only. Goldman would likely allow them to move on from one or both and secure the NT spot for years. He may still be there at #30 because he doesn't project as a pass rusher. But he's a stud against the run and will clear the way for the OLBs behind him to get to the QB.

Round 2 (62) Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson We may find ourselves holding our breaths on Friday night as the Pack's pick approaches, hoping Anthony falls into the Pack's laps. He would step right into the starting lineup opposite Sam Barrington and would likely allow CMIII to move back outside most of the time. Anthony is a rare athlete and one who will cause any residual AJ Hawk fans to put their jerseys away for good.

Round 3 (94) Ronald Darby, CB, Florida St. The Pack grabs Goldman's teammate here to fortify a position that lost two key contributors in free agency. Darby is a former track star who may be just scratching the surface when it comes to potential. His tackling ability and hands are the reason he's still on the board. The Pack will figure those can be taught. Speed can't.

Round 4: Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB, Louisville The run on defense continues with the productive linebacker who can beat tackles and is strong against the run. Mauldin has come a long way, living in 16 foster homes as a kid to become an all ACC performer and leader of the Cardinal defense. With Nick Perry and Julius Peppers sure things for this year only, Mauldin has a chance to step in and challenge Mike Neal for playing time beyond 2015.

Round 5 (166): Wes Saxton, TE, S. Alabama I almost put converted Oklahoma QB Blake Bell, a tight end who could be the John Kuhn of the future (or present) here, but if Saxton is still on the board he's the pick. His numbers decreased last year as his team changed its offense, but the talent is there to be a Finley-like pass catcher at tight end. He's not going to be an in-line blocker, but he will have the ability to get separation in the middle of the field and be a downfield threat down the road.

Round 6 (206) Mark Glowinski, G, West Virginia The Pack finally address depth on the O-line with Glowinski, who was projected to be a 4th or 5th rounder. He's a converted tackle who's a beast in the weight room and is an ultra-competitor. Look for Sitton and Lang to teach him on a day to day basis how to play the position.

Round 6 (210) Ben Heeney, ILB, Kansas With Hawk and Jones gone, and backups Carl Bradford, Adrian Hubbard and Joe Thomas beyond unproven, the Pack can afford to select a second inside guy. Heeney has Chris Borland written all over him (minus the concussions): he's undersized with a huge motor and a coach's dream. He's a tackling machine and given the opportunity the Packers present, could challenge for playing time this season.

Round 6 (213) Austin Shepherd, T, Alabama A prospect with upside, scouts think he has a chance to be a solid backup and the Pack could use one at tackle. Yes, Don Barclay returns from a lost season, but beyond that the team is thin and could use another developmental guy.

Round 7 (247) Marcus Murphy, RB, Missouri Ted uses his final pick on a potential DuJuan Harris replacement, one that could spark the Pack's new-look special teams. Murphy is a return guy first and foremost, taking 7 to the house at Mizzou, both via kickoffs and punts. He could also become a weapon as a receiver on third down, with lots of juke-ability. Think Darren Sproles or Dexter McCluster.

This is my fifth Packers mock draft and I have nailed exactly one pick: Randall Cobb. Tell me dear readers, as you mock me in your comments below, if I hit on one of these picks, which one do you hope it is?

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I like it, it is impossible to get yourself inside the head of thompson. My only thought was that there was not enought small school guys. Every year I think to myself who and where is this guy from, and Low and behold Ted has done it again and found himself a heck of a player.

on April 27th, 2015 at 03:15pm

I am going to re-enter this earlier p[ost into the draft post area. is that time of year again when all of us TT wannabes put on our headsets,film room study, combine info, mock draft study, and crystal balls to give our Packer Mock Draft.Following is my 9 player Packer draft which include our 7 plus 2 extra picks in round 6. TT I'm available for your war room if needed. Here we go: 1- Malcom Brown- DT Texas-6-2, 319lbs. I know we need ILB and CB's but this guy is too good to pass on. For his size has speed and quickness and a good inside pass rush which we need. Go get him if available. 2- Stephone Anthony- ILB- Clemson. 6-2 243 with 4.56 speed. This guy will be able to cover a pass down the middle which we have lacked for years and is projected as a 3 down linebacker. 3- PJ Williams-CB- Miami. 6-0 194 lbs 4.57 speed. If not for a DWI right before the combine would be a first rounder. Size, speed, and athletic if character issues pan out. Nice compliment to losing House and Tramon Williams. 4- Nate Orchard- LB- Utah...6-3 251 lbs had 17.5 sacks last year on a Utah team that was undervalued. Could be a real sleeper pick. 5- Duke Johnson- RB- Miami...5-9 207. My first offensive pick of draft. This guy had 1,650 rushing yards and 10 TD last year. Great special teams player. Was 2nd in nation as a kick returner and has 4.54 speed. Would be nice complement to Lacy. 6- With first pick in round 6 OSSG stays on offense with Wes Saxton TE- South Alabama Weneed a TE who can get some seperation and this guy at 6-4 235 lbs is rangy with good hands. Was the fastest TE at the combine with 4.56 speed which we need. 6- With our compensatory pick we stay offense and go with Robb Havenstein from Wisconsin. This 6-7 321 lb. giant was the main blocker for Melvin Gordon. Would have to be mainly a RT as not quick enough for the left side. 6- With our second compensatory pick in round 6 we take Craig Mager a CB from Texas State. With 4.44 speed we keep upgrading our defensive speed. Would give us a reliable special teams player and nickel back prospect. 7- With Matt Flynns days probably at an end as a Packer here we go development QB with Sean Mannion...a 6-5 229 lb strong armed QB from Oregon State. Despite having a weak offensive line he put up nice numbers at 3,164 yds and 15 TD's. With his size and arm worth a look. There you have it...5 defensive players and 4 offensive players at positions of needs. While not one of these may be drafted Packers in the real world I believe the position breakdown is about right. Let's start the discussions. GO PACK GO !!

on April 27th, 2015 at 05:52pm

One pick correct in 4 drafts? Finally something you are worse at than your weekly Packer win/loss predictions........

on April 28th, 2015 at 07:25am

Three things: 1. Cane, since you're the genius we all know you are, put your money where your mouth is and offer up your own mock and let's see how good you are. 2. Dave, I agree with most of your selections, but it's not likely they draft 3 LB's. I can see using a late round pick on a project QB. If a trade yields an additional pick or two, sure - get the 3rd LB. Otherwise, the selections look good to me. 3. A lot of draft nicks sometimes get caught up in the "we're one guy away" trap come draft time, and are willing to go all-in on "that guy" that will put them over the top. Remember when Iron Mike was all-in on Ricky Williams? How'd that work out? Ted's got this figured out. We'll all be in a pretty good mood come Monday. I'm sure of it.

on April 28th, 2015 at 09:46am

great call OSSG, i cannot believe they did not take brown from texas, nmarried guy with kids and damn good player and stops the run, this randal guy better be great TT . look who got him, N.E.. better get some LB's today, our man anthony is gone hop fully we can move up to get perryman, Harold or hendricks

on May 1st, 2015 at 09:47am

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