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Watt will Thompson do next week?

Posted April 18th, 2017 @ 02:04pm

We all love mock drafts. How many have you clicked on over the past few weeks? It’s okay. We all do it. Here I present my Packers mock draft, my seventh annual attempt. I’ve nailed exactly one pick in six years: Randall Cobb. So, bottom line, don’t expect the Pack to pick any of these guys. But if the draft were to fall like this, I’d be pretty pumped.

Round 1 (29): TJ Watt, OLB, Wisconsin Conventional wisdom says Ted Thompson will likely take either a pass rusher or a corner with his first pick. Will the pick land at 29, or will he trade out of the first round and drop six or seven spots and add a fourth round pick? Wherever he picks, my gut tells me he’ll be more enamored with what’s available at OLB than the remnants at corner. So unless a guy like Kevin King or Tre’Davious White is there at CB, I think Thompson goes for the pass rusher. I’ve got three guys checked: Charles Harris (Mizzou). Takkarest McKinley (UCLA) and TJ Watt (Badgers). I have a feeling the first two guys will be off the board, so Thompson takes JJ’s little brother, who is just scratching the surface at what he can be as a pass rusher. He’s a bit injury prone, but he seems to have a motor similar to his older brother and could step right in and allow a guy who many compare him to, Clay Matthews, to move inside from time to time. We’ve seen a number of mocks (including PFF’s Cris Collinsworth) with the Packers taking troubled RB Joe Mixon with their first pick. Can’t see it. Can’t see Thompson taking a running back in the first round for the first time and making it Mixon. There’s no doubting the talent, but the baggage should drop him to day two.

Round 2 (61): Sidney Jones, CB, Washington A consensus top 10 pick before blowing out his Achilles on his Pro Day, it’s hard to know when on day 2 he will be drafted. Since it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to play this season, he may be more appealing to teams that know they’re at least a year away from contention. But if he’s there at the bottom of the second round, I don’t see how the Packers can pass him up. He’s been compared to former teammate Marcus Peters and the Packers have nothing on the roster remotely close to that talent. With Davon House on a one year deal and Randall and Rollins entering prove-it years, the Pack may be starting from scratch at the position in 2018. Having a healthy Jones ready to step in? Sign me up.

Round 3: (93): Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington You can argue that running back is a bigger need, but the Pack knows they can find solid runners on the final day of the draft. The receiver position will get murkier after this season. Cobb’s cap number is getting uglier by the moment, Jordy Nelson is getting older and Davante Adams will be a free agent (not to mention Ty Montgomery switched to running back). Janis, Davis and Allison are all question marks over the long run. Kupp will present value that the Pack can’t pass up: an uber-productive receiver, who finished as the all-time Division 1 leader in catches, yards and TDs. His 40 time was disappointing, which is why he may still be on the board when the Pack is on the clock. Thompson loves him some day 2 receivers and his track record there is stellar.

Round 4 (134): Jordan Morgan, G, Kutztown State (Pa.) Thompson has never not drafted at least one offensive lineman in any given draft, and with the departure of Lang and Tretter, he may add two. Morgan was a four-year starter at LT for the Division 2 school and seems to have the body type and nastiness to move inside. He’ll have a chance to compete for Lang’s spot. No GM has a better day three and beyond track record on the offensive line than the silver haired fox.

Round 5 (174): James Conner, RB, Pitsburgh Thompson finally finds a running back, in the draft’s most courageous player, who has beaten Hopkins lymphoma to return to the field. He projects as a nice complement to Montgomery: more of a battering ram type, who can move the chains and at the goal line. Character and leadership are through the roof. If he’s gone, Pack may look to Clemson’s Wayne Gallman or Coastal Carolina’s De’Angelo Henderson, for a different kind of back.

Round 5 (184 Compensatory): Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois A former hurdler, Smoot put on weight and has turned into an interesting prospect who could be a fit in the Pack’s DL rotation. A year under the tutelage of Lovie Smith should have him more prepared than many for the transition to the pros.

Round 6 (214): Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan The tall (6’3”) speedy (4.43) corner tore his ACL early last season which cost him most of his senior year and his plea for a sixth year was denied. So he enters the draft with health concerns, but Thompson decides to double up on banged up corners. Clark has bulked up while rehabilitating and could be 100% by the time training camp opens. The more competition the better at the Pack’s most unproven position.

Round 7 (247): JJ Dielman, C, Utah Thompson could hold off and sign a couple of undrafted centers and add another LB here, but Dielman projects as a solid backup to Linsley, a current roster need. A former tackle who converted to center and saw his season ended early by injury, Dielman will serve as a capable replacement for Tretter.

All right, your turn. Who you got for the Pack's first pick or two? Vikings trolls: feel free to leave now and go back to thinking about the 47 players that will be picked before your team gets a chance to add someone.

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One of my favorite pro football times of the year...draft time. So for the third annual OSSG 2017 Mock Draft I am going to let you in on something different. I am going to let you into my War Room. This is where the decisions are made...but remember OSSG has the final say. First I will introduce to you my war room members. For purposes of this draft Mark Murphy, President and Ted Thompson, GM have been sent off to enjoy a golf foursome at Erin Hills, in Erin, WI. the site of this years US Open. Joining them as playing partners will be our beloved twosome on this site, The Voice and Cane. Voice loves TT so much he could not resist the opportunity and Cane,fresh from an anger management course ,we just had to get rid of in this draft. Now to the rest of my team: To my right sits Dave Sinykin- former Indiana U Rhodes scholar and Minnetonka traveling basketball guru as Assitant GM, Larry- My Director of College Scouting, Packlifer- My Director of Player Personnel , Lynndickeyfan- Director of Sales and Marketing and four consultants: Tom Crean-former IU basketball coach to give a perspective on how not to win with superior players, David Kahn- former Minnesota Timberwolf GM on the how to of complete incompetence and Dave from Shakopee and Dave from Maple Grove on fan insight. For purposes of this draft coach MM and defensive coordinator Dom Capers will sit in a corner and watch. They both agreed we will do better than TT. Capers was heard more free agent Cbacks please. Now on to the draft. Round 1- OSSG and staff agree to shake up this draft by starting with a bombshell. We trade our first pick # 29, along with our 3rd round pick in this years draft and Randall Cobb to Cleveland for Cleveland's second pick in round one number 9 overall to take Christian McCaffrey RB from Stanford. We were torn between him and Dalvin Cook but like CM's versatility. Rodgers loves this playmaker and Mongomery can easily move over to Cobbs slot. With Rodgers in his mid 30's lets get some players for him. CM is the guy both running and catching. Cobb gives Cleveland some veteran help. After this pick Sinykin gets a text from his pal "PA" Paul Allen,voice of the Vikings,"I am thankfull you will now not go after AP." Round Two: Quincy Wilson: Florida CB.. At 6' 1" 211 he has the size and athletic skills we need to play the bigger NFL receivers. Capers is nodding his head...yes, yes, a physical corner. Round Three: We traded this pick to Cleveland. Round Four: Raekwon Mcmillan- Ohio State -LB-3 year starter at OSU. 4.61 time was 3rd fastest at combine. We need athletic cover LB's. Round 5- This is where assistant GM Sinykin wants to take an obscure Indiana LB. The group votes him down. We take Roderick Johnson a 6"7" 311 lb OT from Florida. Great run blocker who needs pass blocking development. A good backup. Round 5 (compensory pick} Rasul Douglas- West Virginia - CB- 6"2" 204 -good ball skills can also play safety. Round 6- Malachi Dupre- WR- LSU- 6"2" good backup receiver and competition for Allison at wide out. Round 7- The group finally gives in to Sinykin and with OSSG approval we take a flier on an athletic guy who has not played football since fourth grade flag football. With Sinykin's urging we take Indiana University basketball guard James Blackmon a 6"4" leaper with a wide potential receiving radius not seen since Randy Moss. Tom Crean nods his approval...You guys try.".I could not win with him." There you have it the OSSG 2017 Mock Draft. POST NOTES: After the draft was over we got a message that the golf foursome at Erin Hills never finished as a foursome. After 3 holes, Cane was asked to leave the course. He was escorted off by course management because of frequent incoherent shouting at other golfers about the salary cap. Ted Thompson and Voice were seen after 9 holes in the clubhouse going over available college free agent defensive backs and linebackers. President Mark Murphy finished the round alone which is the way he is usually seen. Finally..Dave from Maple Grove was so pleased and excited about this draft that he is already posting a Packer opening day victory by a score of 49-7 !! GO PACK GO !!

on April 18th, 2017 at 01:09pm

If the Pack drafts fewer than 3 DB's then this is a bad draft! You have them taking 2, and they both have huge injury concerns - no thanks! Here's hoping Cooper Kupp is this year's Randall Cobb, but I hope Mr. Ted Thompson doesn't agree with the rest. Fun read!

on April 18th, 2017 at 11:05am

very nice OSSG, thank you for putting me on the board, looks good, but, as I said b4 , I worry TT will trade back not up, cause the depth of the draft this year. a lot of teams are going to want to get back in the lower 1st round. and picks for qb in 1st rd. too get that extra year included in contract. as THC said, he picked Cobb, not bad, BUT until someone can pick a guy like I said 2 years ago in Ripkowski in 6 th rd, which they did,I may have to move up to Assistant GM next year > hahha I see THC read my last post and took a lot of same players I mentioned. would love to get Watt, I think he will be gone 2-3 picks b4 that.Again making my case for asst. GM . in 2011, I said trade 1st 4 picks and move up and get JJ Watt, you all laughed, doesn't look bad now does it? Cobb is only one left in that draft. here is what I would do, 1st rd. Take King CB, wash. he has length and great ball skills, if gone. take Jarrad Davis ILB florida, most have him going 2nd rd, I want him, he will be gone in our 2nd pick. I do have exact same pick for 2nd rd. wilson cb. Florida. so we may have 2 Florida guys.or kamara rb. tenn. 3rd rd. Ryan Anderson, olb Alabama,or Darboh wr. michigan , this guy is going to be great. very underrated. 4th rd. Magnuson Tackle from Michigan to back up.or is teammate, 5th rd. Deangelo Brown DT form Louisville, love the name, like Ripkowski, good run stopper.5th rd. Jon Toth center from Kentucky/again, need depth there. 6th rd. Jordan Evans, ILB Okl. speed guy and special teams wizz., 7th rd, Bryan Cox, FUNNY DE florida, we need more team speed on d, where do you get it florida, Alabama and okl., let the draft begin. what we all think if TT takes Mixon, rb okl. ? I believe in 2nd chances, but there will be some backlash. Go packers

on April 19th, 2017 at 02:09pm

I would be very happy if the Packers did this. Although, I like Bowser over Watt and am not sure Watt will be there. James Conner would be an outstanding pick.

on April 19th, 2017 at 02:38pm

Sorry, I won't be offering a comment on this topic. I have a tee time scheduled I need to keep. See you next time!

on April 21st, 2017 at 12:04pm

I'm n draft expert , never have been. I've said two things consistently. If a running back drops, I won't spit beer out of my mouth when pick one up in the first round. (I'm not advocating this. It's just that feeling you get, when you know there's going to be mosquitoes at the fishing hole.) Secondly, I think some smaller conference schools are in play. I expect at least one of the 3 new dbs we'll see this year to come very late in draft if not after and from one of the smaller conferences. Beyond all that, I took a quick look at the schedules this year. Wow. It's not going to be easy. The Pack is going to need to be on point.

on April 24th, 2017 at 10:36pm

man, I hope I don't come down with "Hopkins lymphoma"?

on April 28th, 2017 at 03:21am

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