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Rodgers Shows He's Mortal; Defense Comes to the Rescue

Posted October 12th, 2015 @ 01:10am

On a day when Clark Kent couldn't find his way to the phone booth, the Packers defense rose up once again and dominated an average offense, leading the team to its second 5-0 start in the last 50 years.

All good streaks must come to an end and Aaron Rodgers' ridiculous streak of passes without a pick ended on a deflected pass and the new streak lasted just a few passes, as Rodgers' got baited into his second pick of the day. A third turnover by Rodgers came via the fumble. Three Rodgers turnovers in one day. Couple that with a running attack that could not get untracked and the recipe was there for a potential loss at Lambeau.

But the defense stood tall once again, picking off Nick Foles four times, sacking him three times and holding him to a QB rating of 23. Clay Matthews led the way with another brilliant game, his sack plant of Foles will be a highlight we'll see over and over. He finished with 1.5 sacks and four QB hits. Right behind him were Julius Peppers and Datone Jones with three QB hits each. Jones is coming into his own, finally, adding a blocked field goal to his solid game.

Even the run defense was solid, though the final numbers may say otherwise. The Rams fed their precocious rookie Todd Gurley early and often and the Pack held him in check most of the day. Take away the 55 yard fourth quarter run, and Gurley had 29 carries for 104 yards. Once again Mike Daniels led the way, with eight tackles and setting the tone up front. BJ Raji left the game with the groin injury--we'll wait and see the prognosis.

Injuries to TJ Lang and Casey Hayward also have me sweating a little--hopefully, neither will be out long-term. With one game before the bye, they will have time to heal before the schedule toughens in November. We'll also hear how Bryan Bulaga's knee held up. He had a big brace on it, but seemed to hold up. The injury to Chris Long lightened his load just a bit.

Some fans will be gnashing their teeth over the offense's struggles. It was not Rodgers' best game, but he found James Jones on a 65 yard touchdown and was able to extend drives with his legs and his arm. But we don't need to see any more games where he is the team's leading rusher. When the ground game is stalled, against a defense like that one, the offense will have a hard time sustaining drives.

There is work to be done and room for improvement, but the Packers demonstrated once again on this day that their defense will make it difficult for opposing offenses on most days. This feels like the deepest, most talented unit we've seen in years.

The way they're creating mayhem week after week means that even when Clark Kent can't find his phone booth, he has enough friends around him to keep Metropolis on top.

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Comments (8):

Couple/three points. There were at least two other passes that should have been interceptions that weren't. The announcer, Larry, anyone with a microphone just couldn't leave that streak alone. Jinx! Still you get the feeling that the offense didn't stress itself too much. They didn't take any unnecessary risks and played with in themselves. Secondly, The defense did play good, but they showed some weakness to runs on the edge. Morgan Burnett is definitely needed. Lastly, The Rams left as much as what 15 points on the field? Three missed field goals and a end zone interception. Larry was almost even more right. I shudder. Still, we all have smiles on our faces. Ok, not Cane, but I'm sure Larry does. :)

on October 11th, 2015 at 08:47pm

For those who do nothing more than check statistics (you know who you are), sure, the defense gave up a sizeable amount of yardage. Here's the real defensive stat to take notice of - two weeks in a row, giving up only 13 points combined. That's pretty impressive. Just goes to show Al Davis was right. ;-)

on October 12th, 2015 at 01:52pm

LOL, only THC can watch his team give up ~200 yards rushing and claim his "run defense was solid". My God.......

on October 12th, 2015 at 07:08am

Davy....I hope your working on a good recipe for "Eating Crow" at the Nov. 1 get together. So far I have been way off on my early prediction of this years defense being worse than the last few years. You hear that Voice....I gladly plead guilty. thing I did say that is coming true is that the defense will make stops only by getting turnovers.....and so far close to the league lead in that catagory. If we do not make stops with pure personnel dominance than turnovers stopping drives are great. As The Voice says the only stat that matters is scoring more points than your opponent any way you can. The long time Packer fan I am lets just win. But...two things concern me this week....we are going to need a deep threat with Jordy out. So far our long pass plays are catch and run....but as the opponents get stronger a deep throw to loosen up the "D" will help. Maybe Adams or Janus can provide. Second...I am concerned with Rodgers running too much...I know it is a reaction run...but I'm sure most of us hold our breath that he will get up. Let's stay healthy. GO PACK GO !!

on October 12th, 2015 at 07:45pm

Thanks for noticing Lynndickey fan, I get these feelings, and my wife and friends , say stop it don't say that. if there kicker makes 3 field goals, it really would have made it interesting. I try and tell you guys I make these predictions on gut feelings and it scares me. especially when I thought it would be tipped interception, my wife just looked at me it amazement went it happened. she said you need to see a doctor. 1 more week then get some rest, lucky vikings again, don't have to play against k.c's best player rb Charles now. they always get the breaks, but will need it, 10 wins may not get in playoffs this year. go Pack.

on October 12th, 2015 at 12:23pm

I was getting concerned about Cane's well-being, where has he been trolling? Gurley got loose for a 55 yard carry and averaged 3.6 YPC on the others. No worse than giving up a 55 yard pass and holding the running game in check the rest of the way. Sound like a pedestrian offense to me (kind of like another sub-par purple offense, check the stats).

on October 12th, 2015 at 12:53pm

It's all good, OSSG...we're all on the same side here. The only real concerns I have at this point is injuries (both current and potential future ones), and if the defense can continue to improve. As far as Adams goes, I don't expect a return from him until after the bye. Let him rest that ankle as much as possible; don't rush a return.

on October 13th, 2015 at 10:54am

Now that I'm all done being built it looks like the only thing Cane has left to do is kickin' all yalls ass!

on October 13th, 2015 at 10:55am

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