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Front Seven Will Get Thompson's Attention This Week

Posted April 24th, 2016 @ 10:04pm

It's time for my annual stab at a seven round Packers mock draft. We all know it's likely Ted Thompson will engineer a trade or two, moving up and down and ultimately adding 9-10 new players to the roster.

This year, I think there's a good chance he moves out of the first round if he feels he can get a similar player by moving back into the first part of the second round. A team like Cleveland or San Francisco could crave a QB and offer the Pack a sweet deal to move back.

In my mock, we will assume no trades and we will hope that the cards fall Green Bay's way so that their #1 target falls into their lap.

Round 1 (27) Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama: Sure, there's a chance he'll get snapped up anywhere in the ten picks before the Pack makes its selection. But he could slip as teams start snapping up wide receivers. If Ragland is there, I don't see how Ted passes on him. He's a throwback linebacker who would step right into the middle of the defense and add more nastiness in the mold of Daniels and Clinton-Dix. Yes, the Pack needs to beef up the defensive line, but if Ragland is there, they'll wait till round two. If Ragland is gone, look for the Pack to choose between Ragland's Bama teammate A'Shawn Robinson or Mississippi State's Chris Jones.

Round 2 (55) Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech: I've seen mocks where Butler goes to the Pack in the first round, but I see him falling into the back half of the second. Thompson likes players from La. Tech and Butler will provide some much needed beef to the defensive line, with a chance to step right in and play alongside Daniels and Guion.

Round 3 (88) Joe Schobert, OLB Wisconsin: Thompson completes the front seven trifecta with the high-motored former Badger who will get to learn under two greats: Peppers and Matthews. A former walk-on, Schobert improved each year to become the Big Ten's best linebacker last season. He's a bit undersized, but was amazingly productive and always seemed to be around the ball. He can contribute immediately on special teams and work his way into the rotation at LB as the season progresses.

Round 4 (125)  Jaylon Smith, LB, Notre Dame   With two compensatory picks in this round Thompson could trade this pick (along with one or two others) to move up into the third round. If not, he might roll the dice on Smith, who would have been a top five pick, if not for the gruesome knee injury he suffered in the Irish's bowl game. Another team with multiple picks may snap him up sooner, but if he's there, I have a hunch Thompson has his eyes on Smith, and is willing to redshirt him in 2016 with the hope that he will be able to resume playing in 2017. If he comes all the way back, he's the kind of player who can become the steal of the draft. Of course, if his nerves don't regenerate, he may never see the field.

Round 4 (131) Joe Thuney, G, NC State: With both starting guards set to hit free agency, Thompson will need to add re-enforcements. Thuney was a three year starter for the Wolfpack who has played all over the line, a trait Thompson covets. He played tackle primarily but is better suited to play guard in the NFL and will challenge Lane Taylor for the #3 guard spot in 2016.

Round 4 (137) Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois: If the Pack adds a running back in this draft, this is the kind of player I expect them to grab: a dual threat who is a scat back, elusive in open space and a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. He's a water bug, in the Ronnie Hillman mold, who could serve as a nice complement to Lacy and Starks. He does have fumbling issues, which obviously need to be addressed.

Round 5 (163) Bryce Williams, TE, E. Carolina: While Jared Cook was signed to be a short term solution, Thompson adds the lengthy Williams to see if he has what it takes to ultimately be the long term answer. He's 6'6" and a former fullback and a guy who was a walk-on twice, at Marshall and then ECU. He's a guy who can get open down the seam and be big red zone target.

Round 6 (200) Matt Ioannidis, DL, Temple: Thompson adds another strong tough, nasty lineman to the rotation in the former Owl, who has a great motor and will have an opportunity to step in and contribute.

Round 7 (248) Kevon Seymour, CB, USC: Injuries derailed his final season, but he has the speed and instincts to play the position at the next level. He can also instantly contribute on special teams, where he excelled. With Hayward gone and Goodson suspended, the Seymour has a chance to earn a roster spot and will likely compete against a couple of underrated corners as well.

At this point I should remind you that in five years doing this, I've nailed exactly one pick: Randall Cobb. I think it's safe to say that when the draft is over, Thompson will have added potentially two starters to the front seven and filled some depth at OL and most skill positions. Strap in, Ted's about ready to get to work.

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I'm about as far from a draft nerd as you can get, but this is as enjoyable a time of year for me as it is for you guys. For me, I'll just kick back and let it unfold in front of me. Ted knows where and how to find them...let him do his thing. It's Ted Time!

on April 25th, 2016 at 01:48pm

To me, that would be a perfect draft by the Packers, if they were to get Smith in the 4th and Ragland in the 1st, I would do back flips. I had Butler going in the first,, but if they could get him in the 2nd, great.

on April 25th, 2016 at 08:24am

Finally great to see this site up and running. As most of you old timers on this site know this is one of my favorite posts of the year..being the draft nerd I am. Davy I believe TT will make some moves in this draft...but for purposes of this draft I will use the full picks we have. I am taking the approach of need and assuming in this make believe war room availability. So...Welcome to my warroom here we go. Round 1- Darron Lee...LB.. Ohio State...6-1 232lbs with 4.47 speed. Raglund this guy could be a top ten pick but he could fall and TT would snap him quicker than a Backtari false start. He is not too small to play inside moving Claymaker to his natural outside and has not good but great inside speed to be a every down player. I am sick of us getting hurt over the middle with slow backers. If available this guy would be great. Round 2- Chris Jones. DT- Mississippi St. 6-6 308...With Ragi on hiatus this guy would be a welcome addition and a day 1 starter. Round 3- Jerard Hawkins- OT 6-6 305 LSU..Another would be great addition from the tough SEC and a great backup and potential future starter. Round 4- Dominque Alexander- 6.0 227- Oklahoma . All conference in Big 12 and another guy who can run. We need to get faster and quicker on defense and this guy gives us that with great skills. If he falls this far we snap him up Round 4- Compensatory pick.. Leonte Caroo- WR- Rutgers 6-0 210 with 4.5 speed. This like Randall Cobb who I picked a few years ago is my sleeper and diamond in the rough in our draft. Second team all Big Ten...some scouts refer to him as a Golden Tate clone....had some personal issues and no decent QB at Rutgers but a precise pattern runner. Would you not like a guy like that with Rodgers? Could play outside or in slot. Round 4- Second compensatory pick...Joe Haeg North Dakota State ...OT....this monster was Carson Wentz's bookend as a left tackle on their championship teams and if available a steel. Round 5- Ben Braunecker... TE Harvard....Long and a good athlete....would provide some insurance at TE behind Cook and Rodgers. Round 6- Jordan Howard....RB-6-0 230 Indiana..Come on Davy...How could you miss this guy from your alma mater over the guy you picked from Illinois. Just a productive type. Round 7-Brian Poole- CB...Florida...c Can provide more depth at a strong position already for us especially if Hyde is lost next year. Can play both CB and safety with good size and be a special team contributor. There you have it...two linebackers..2 offensive linemen...1...DL...and 1 each WR..TE..RB..CB. Thats my warroom picks call if you need help TT. as always...GO PACK GO !!

on April 25th, 2016 at 10:01am

well AGAIN OSSG, we think alike. !st off, I hope Raglund is there, but he won't be. Ravens or Giants will take him.THC hit on Cobb, I hit last year on Ripkowski, and said get Lockett in 3rd, or in 6th rd. get Diggs, damn vikes, we all know Ted will screw up DL again, his worse picks are D-line.Butler will never be there at 57, not sure where Dave got #55 at. #27 pick, Love Darren lee, he will be gone, damn vikes may even take him,I think they get Billings NT from Baylor. DE Dodd is falling to from clemson , like him too.#57 Corrrea OLB from Boise st. or cravens OLb from USC. Love shepard WR, OKL. returner also, just like lockett. #88 pick,D.J. Reader DT clemson, like OG Westerman, Az st. too. #125, OLB Jenkins, Georgia, like, Spencer Drango OG,Baylor too. #131, Eric Striker,OLB OKL. what a great name, like Killebrew- SS southern Utah, too. # 137, here is where we Get Schobert I hope, Love Cyrus Jones Cb too. #163 Graham Glasgow, LT michigan. like Braunecker TE, Harvard here too.#200, take Travis Feeny, Olb from wash. like Burbridge, WR mich. St here too. # 248, OT Fahn Cooper, OT, Ol miss. , like Procise, RB ND here too. sleepers, DJ Petway, DE Ala. Sean Davis, FS Maryland, RB Ervin, San Jose st. great 3rd down, back, Josh Forrest, ILB Kentucky, and last Punter, Tom Hackett, Utah, but worry about Crosby losing his holder, and messing with his head, kickers are like that. Notice the all OLB's I hope we get, we need speed at Olb and have none right they help on specail teams.Let's sit back and enjoy. Go Packers

on April 25th, 2016 at 11:11am

This mock is straight-up fantasy. Ragland is a top 10 pick and Butler is a first rounder. You need DL, but as pointed already, TT may be possibly the worst evaluator of DL prospects in the league. Think of busts like Datone Jones, Jerel Worthy, Raji, and Justin Harrell. Still, it will be hard for even him to screw this up. Pack will be lucky to go 8-8 in 2016. Vikes own the division again, just like last year.

on April 27th, 2016 at 09:59am

on May 17th, 2016 at 02:06am

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