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Posted December 4th, 2015 @ 03:12pm

Man, Thursday night games are the worst, aren't they?

OK, we can now officially say we've seen everything. For the better part of the first two quarters, I was scanning the sidelines to see if Dan Devine and Randy Wright were back running the show. But everything changed when Julius Peppers stripped Matthew Stafford and we all know what happened next.

The Miracle in Motown will mask the reality of where this team is right now. From halftime to halftime the last two Thursday nights, the Pack was shut out (a Mason Crosby doink helped contribute). The running game, which awakened against the Vikings and Bears, could get nothing going against the Lions, who have improved in that category since their bye. Part of that could be the backups playing on the offensive line, part of that is the inability to count on Lacy to carry the load, week after week.

Down Lang and Bulaga, pass protection was sketchy, as you'd expect against a talented, aggressive defensive line. But outside of Richard Rodgers, who had an excellent game before the winning TD catch, the receivers were again mostly missing in action. The most notable play was Randall Cobb's 16 yard catch and run that kept the Pack alive, trailing by nine late in the game. That play set up Rodgers' TD run that closed the gap to two.

Everyone will remember this game for the Hail Mary, the longest game winning touchdown pass in NFL history. But the Packers defense deserves most of the credit, for holding Detroit to just 6 points over the final three quarters. Guys like Mike Daniels, Datone Jones and Jake Ryan made big plays and Sam Shields contained Megatron for most of the game. As dangerous a receiver as Theo Riddick is, he was held to 27 yards on five catches--the Pack's defense has made huge strides in defending the screen game; they're much faster on the edges than they were a couple of seasons ago.

So the defense is solid, but the offense is still a mess. No third down conversions in the first half. Three fumbles and an interception. And an offensive line that looks like a MASH unit right now. But maybe the events from mid-third quarter on will spark them over the final quarter of the season. Maybe Richard Rodgers has arrived as a legitimate threat (must be the imminent return of Andrew Quarless that got him going). Maybe Ty Montgomery will return from the worst sprained ankle in history and his fellow receivers will play like legitimate NFL receivers.

The Packers have warts right now, but they were kissed by the princess on Thursday night and we'll find out over the season's final four games whether this fairy tale has a happy ending.


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Comments (7):

First off, WOW, unbelievable. Maybe, just maybe this team can turn things around offensively after this (seems like we've been saying that for weeks though). Yes, a tough facemask call, after seeing slo-mo, but it looked like face masking in full speed, and the Detroit player knew right away without even arguing, so even he must've thought it was a face mask. With that said, the Pack has had their share of calls go the wrong way, we were do. The P.I. that wasn't a P.I., that by definition was a good no call, but I have seen P.I.'s called for WAY less than that. I was also very irritated by Staffords 1st down run on their last scoring drive on 3rd down, Stafford was running to the sideline, Rollins opted not to hit him (as we all know that would've been a 15 yard penalty even though Stafford was a runner), this allowed Stafford to keep running for the 1st instead of being stopped 2 yards short. The "gray area" is ruining the NFL. For now I will enjoy this win. GO Pack GO

on December 4th, 2015 at 01:54pm

Oh Mama! Never seen anything like it - none of us have! Now what? Ten days to get healthy and make a run at the final four games to try to secure the #2 seed and a will hinge on our receivers CONSISTENTLY catching the ball and ONE of the RB's stepping up - maybe the Crockett kid who seems like just the shot in the arm the offense needs. Too bad for Harris he missed curfew and got cut but happy for John Crockett.

on December 4th, 2015 at 09:58am

Well, we got it done for you guys again. "Face masking"? *LOL*!!!

on December 4th, 2015 at 10:10am

Did someone on this site say a month ago to play crockett and get a spark to this team? who was that guy?? did he say the refs are are big part of football and make 80% of who wins or loses, who was that guy?like I said fans , this one is from my Dad. getting old, but the pre-game post says it all. It's good to be the master cheese.Go Packers.

on December 4th, 2015 at 10:22pm

Twitter was excellent last night. Vikings fans were dancing in the streets, then angry like someone kicked their dog. There hasn't been another fanbase since the Red Sox won their first title that has such an emotional reaction to a game their team didn't play in. As for the Packers, they are a mess. The first half reminded me of the 80's teams. About everything that could go wrong was went wrong. When they scored on the fumble you just had to laugh, then again on the Peppers off-side penalty. Let's just hope this is a springboard for the rest of the season. This team should not be this bad.

on December 4th, 2015 at 11:01am

First of all since I have been a Packer fan for a long time let me say this will probably go down as the greatest single play in Packer history. can call this a Hail Mary which by definition means a lot of luck. Let me explain....if this was Teddy Bridgewater making a throw from the same distance the ball would have arrived on a low rope to maybe the 15 yard line and bounced off three or four players and batted into the air into the end zone where someone called Exum or Satjenga catches it. That is luck and a Hail. Rodgers throw was a thing of beauty ...a 70 yard high arc masterpiece that no human and even no jugs gun could duplicate. The arc gave RRod a great chance to make a play which he did. Luck?? I prefer great execution that you Viking fans cannot admit. At their next practice the Vikes should get out a jugs gun and see if they can duplicate. GO PACK GO !!

on December 4th, 2015 at 11:33am

This defense is, as stated above, playing well. They will keep us in games. Yep, offense is a mess. What does this game mean for the Packers? Well, It means a smile will come a lot easier to my face for the next few days. Really hoping to see Montgomery back against the Cowboys. Really hoping the Pack does some self scouting. I.E. that stretch play on a third and one in the first quarter.... very upsetting play choice for me. I will admit this too, the face mask call was ticky tac. I will add this firm belief. Slow motion video isn't helping. When you see it at full speed, I can see why it was called believe it would be called 90% of the time. Stopping watching the slow mo. It's not helping. Full speed is real life.

on December 4th, 2015 at 12:05pm

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