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An Unacceptable Energy Shortage at Lambeau

Posted November 7th, 2016 @ 01:11pm

OK, let's start with the good news. It was a beautiful day. The punter played pretty well; so did Jake Ryan with a team high 12 tackles.  The Packers are still just a game out of first place. Gee, wasn't that squirrel cute?  Well that about wraps it up.

Wow, what a stinker. If you listened to my show, you know I was supremely confident leading into this one. After all, the Packers had showed a lot of heart in Atlanta and were returning home for the only time this month to play a lost 3-5 team that has just been embarrassed 30-14 on their home field the previous week.

We heard about how determined the Colts were to turn it around--that they viewed the game as if their season was on the line. And the played that way from the very first play, when they set the tone with a 99 yard kick return to take an instant 7-0 lead. After the game, Rodgers bemoaned the team's lack of energy, its lack of toughness. I'll never understand how a team can lack energy when they play once a week. That's on the players and the coaches. This is one of the youngest teams in the league, brimming with players in their first few years in the league. How do they come out on their home field with no energy? Unacceptable.

We know Andrew Luck is a top five quarterback talent, but we also know he's working behind a makeshift offensive line. Yet with the game on the line and the Packers desperately trying to claw back from an 18 point fourth quarter deficit (think about that for a second, down by 18 at home to the Colts), Luck's line did enough to allow him to convert two crucial third downs that extinguished the Pack's hopes.

For me, the lack of offensive execution all afternoon was just as troubling. Facing the NFL's 30th ranked defense, the Packers couldn't get anything going. The running game continues to be just a rumor and the passing game remains out of sync, with Rodgers desperately seeking open receivers, but coming up empty. I'm still baffled why they continue to look downfield for big plays, eschewing screens, slants and other quick hitting plays that take advantage of YAC guys like Cobb and Montgomery.

Speaking of Randall Cobb, Rodgers said after the game he wasn't really sure what Cobb's status was during the game. How does that happen? Cobb was questionable with the hamstring and was a surprise active player. Yet we didn't even notice him out there until the late touchdown when the Pack was in desperation mode.

I'm getting lots of comments on my Twitter feed calling for the Packers to make wholesale changes from the top down. We can revisit where this organization stands after the season. It's true that not a lot of coaches last more than ten years with one team and McCarthy has passed that mark.

For now, the seven year playoff streak is in jeopardy. At 4-4 and looking nothing like legit Super Bowl contender, the Packers hit the road for three straight games that will define what kind of team they are. They head to Tennessee first to face a team that plays hard-nosed, tough football and runs it down your throat. Then two prime time games against playoff hopefuls Washington and Philadelphia. If the Packers can't turn things around and win at least two of those games, it could be curtains on the 2016 season.

Green Bay took the field knowing a win would give them a share of first place in the North. They exited the field knowing their season was spinning off the rails. The crowd was more excited about a squirrel on the field than anything the Packers accomplished.

Right now, I have Jim Mora's voice rattling around in my head. Playoffs? Playoffs? Only the putrid state of the NFC North gives the Pack hopes of reaching the playoffs. After Sunday's embarrassing effort, the playoffs is the last thing anyone should be thinking about right now.

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but....but....but.....GB wasn't going to lose this game after they had their "moral" victory in ATL and Rodgers showing the world he's "back" (lol). You can kiss your season goodbye as you won't be winning 2/3. Was a good run, now it's time to waste the rest of Rodgers' career with a soon-to-be failed rebuild.

on November 7th, 2016 at 02:01pm

@larry I can promise you there is not a single Minn fan that is jealous of GB at the moment. Instead, we love to see your entitled fanbase react to losing. JS comments are golden and are an embarrassment to the org.

on November 7th, 2016 at 02:06pm

I might have been off slightly on my prediction for this game. And I wasn't entirely truthful when talking about my famous daddy abandoning me and all of Green Bay for Washington. He didn't go out for Pall Malls and Schlitz never to was Lucky Strikes and Schlitz. I feel better getting the truth out there. My prediction for this week: Green Bay 42 - Titans 11. Rodgers goes 23/27 357 yards 4 tds and rushes for 77 yards and 2 tds.

on November 7th, 2016 at 02:24pm

angry the Packers will win the division Vikings are getting worse every week remember we beat Detroit and Chicago. Vikings can't play outside packers will get healthier and get rolling. And the way you talk you are an embarrassment to humanity

on November 7th, 2016 at 03:57pm

angryguy ,0000, have ever listened to your fans after losing, especially yesterday, every other fan was pissed at your God coach for calling a t.o. to fast and rushing only 3 guys. crying a lot worse then our fans, it's the same damn thing u guys do after a loss. but we don't listen to your rants on Wisconsin radio and make ourselves feel better doing it., Barrerio just said that on his show, he admitted to it., give me a break.

on November 7th, 2016 at 04:38pm

Why get rid of Knile Davis ? He had a good 1 yard per carry ...... all's you had to do is give him 2,200 carries and he could have passed Erik Dickerson ! .... the TT mega-trade goes to waste !

on November 7th, 2016 at 05:01pm

The Colts weren't who we thought they were. Maybe we sandbagged ourselves too much looking at their defensive stats, their sack fest on Luck, and their one truly bad game of the year the week before. They've been a perenniel playoff team for years, too and, like Dallas, are improved over a bad season last year and better than regarded going into this one. The Packers could and should have been better. Chuck Pagano told his team before that they needed to win the first and last 5 minutes of each half and they did. But it looks like this is going to be a year when the NFC North goes for 9 or maybe even 8 wins, as in 2013; if for different reasons. So the Packers aren't out of it by any means. The Queens are in free fall and it's going to get worse, if you've looked at their upcoming schedule. The Lions are the Lions. When it comes down to the final weeks, like it was 3 years ago, the Packers will be the team best suited to pull it one on the last or next to last game of the season.

on November 7th, 2016 at 08:11pm

Voice hit it on the head " Putrid state of the North" Rivals the current election. will someone in the NFC North Please stand up and act like they want to win the division! Just for fun if you combined the Packers and Vikings at this point would you have a team to contend with the other NFC elite? the obvious would be a Rodgers to Diggs combination and the Packs offensive Line. Defense at this point I don't know, 3 weeks ago it was a slam dunk Vikings D. But the eagle seem to show the cracks to beat that unit. It would have to be an open competition. everything else is up for debate.

on November 7th, 2016 at 08:22am

First...A disclaimer...Voice...skip my post it is not your approach !! Okay....I know a lot of this talk is for the off season. But ...let me get it off my chest can say the Packers poor season is due to Rodgers, injuries, poor play calling, terrible execution on both sides of the ball and other gaffs. my opinion the number one reason for the Packers falling is Ted Thompson. I have harped on this forever...I am sick and tired of depending on free agent undrafted rookies every year. TT relies on this every year...and it is not 2016 football. The last few years it was free agent rookie LB's and this year free agent rookie dB's. Look at the teams we have lost to this year...they all have veteran personnel that were added by trade or quality off season free agent signings. Jared Cook was TT's only signing of any interest and he is a non factor. To have no veteran running back, defensive back, quality receiver is unacceptable. This was supposed to be a team built on Super Bowl ambitions. Look at all the quality teams in all the major sports...they are supplemented with quality veterans at key positions aquired by free agent off season signings or trades. To rely on undrafted rookies at running back and d back is unacceptable. Dont blame it on happens to all teams. Quality veteran depth is TT's major big short coming. He is proud that we again are the third youngest roster in the league. He had cap room early and blew it again with his stubborn old approach. TT...change with the times or go the way of the old school thinkers. AKA....think Terry Ryan of the Minnesota Twins. GO PACK GO !!

on November 7th, 2016 at 09:14am

OSSG, right on the nuts. exact my thinking. I said 2 post ago, how in the hell can you not have rb to put in? or at least give Jackson a chance to run, or hell Montgomery looked great, leave him back there, swing some passes to him out of backfield, what in the hell is MM doing? why did they go away from short passing game as THC said,?, MM said he thought he saw on film they could go deep, I do like they took some shots, 12 didn't put enough air on Jordy's BUT, thanks to DVR, Jordy slowed down a lot coming out of his break or could have been perfect pass. then my man Janis drops it on his face like Williamson from vikes years ago. I will say this, there may have been a urgency on the colts D, no doubt, BUT, again I watched the whole game again,, is everyone forgetting we had 2 INT'S. in 1st qtr? we were not flat then were we?They had plenty of chances, and this is hard to believe. we out played them. Yes we did, 3rd qtr, 140 yds to 20 something we got 3 points, we just didn't finish drives again, and missed field goal didn't help either, but Crosby is human.we had the ball the whole 3rd qtr. just so damn frustrating. as soon as they lost I told my wife, now kfan and and viking fans can talk about our loss instead of there own miseries again. listening to the radio today, 1500 am and kfan doing just that. 1500 plays back fans on our sconny stations bitching about the game and firing MM, and laughing about it, that is how they roll and feel better about themselves., envy and jealousy. pretty pathetic. hope things get better, THC says they run a lot in Titanville. which they do, but Mariota is passing more and there TE will kill us. only thing I had right was we would use TE Rodgers in colts game and they did finally.things have to get better, we are spoiled about making playoffs every year. Let's watch and try to enjoy the season, Maybe it's the Lions year. Go Packers.

on November 7th, 2016 at 12:45pm

OSSG…I’m about to do you and Larry a favor, and explain in detail why I’m so adamant about why what Thompson is doing is not only the correct approach, but why he should be the next Packers executive enshrined in Canton. Here we go…Point #1: 2016 pro football is all about the salary cap. You live by the cap (as the Packers do), or die by the cap (like the Vikings are doing now). If you have a healthy cap, you have a healthy future. And in the instance of the Vikings today, when Bridgewater went down, they were “all-in” on Bradford by trading away a significant part of their draft future and eating up valuable cap space. Then the offensive line goes to hell on them and now they have no picks or salary cap to do anything about it. In other words, if you take care of the future, the present will take care of itself. Point #2: 2016 pro football is a young man’s game. Generally speaking, young players are faster than older players, and today’s game is built around speed, which is something you can’t teach. And when it comes to roster building, if you’re not getting younger, you’re getting older. Keep the conveyor belt of younger guys coming in to replace the older ones going out, and at a lower price (see Point #1 above). Point #3: A significant investment in “the one guy that will put us over the top” is a dangerous philosophy. For starters, no team is ever “one guy away” ever. Suppose that “one guy” signed in free agency gets hurt. Now you’re out both the player and the money. You want to sign free agents? Make that investment in your own guys. After all, if a team is willing to let a fantastic player walk in free agency, there has to be a reason why…otherwise, they would sign him themselves, wouldn’t they? And Julius Peppers was signed because he was a cap casualty and was signed for the right price. Point #4: It’s better to let a player walk a year early than to hang onto him one year too long. The Packers timed it perfectly with Greg Jennings, and I’ll probably get chastised for saying this, but they held on to Donald Driver one year too long. There. I said it. Point #5: You can’t draft everyone, so use your resources wisely. Yes, free agency is always an option, but it should be supplemental and not your primary means of roster building. The Jaguars tried that method in the late 90’s; it got them success early on, but it fried their cap, and have stunk it up for years since. And there’s nothing wrong looking for undrafted free agencies. Thompson can find some gems looking in the right places – Sam Shields is a prime example. Point #6: You can’t plan for injuries, but you can plan for what to do when they occur (see Point #1). This is football. You WILL deal with injuries sooner or later. It’s just a fact of life. Plan for it. Point #7: 2106 pro football is a game of replacement. “Quality veteran depth” is a fallacy. Veteran depth is expensive (again, see Point #1), and if you’re depth is all veterans, it means your team is getting old, and you’re not preparing players for the future. Keep those young players coming. Point #8: Veteran leadership is earned, not purchased. You want veteran leadership? You have it – Aaron Rodgers, Julius Peppers, and Clay Matthews. Again…make the investments in your own guys, and not someone else’s rejects.

on November 9th, 2016 at 04:20pm

I agree with 85% of what you say Voice, BUT, when you have a HOF QB , and they don't grow on trees, you have to get some, not a lot, veterans to help him b4 it's too late and he is old and gone. Do You Remember the 80's? I think that is what OSSG and I are saying. TT does a lot of good things, and it is a young mans game, keep them hungry and want a contract, But, they also need some older guys to help them out, Go Packers, Good to talk Packers football again, Go Packers.

on November 9th, 2016 at 07:13pm

Voice...I will try and answer your points and the approval you have of TT's way of building a roster. First of all. You and I can have a reasonable discussion as we are both passionate Packer fans and not name calling jerks like a lot on this blog who are not Packer fans. 1- I am not saying blow up your cap on overpriced veterans. At the beginning of this season we had cap space and I believe we still do. It can wisely be used on supplementing rosters at key areas. 2- I I am anOSSG that it is a young man's game. If you could build a roster strictly on the draft and free agent college players that would be paradise....but you cant in 2016 football. Look at the top teams in the NFL...every one has supplemented... and the key is supplemented their roster with key veterans that are not Jake Long has beens. 3-I think even you will agree that why supplementing a roster is even more key for a team like the Packers because at least at seasons begginning we were a Super Bowl favorite and not the Cleveland Browns who are in rebuilding mode. We should be built to win now.4- Look at the last few years...young free agent players have killed us....think last year with all the free agent LB's and this years free agent D backs. They are killing us with stupid rookie mistakes that a contending team can not afford. 5- Injuries excuses...the next man up has to be ready...and in most cases young free agents are not ready. Being young in a young mans game does not guarantee success. Voice...You are my loyalists on here we just disagree on approach. GO PACK GO !!

on November 9th, 2016 at 09:11pm

angryguy--Why is a lavender troll on a Packers blog after the queens fantastic performance against the kitties? It must be that you don't want to face your own pathetic squad's numerous inadequacies and shortcomings. The queens are horrible and getting worse and there will be no championship again this year for the 56th season in a row. You queens fans are a joke that you would waste your time on such an absolutely pathetic excuse for an NFL team.

on November 9th, 2016 at 11:41am

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