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Will Pack Rebound in its First Road Test?

Posted September 21st, 2018 @ 04:09pm

The Pack hits the road for the first time this weekend, looking to get the bitter taste of a tie against the Vikings out of their mouths.

It's hard to know what to make of the 2018 Redskins, who opened with a dominant road win in Arizona and then followed up with a clunker at home against the Colts. The Pack will likely see a more focused Washington team, coming off the disappointing loss last week.

We know Rodgers will be a limited version of himself for the foreseeable future and he'll face an above average defensive unit, led by pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan and tackling machine Mason Foster. Their line is pretty stout as well; their last two #1 picks reside there: Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne. The other guy up front, Matt Ioaniddis, is off to a great start. It's a unit that blitzes heavily, which could play right into Rodgers' hands.

Davante Adams will likely get a heavy dose of corner Josh Norman. The Skins' first two opponents have mostly stayed away from Norman--expect Rodgers to test the mouthy corner. The Pack's receivers will be on the lookout for ball-hawking, hard hitting safety DJ Swearinger who seems to have a nose for the ball.

Mike McCarthy has made it clear that the return of Aaron Jones does not place him atop the depth chart. He maintains that he will be a change of pace back only--but that strategy could change if Jones provides a spark to the running game.

When Washington has the ball, Alex Smith drives the ship. You know he always gets amped when he plays against his 'teammate' in the 2005 draft. He hasn't had much production with his mediocre set of wide receivers so far, so the Packer corners should be able to contain them, even without Kevin King this week.

The two dangerous weapons in the passing game are tight end Jordan Reed and running back Chris Thompson, who have combined for 29 catches over the first two games. Look for rookie Josh Jackson to get the assignment on Reed. Maybe the return of speedy rookie linebacker Oren Burks will provide a boost, thought McCarthy warned earlier this week that he may be limited to special teams this week. Smith has been under a lot of pressure, with a banged up offensive line in front of him, so there will be opportunities for the Pack to get home--of course we'll all be holding our breaths after each sack to make sure there's no flag.

Smith is a check-down artist, so they will need to tackle well in space and stay diligent with their assignments as they are likely to see a steady dose of run-pass option plays. And it goes without saying, they need to contain Adrian Peterson, who looked like the 2009 version in the opener, but crashed back to earth against the Colts.

This one won't feel like much of a road game. There were thousands of empty seats last week and the fans who showed up showered the team with boos throughout the game. Expect a healthy smattering of Packer fans throughout the stadium and frequent 'Go Pack Go' chants. With the Bills looming next Sunday at Lambeau, the Pack knows a win here can lead to an unbeaten first quarter of the season.

Packers 24  Washington 16

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Comments (11):

I have to be honest. Vikings pretty much annihilated you last week and without the refs doing their normal lambo cheating it would have been around 31-10 Vikes. Now, going into Washington with a great wr like Josh Doctson who is not a treadwell bust type it's going to be a long long day I think. AP will likely bring back some horrible memories and run for maybe 275 and 3 td's. I'll got 45-7 Skins.

on September 21st, 2018 at 01:03pm

Another thing that's going to be worrisome vs a solid LT like the Skins have is your walking endorsement for Hydroxycut and steroids won't be able to get close the the qb. So, no pass rush and the leaps a guy like Doctson has (high 1st rd pick) is going to nearly impossible to stop.

on September 21st, 2018 at 01:24pm

Refs 27, Packers 7

on September 21st, 2018 at 01:56pm

Now is the time for the Packers "to make hay while the sun shines." The next 4 games and 6 of 8 should be the most favorable portion of the schedule to pile up wins and position the Pack well to make the playoffs and along the way provide measure of just how legit they really are as a "short list" Super Bowl contender this season. The offense really hasn't gotten all of its parts working together yet in the first two games. They left up to 8 points "on the field" last Sunday on two td's that should've been. Score on either one of those and there's no overtime tie, the Pack would be 2-0 and Daniel Carlson would still be employed by the Queens. The offense needs to develop more balance, consistency and rhythm but that will come with time and play. We want to see more of the "Mike Pettine effect" with the defense. The 4th qtr. breakdowns last week were too reminiscient of the days of Dom Capers. But then Pettine is still working with players from Capers' time. Brian Guetkunst needs to upgrade the safety position with free agent Eric Reid or trade for Earl Thomas. The club has to demand more impact and productivity from its highly paid previous Pro Bowlers; Nick Perry, Mike Daniels, Clay Mathews & Mo Wilkerson. Only 14 tackles, 5 assists and 2 sacks in the first 2 games from this quartet is not $36 million worth. If all goes well and according to plan the Packers should be 7-2-1 when they roll into Minisota at the end of November. For this week Packers 30 Racial Slurs 20.

on September 21st, 2018 at 06:50pm

Well, you gave up 425 yards and 4 TD's last week, but that was against Cousins (a legit top QB). If the pathetic Alex Smith tears your equally pathetic defense up--you'll know for sure it is far from "fixed"......

on September 21st, 2018 at 12:05pm

Synner - It's probably a long shot that a Skins D-back drops an easy interception OR the Washington kicker will miss every field goal. Yore beloved Pack should be 0-2. Good luck depending on those fortunate outcomes going forward.

on September 21st, 2018 at 12:27pm

"The Packers will need to tackle well in space" Welcome to 1-1-1. Tied with the browns!

on September 21st, 2018 at 12:30pm

well rubes. another week, and still getting lucky. there best player McCoy has bruised ribs and may not play or try to with them. there 2nd best D lineman Shaq lawson is out, so I decided to rest cook, griffin, sherrels, and morgan., if we were playing the patriots or packers I would play them. but we will win this game easy. nice to be lucky and Good. we will give Treadwell 1 more game or he is gone too. should be cakewalk, 34-10. M. Zimmer

on September 22nd, 2018 at 11:10am

The bears are the best team in this division and will be for years. So you viking and packer fans can keep bickering. It's a waste of time.

on September 23rd, 2018 at 03:25pm

the Packers need this in big way. everyone thinks it will be easy, not me. It will be close thru out again, and rb Thompson may kill us. Hopefully OLB burks can play as THC said. Let's hope we stay healthy, and pull one out. I see it 26-17 Packers. Go Packers, vikes win 38-13

on September 23rd, 2018 at 10:34am

Did YAWn choose their name when looking in the mirror?

on September 26th, 2018 at 07:10am

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