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Posted December 28th, 2015 @ 02:12pm

Last week, Mike McCarthy voiced his own version of Rick Pitino's timeless "all the negativity in this town sucks" diatribe. He was annoyed by the constant questions about what what was wrong with his team.

He snapped back that the team was 10-4, had lost three games on the final play and got beat by Denver. Those of us that have watched this team all season knew it wasn't as simple as that. They got taken apart by Denver and Carolina in back to back weeks, and though the home losses to Detroit and Chicago were close, the truth is the Pack got outplayed in both games. Which brings us to Arizona.

This one felt exactly like the Denver game and the first half of the Carolina game, when the Packers were basically run off the field. The latest fiasco completely turned late in the first half, when the Pack, trailing 10-0, but knocking at the door thanks to a brilliant interception by Mike Daniels, saw their hopes disappear when Aaron Rodgers got picked off in the end zone (for the second straight week). The Cardinals took it down the field in an instant and scored. Suddenly, what looked like a one possession game was 17-0 and we all knew this one was over.

This one was lost up front, where the offensive line was completely overpowered by a defense that ranked near the bottom of the league in rushing the passer. They sacked Rodgers eight times, hit him 12 and basically assured that Olivia would be kissing boo boos all over his body for the next few days. With David Bakhtiari out, Don Barclay made Dwight Freeney look like, well, Dwight Freeney, vintage 2009.

There's not a lot more to say about this stinker. The Packers are who they are this season. A team capable of beating average teams, but seemingly unable to compete with the big dogs. It's exceedingly difficult to picture the Pack waking from its slumber and becoming a force in January.

Of course, January begins next Sunday night at Lambeau, when the confident Vikings will come to town with a taste for revenge, looking to wrestle away the NFC North title and make it a complete sweep by division foes in Green Bay this season. They saw the formula that seems to unnerve this team: crowd the line of scrimmage and take away the run. Then dare the receivers to try to make plays in one on one coverage.

A Packers victory and a fifth straight divisional title will ensure a home game the following week, most likely against Seattle. If the Seahawks lose at Arizona, they drop to the sixth seed and will face the winner of the North. The Cards will take the field at the same time as Carolina, so they will be playing for a shot at the #1 seed in the NFC.

A loss to the Vikings would drop the Pack to the fifth seed and a trip to the nation's capital and a date with Washington, not a bad consolation prize should they fall flat in the season finale. So, win the North and you likely host Seattle, lose and you head to Washington. Wrap your head around that one and tell me which you'd prefer.

Their fate on Sunday night will depend on a number of factors: will they get their injured tackles back, will the defense see the return of Shields and Raji and most importantly, how will they respond to the most lopsided loss of the Rodgers era against a hungry team that sees blood in the water?

The Packers have owned the Vikings in recent years, but unless they all look in the mirror and consider how badly they want this, Sunday night could become the dawn of a purple reign in the North. At least for this season.

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Interesting post ! I learned a lot from the analysis , Does anyone know if my business might be able to get ahold of a blank IRS 1040 - Schedule E document to type on ?

on April 25th, 2016 at 11:20pm

Dawn of purple reign in the north "at least for this season". What do you mean at least for this season? Look at the direction our team is trending (young guys getting better and better) vs the direction yours is (old guys trying to cling together for one last run). Your team is devoid of young talent and next year will be worse for you guys than this one was.

on December 28th, 2015 at 03:25pm

larry..."pour fans". I think that sums up Packer faithful pretty well.

on December 28th, 2015 at 05:40pm

Davy, Voice, Larry, Packlifer, Lynn Dickey Guy, and other regulars help me. I thought the Packer game was on Fox. When I turned on Fox the Harlem Glbetrotters were playing the Washington Generals. Meadowlark Lemon (Carson Palmer) was passing over fallen defenders, Curly Neal (David Johnson) was running over the defenseless defenders, and Sweetwater Clifton ( Larry Fitzgerald) dunked over any defender. It's a mismatch. Like the Generals at least you can laugh. Turn the channel, it must be the wrong Fox. Lets try Fox Sports North....its The Timberwolves against Golden's 76-41 at halftime and Steph Curry is shooting threes over a number 12....IT's a Mismatch!!...after numerous car commercials its time to try another station...Lets try Fox Sports plus...oh....just replays of the Minnesota Wild being blown out in another playoff loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. Another its a Mismatch!! Another commercial...some guy doing something called a "doublecheck" Lets try another Fox Channel to try and find that Packer game....this one cant be right...all it has is one fetching good looking blonde gal after another. That's certainly a mismatch!! Lets get off these Fox channels and try ESPN....OH no...replays of the Minnesota Twins against the New York Yankees...I cant bear to watch that mismatch....lets try ESPN Classic...old tape of Mohhammed Ali baterring some guy in a number 12 jersey....what a mismatch cant bear to watch. Lets try something different...the Golf Channel...its The Masters...its Jordan Speith against some guy in a State Farm golf shirt and a #12 golf hat.and he is up by 24 shots after 12 holes. Boy...what a mismatch!! Something isnt right...lets go back to that original Fox station and check it out. Oh no....there goes Curly Neal of the Globetrotters running with a Gatorade bucket towards the Green Bay Packer sideline...he is headed right at MM ....he is going to drench him...oh....its only schredded pieces of MM's Packer - Arizona game plan tumbling over his head. I'm starting to wake Larry Hagman from the old Dallas show this has all been a bad dream. Maybe mine was induced by too many Coors Lights. I look over at my Packer game schedule and see the next game is Jan. 3. I will try and stay awake for that one. GO PACK GO !!

on December 28th, 2015 at 09:27am

Your check bounced, so I officiated evenly yesterday. The results were as anticipated with your lackluster squad. BTW, you're embarrassing yourself on KFAN, Davey.

on December 28th, 2015 at 10:12am

It's time for some people to show some testicular fortitude...and I'm not talking about the Packers. I'm talking to the litany of bandwagon jumpers who I hope break their legs jumping off. Sure, things may not look to rosy right now, but keep in mind Carolina and New England both lost yesterday. What does that mean in the big picture? Absolutely nothing. Why? Because it's the NFL, where anything can happen. And usually does. Yes, this team has its faults, but I, for one, have no interest in sending this team down the river for a potentially "easier" playoff game on the road. I'll take a home playoff game anytime against anyone, and would much rather have this squad go into the postseason with a win than a loss. If you want no part of this bandwagon, get the hell off. Now.

on December 28th, 2015 at 10:31am

Seattle lost yesterday too, for cryin' out loud. To a crappy team. Anything can happen.

on December 28th, 2015 at 10:41am

Great post OSSG, I made worst prediction in 11 years in my post, Voice I picked them to win, so I'm not off the wagon. But, I have said for 2 months, this Packer team has no speed on Offense, except 83, and we don't use him enough. Dave is right, the vikes bitch about 2 OL down, at least that is all, we have had 4-5 of them out on and off all year, can't get no continuity. I am just Not going to be able to pick anything this next game, 1st time, I just don't know how there going to play, !@ is not right, and does not want to throw the WR's under the bus for not getting open. I thought indoors would help passing game, NOTHING.Now the pour fans have to sit out there and freeze just so NBC can make more money, they don't care about the fans or players. The only way we beat the vikes, is Our defense, like last time. stop 28 we have e good chance, But they sure run a lot of crossing routes don't they? I'm going to sit back and watch the Queens get all excited again this week, and say how bad they will beat us, this is there super bowl, we have been spoiled and nothing new for packer fans. Enjoy the game. Go Packers

on December 28th, 2015 at 11:11am

jneelie, look at your stupid name, don't even go there. that is very viking like. I'm sure you are perfect in everything you do, Sorry I made a mistake, that really tells the story about you. Remember, think hard, have you ever made a mistake? Idiot. Did I do that right? I hope your a girl, your name sure sounds like it. But I hope women have more things to do then worry about stuff like that. Go packers

on December 28th, 2015 at 11:17pm

I could talk about the conservative game plan, that they stuck with even after everything went south. I could talk about the injuries. I could talk about the WR. I could talk about how Newhouse is now with the Giants and still sucks. Truthfully, this game went the wrong way and the Packers stunk on Sunday. It doesn't mean they'll stink next week or they stunk this whole year or they'll stink next year. It does mean they'll have to play better. We say like zero screens in AZ. We say very few quick throws. We saw Starks fumble again. This is not the best Packers team we have seen. True enough. Still a young team. Still a playoff team. We still have a chance. We are guaranteed at least two more games this season and I expect them to be highly entertaining. We've wonSuperbowls and we've won a lot of Division Championships. We'll be all right.

on December 28th, 2015 at 11:35pm

It was a crazy week 16 in the NFL and although the magnitude of the Packers' loss was big it was not the most damaging result on the schedule. Their chances at the #2 seed were slim to none going in even with a win. Sometimes a cold shower can be good for you. The Packers should be shocked awake for a far more meaningful game next Sunday and I expect we'll see a motivated, mad and focused team then.

on December 29th, 2015 at 06:48am

good post by lynndickeyfan, I to think it will be a very entertaining game. But to be truthful there are warning signs from both squads that leads me to think that neither team is truly equipped to make a long run in the playoffs. however as Cane posted. with the coaching and youth of the Vikings if the youth can handle the big stage Sunday night maybe the Dawn of purple reign in the north. Just not expecting a long playoff run this year. but I like the way they are trending, most of the demons have been exercised this year except beating the pack on the road. Enjoy All! At least we both are going to the playoffs. Skol

on December 29th, 2015 at 09:24pm

Will be nice when we get all the goons off here and back to the true contributors to this Packer site. GO PACK GO !!

on December 29th, 2015 at 10:04pm

Your latest power ranking are a little flawed....Packers 5th and Vikings 10th?

on December 29th, 2015 at 10:42am

Harsh Cold Reality is that no matter who the Packers face in the playoff's they Will be one & Done Again! Your QB is Lost, he has Lost his edge,mojo whatever term you choose to use he can't win in Big Games especially coming from behind against a superior defense. Favre at least Tried not Rodgers though. He has thrown int's at the worst possible times like he did Sunday. Eventually Packer fans Will turn on him and when they do he'll demand a trade as he being the whiny cry baby he is will refuse to play for a fan base that no longer "Appreciates his Greatness". I don't think it will be after this season,most likely after 2016 after the Pack fails to even sniff the playoffs and end up in 3rd place behind the Vikings and Lions.

on December 29th, 2015 at 12:35am

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