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Could Sunday Be Brett's Final Game?

Posted November 17th, 2010 @ 04:11pm

Let's forget for a moment that he's making a million dollars a game. Let's forget that his ironman streak is at least as important to him as winning one more Super Bowl than Trent Dilfer.

Could Brett ride into the sunset win or lose Sunday? It was brought up by NBC and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio with Paul Allen on KFAN earlier this week and it's not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Unlike 2009 when Favre was itching to join a team where he felt "the pieces were in place" and it gave him a shot to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Packers, this year he had to be dragged off his couch and onto the airplane and then kicked in the butt to get off the plane and re-join the Purple.

He was never all-in in 2010. Whether it was physical concerns or a realization that last year's lightning in a bottle would be hard to recapture, this has been a different Brett Favre in 2010. This team can't win on the road. This team has lost offensive weapons like Rice and Taylor. This team no longer likes, respects or fears its coach.

Say the Vikings lose to the Packers on Sunday. They fall to 3-7 and would need to win out to achieve a winning record, though it looks like ten wins will be needed to reach the playoffs and they would fall short of that. Favre only came back to try to win a Super Bowl. With that goal extinguished, why keep going (other than the money and the records)? Why put your body through that when your brain is telling you your season will (mercifully) end on Jan 2 and not early February?

He could say his body is too beat up and it's Tavaris' turn to see what he can do with the offense and provide his bosses a better idea whether to re-sign him for next year. It would also rid him of any potentially embarrassing punishment from the league regarding the texting allegations.

Let's say the Vikings rise up and beat the Pack. They improve to 4-6 and know that if they keep winning and string six more together they could achieve the improbable and charge into the post-season. If you're Favre, you realize the team still has three road games to play and they haven't won on the road in a year. They also have the Giants at home. It is far more likely that 8-8 is the best this team is going to do. He can extricate himself from a non-winning season by saying his body's just not up to it. Yet he could leave "on top," in his mind, by beating Green Bay in his final game and showing that he still has it. He just doesn't want to keep showing it if the playoffs are beyond his reach.

Do I think Favre will walk away, win or lose on Sunday? No. Would I be completely shocked if he does?


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thanks for share!

on February 26th, 2012 at 01:37pm

Father God, I pray for Brett Favre, asking Lord that you touch his heart and body, that Brett can fully unesrdtand the love you have for him, that your touch can heal his body of all pain of playing football. That Brett can be pain free of any injuries. I also want to pray for his family, that they too would come to know who you are Jesus, as the one who loves them, I pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

on May 18th, 2012 at 04:02pm

Sup Alex!! Nice Website Bro!!I think that Brett Favre is a guy who has so much weight with the Vikes & is still so good that they are wlliing to wait by the phone like a teenager in love! He's worth the trouble but I get the sense that there are a lot of people who will not forgive him even more if he's subpar or looks out of sync. Ankle is king & needs to be healthy!!

on May 18th, 2012 at 06:05pm

Here's some more Farve/Vikings QB perspective -Vikings stiatrng QB's since 1992: Rich Gannon, Sean Salisbury, Jim McMahon, Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Daunte Culpepper, Todd Bouman, Spergon Wynn, Guss Ferotte, Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger. My keyboard is melting, I need to stop.

on May 18th, 2012 at 07:07pm

Hey Reggie,End of the Road is a classic tune. Couldn't agree more on your Favre sitnement. I am also stoked for CoCo's return on TBS. My wife and I have been going through CoCo withdrawal! We've been forced to flip back and forth between Reno 911 and the Nightly Business Report on PBS. - Ross Almlie

on May 20th, 2012 at 01:52am

B-R-E-T! Brett! Brett! Brett! He's got a good established rcvieeing corp in Coles and Cotchery and with the edition of Marcus Henry out of KU (not UK-there is only one UK, thankin ya), I think he'll have a great-ish season with the J-E-T-S. As a Jets fan, I'm pretty excited about this lil' deal! Unfortunately, I would think Pennington is gone. That sucks but that's foozball. The Jets' website had Favre jerseys for sale 15 minutes after they announced that he was going to NY. I'm gonna sleep well tonight. RU?

on May 20th, 2012 at 03:01am

I've written emails to PA from day one saying that Favre is a cancer and that he will make the Vikings worse in the long run but he's never acknowledged that fact. Now you have guys not playing for mysterious reasons (Berrian, Rice, et cetera), guys getting cut after trading away picks for them, players criticizing/arguing openly with the head coach, and major free agency losses looming for 2011. The next time the Vikings are relevant: 2014? 2015? Sorry Vikings (and fans), you sold your soul to the devil and now he is reaping what you sowed. To the Favre apologists/Ted Thompson negatives, are you EVER going to admit that the Packers did the right thing?

on November 17th, 2010 at 01:40pm

I think Brett will need to be carted off the field before he quits the game of football. I do think this is probably his last season however. I think his body cannot take much more punishment. Regardless of his decision to continue to play or retire I hope the Vikings lose to the Packers in the Dome on Sunday. Go Pack!

on November 17th, 2010 at 09:36pm

I have been a Packer fan since Bart Starr passing to Boyd Dowler and Max Magee....since Jim Taylor following a block from Jerry Kramer.....since Paul Hornung running and kicking FG and extra points straight ahead instead of soccor style. I even remember watching Super Bowl 1 with Green Bay. All of these old timers left a legacy that is seen at Lambeau Field when you see their numbers retired. I do not think there is anyway outside of a Claymaker knock out sack that Favre retires after the game. I think if he is physically able and with his streak he does not want to go out with 6 games on the regular schedule remaining. All the greats....regardless of the sport are finishers.....that is their legacy.

on November 18th, 2010 at 01:55pm

Siny, Great post and I think accurate. Whether they win or lose at some point Brent will get the losers limp and get off the field knowing there is no chance for a miracle season. T-Jack will take over and be a dime-store version of Vick keeping the Queens in mediocrity. Chilly stays coach through the end of the year due to a Wilf friendship but then he's done and queens are mired in a several year slump falling to the basement of the NFC North. The Pack, by building on young players from the draft (which many BF fans condemn TT for) become a perennial division champ, whose only significant foe will be the stumbling Lions who can't get out of their own way. And Justin, no, the apologist will never admit they're wrong, you will only hear less from them like Dave on Sunday mornings. Go Pack!

on November 18th, 2010 at 08:52am

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